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"Alright, so I figured we would take two cars." Valentina explained. "There's no way I'm going to be able to cram three teenagers and their luggage into the MDX" She chuckled pointing to her red Acura.

"I can ride with you, Mom." Jasmine said, jumping on the opportunity. "Chloe and Alek can take his car."

"Alright, sounds good. So it's settled." Valentina said. She turned to Alek, "Don't go too fast. I don't need any trouble this weekend." Alek just smirked. "You know where you're going?"

"Yes, mom," he said mocking her motherly attention. Valentina just smiled at him.

"Alright, well our stuff is already in the car, so pack up and then hit the road, okay?" Valentina said, climbing into the driver's seat. "I'm sure you guys'll catch up." She said winking at her surrogate son.

"Haha." Alek said sarcastically. "We'll see you tonight."

Jasmine moved to get into the passenger seat, brushing past her cousin on the way, "You owe me." She whispered in his ear. He just rolled his eyes in response.

The engine roared to life, and they watched them go off down the street.

"Alright," Chloe said, "So we're taking your car?" she asked, nervously. She wasn't stupid. She had noticed Valentina's hints at Alek's speed. She could deal with a speed demon. I mean she rode with Amy half the time. But Alek was…Alek, who knew how fast he went.

"Yeah. Follow me," He led her into the garage underneath the apartment. He was dragging both his and her suitcases.

"Wow!" Chloe remarked, "Someone in your apartment building has some serious dough." Chloe said pointing out a deep blue Aston Martin.

Alek chuckled as he led her to his car. She realized she had never seen him drive. He always preferred to get places by foot. Perk of being a Mai.

Alek stopped in front of the Aston Martin. Chloe wasn't really into cars, but she knew a nice car when she saw one. Chloe assumed he wanted to get a better look at it until he pulled out a key fob and pressed a button to pop the trunk.

Chloe stood with her mouth agape. Alek chuckled. "What can I say, we like our cookies." Alek said.

"Huh?" Chloe said, too shocked to understand Alek's pun.

"Dough…cookies…yeah?" He asked connecting the dots for her.

Chloe let out a small chortle, and stepped into the passenger seat. Alek placed the luggage in the trunk and joined her up front.

"How fast does this puppy go?" Chloe asked nervously, as Alek started the engine.

"I've gotten her up past 200," Alek smiled, petting the dashboard.

Chloe's eyes went wide. Alek only chuckled. "Don't worry, I'll keep her under 100."

"I'd appreciate it," Chloe said.

As they sped off onto Market Street, Chloe started to relax into the plush, leather seats.

"Soooo." Chloe said breaking the silence. It was oddly quiet in the car. The engine barely purred. "How long does it take to get there?"

"About 7 hours. 6 if you let me go above 100." Alek smiled.

"Nah, 7 hours is just fine." Chloe said.

"You're right. I'd want to spend more time with me too if I were you." Alek smirked at Chloe.

Chloe punched him lightly on the shoulder.

"Hey! No hitting the driver." Alek rubbed the spot on his arm, feigning injury.

"No fair," Chloe grumbled.

"Hey, do you wanna drive?" Alek threw back at her.

Chloe's eyes lit up, "Can I?"

"Sure, didn't realize you were much of a car girl." Alek cocked his eyebrow.

"I'm not. But you do realize you own an Aston freaking Martin."

"Oh!" He said, looking down at the steering wheel, "When did that get here! Is that what this symbol meant?" He asked, feigning shock, as he gestured at the pair of wings that made up the Aston Martin's insignia.

She stuck out her tongue at him. "Just pull over soon so we can switch."

Alek pulled over sharply. "Soon enough for you?" He laughed at her face. "Just don't throw up in the car." He smirked. She shot back a funny face.

Chloe was now sitting in the driver's seat. They had just entered the highway, and Chloe was quickly making her way over to the carpool lane. He noticed how her speed was hiking.

"Hey!" He said, after 30 minutes, "You can go over 100, but I can't?" He asked, noticing her speedometer had surpassed 100 MPH.

"I trust myself more." She stuck her tongue out at him. He only smiled. He felt tempted to grab that tongue with his mouth, but he stopped himself. She was driving, after all. He loved watching her in his car. She looked so sleek in his Martin. The way she gripped to wheel was just so sexy to him. Only a guy would ever think a girl looked sexy driving.

"Why are you staring at me?" Chloe asked, bringing Alek out of his trance.

"I'm hungry let's stop for food." Alek said, avoiding Chloe's question. There was just not a good response to that question.

'Boys,' Chloe thought, 'always thinking about food.'

"There's a McDonald's in 10 miles. Work for you?" Chloe asked, starting to change lanes.

"Yeah. I'll call Jasmine now. We should probably check in." Alek said.

Jasmine's phone rang, signaling Alek was calling.

"Is that Alek and Chloe?" Valentina asked. "It's about time they called."

"Hello?" Jasmine answered.

"Hey. We're just calling to check in." Alek responded.

"Is that Alek? Tell him to make Chloe call next time. He shouldn't be on the phone while driving." Valentina scolded.

"Alek, Valentina says you shouldn't be on the phone while driving," Jasmine relayed.

"I'm not," he responded, "Chloe's driving." He said matter-of-factly.

"The Aston Martin?" Jasmine screeched, "You're letting her drive your Aston freaking Martin?" He didn't even let Valentina drive it.

"Yeah…" He responded, "Anyway, we're stopping off at McDonald's; We'll call you late, K, bye." Alek said, trying to change the subject and hang up.

"Alek." Jasmine said, firmly.

"What?" Alek sighed, realizing his cousin was going to give him some speech.

"You really like her don't you?" Jasmine smiled to herself.

Alek sighed, "More." He said somberly.

"What?" Jasmine breathed. Her cousin was in love with Chloe King. "You're screwed." She said knowingly.

"I know." He sighed and hung up.

"What was that about?" Chloe asked, referring to the phone call.

"Nothing," Alek replied, "Just Jasmine being Jasmine."

"Okay…" Chloe responded, pulling into the McDonald's parking lot. "Drive through or sit down?" She asked.

"We can use a break. Let's sit down." He responded.

Chloe stared at Alek as he sat down with their tray. He had ordered a double quarter pounder with cheese and 2 large French fries. It made her quarter pounder and medium fries look measly.

"Mmmm!" Alek exclaimed, taking a fistful of fries and shoving them in his mouth. "I love French fries!" He declared, his mouth full.

"Eww. Gross! Alek close your mouth." Chloe giggled, putting her hand over his mouth.

"What?" He asked, feigning innocence, "You don't like fries?" He shoved a fistful in her own mouth when she opened it to respond.

She laughed, and they both chewed, a glint in their eyes. They both loved these moments. It was times like those, where they could imagine themselves with the other.

They finished up their food, but Chloe was debating whether or not to get something else. She had forfeited the rest of her fries to Alek, who she now had dubbed the French Fry King.

Alek excused himself, while she contemplated what to order. She assumed he had gone to the bathroom or something. She was a little to focused on deciding whether or not to order.

Alek returned shortly with a large McFlurry. "You're still hungry?" She asked, astonished.

"A little. But I can't finish this whole thing." He smiled at her, "I figured we could share?" He said, the last sentence sounding more like a question. He pulled out two straws.

Chloe picked one up, and shoved it in the drink. "You better hurry up, if you want any." Chloe joked. Alek laughed, and followed suit.

They were nose to nose, finishing the large shake quickly. Chloe was focused on the shake, her eyes down, but Alek could only watch her, wanting to kiss her.

Chloe looked up, the drink finished. She met Alek's eyes. She had wanted so badly to look at him the entire time she was drinking, but she had focused on the shake, afraid of what she might do if she was that close to him. He didn't realize the affect he had on her. Moving in closer, she realized she was about to kiss him. She pulled back quickly, chastising herself for the mistake she almost made. He was the high school jock. She was the loner outcast. She was meant to fall for him, but he wasn't meant to fall for her. "We should get going," She said, staring down, feeling a blush growing.

"Yeah, sure." He too, could feel his cheeks burning. He was too stupid to think a girl like Chloe would want Alek. He had almost kissed her. She had, thankfully, pulled away, saving him from embarrassment.

They walked back to the car in silence. Alek took the driver's seat, Chloe the passenger's.

As they got back on the highway, Chloe kept looking at Alek. Finally he couldn't take her glances, "You have a question; just ask." He told her. He watched her blush in recognition.

"Before you changed, and you had every girl all over you, how come you didn't take advantage of that?" Chloe asked.

He looked at her. He couldn't very well tell her it was because they weren't what he wanted. He had always wanted Chloe. There was something about her. He was pretty sure it was the same reason she was chosen as Uniter. She was perfect. He decided half-truths would be the best option. "I'm not a man-whore," he smirked at her. "Mai are programmed to fall in love with one person. We mate for life. They weren't what I wanted. Besides, I knew it wouldn't last long anyway. I changed shortly after I started my freshman year. Then when my parents kicked me out, well that sucked. They just weren't on my mind." He answered.

Chloe nodded, learning more about Alek than she would have preferred. She wished he would have given some cocky answer. It would have made her feel better. His answer only made her fall even deeper for him.

"My turn for a question." Alek said. He was going to use this time to his advantage.

"Is that how this is going to work?" Chloe asked, a smile playing on her lips.

"Yes." He answered, "You told me you hadn't spoken to Brian for a month. How come you decided to see him yesterday?" Alek braced himself for an answer he was sure he wouldn't like.

"He called me. He wanted to meet for coffee. I couldn't say no. Turns out he just wanted to apologize to me." Chloe braced herself. She decided to tell Alek something she had kept from him; "The last time I spoke to him, after the gala, he said he loved me. I told him I didn't feel the same way, and so I kind of ran off, and hadn't spoken to him until yesterday." Chloe watched as Alek visibly tensed. She continued, "He wanted to apologize for not respecting my feelings, and to ask if we could just be friends." Chloe heard a low growl come from Alek's throat. She decided he deserved to know the rest, "I told him I wasn't sure how that was going to work. After all, I told him we could only be friends, and he tried to kiss me. But he explained that shortly after the gala he had decided to enroll at SFU, and he met a girl there. He explained that while he thought he had loved me, he realized he only wanted something he couldn't have. Growing up rich and all." She watched Alek relax, his white knuckles slowly turning a normal color. "I think we might stay friends. We'll see." She had liked the way it had ended. Brian had even suggested that she bring Alek along for a double date. She hadn't realized until then that he had noticed she liked Alek.

"My turn." Chloe said excitedly, liking this game. Alek laughed. "How does the whole Mai in love thing work?" Chloe blushed, hoping it wasn't obvious why she wanted to know.

"Why? Because of Brian?" Alek asked bitterly. Just because Brian was no longer in love with Chloe, didn't mean she didn't still love him.

"No. I like someone else." Chloe said quietly.

"Another human?" Alek asked, an edge to his voice.

"No, he's Mai." Chloe blushed. She was dropping hints. Part of her wanted him to know. She needed to know if she had even a spark of chance.

"You know Mai guys?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. All he could think was that he'd personally rip out anyone's tongue if it ever stuck itself down Chloe's throat.

"A couple." Chloe said. That was true. She knew Alek, and another guy who she had met when Scarface was after her. He was about 40, but Alek didn't need to know that.

Alek nodded curtly. "A Mai's love is forever. You fall in love. You don't fall out. When a couple is pretty certain of their love, they are marked on the right side of the neck on the back. Using the claws, they place their hand on their lover's shoulder near the neck, and dig their four fingers into the skin. It changes the scent to let others know they're taken. It's also leaves a visible scar mark, except it doesn't turn pink like scars; it turns dark like a tattoo." Alek took a deep breath, trying hard not to imagine doing it to Chloe, "If the relationship progresses and the Mai decides he or she wants to be with the other forever – current life and afterlife, they digs their claws into the left shoulder, leaving 4 more claw marks, changing the scent completely. It's much like a marriage ceremony, except it's private and way more intimate." He finished, realizing how much he wanted Chloe's back to bear his 8 marks.

Chloe took it all in. She too, couldn't help but imagine sinking her own claws into his shoulders. She had to physically force her claws to stay retracted. "Why the back of the neck?"

He smiled, "The scruff of the neck is a rather sensual place for cats. They often nip at each other there in affection," He raised his eyebrows in suggestion.

"Oh." Chloe said, understanding the meaning.

"My turn!" Alek's eyes lit up. "Who's this Mai guy?"

Chloe frowned. "Nope. Not answering. Too personal." She blushed.

"Fine. Game over then." He frowned, wanting desperately to know whom she liked.

"One more question?" She pleaded.

He couldn't ignore those puppy dog eyes. "Fine." He sighed.

"What's it like living in a house with two women that can take you on in an
instant? Doesn't it shatter your manliness at least a little bit?" She laughed. Alek couldn't help but smile, as he pushed her lightly.

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