Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia
: T
: Nothing to really warn about here...?
: None, but I'm sure your warped minds can make it seem like there are.
: Me no own the hetalia of the axis of the powers.
: I regret nothing.

"I'm gonna travel the world!" Exclaimed America excitedly to his dear old friend, England.

"…why in the bloody hell are you calling me at 1 am to spout that nonsense?" shouted a cranky England over the phone.

Ignorant of a thing called "time zones", America stated, "You high? It's like, 8, and the sun's just beginning to set!"

"You twit. I'm in England."

"Good for you!"

"I'm hanging up now."

"W-WAIT!" pleaded America. He really wanted to share his plans with his good friend.

"Hurry up, I wanna go back to sleep."

"O-okay! So, I was reading this map, and I was having this epiphany sort of thing and stuff, right? I realized, I haven't really travelled and actually become enriched in other cultures and stuff, right? I mean, America's obviously the best and will forever stay like that, but I wanna you know, get to know other countries and stuff, right? So I thought…" England put his phone to the side of the bed and started filing his nails, knowing America was going to take a damn while. England would occasionally grunt a "hmm" and say "wow" or "yea", just to reassure his dimwitted friend he was paying attention. England then brought the phone to his ear once he heard America conclude his speech.

"So, yea! I wanna travel the world!" concluded America.

"That's nice. I'm going to bed now."

"W-WAIT! I'm not done!"

"Hurry it up!"

"I want you to come with me!"

England was perplexed. He brought the phone to his other ear in confusion. "Why?"

"Cause you're like, my best friend and stuff!"

"You consider me your best friend? And stuff?" he repeated in amazement.

"Yea! You were there since I was a kid, and you've just always been there, y'know? You always seem to help me and put up with me when no one else does. I appreciate that."

England was touched. The guy may be damned moronic, but he couldn't help but feel loved when America said that. He was about to give a touching response revealing a mutual feeling when America added, "…and I know you're not doing anything and happen to own a private plane… with an automatic smoother maker… you know how much I like dem' smoothies… "

"You little shit!" said England, "You just want me to accompany you for my plane!"

"That's only half true! I also happen to have England as my first stop! So you may as well come with me!" explained America.

In the end, England agreed to accompany America in his travels.

First Stop: London.

"Oh my gawwwwwd, everyone has your accent. I wish I could stop and make fun of everyone, but there is no time! Onto the shops!" sang America, linking arms with England and heading into the busy districts. After an hour or so of intense London shopping, America got hungry and stopped into a fast food place.

"I hope they sell hamburgers here!" America exclaimed, walking into the joint.

"They don't. It's called "Fish and Chips". Hence they sell fish and chips." Explained England dully.

"Why in the world would I want to eat a fish and a bag of Doritos at the same time? That's disgusting!" replied America, before heading to the register.

"Yea, I'll have some fries to go with your #6." Ordered America, scanning the menu for the greasiest looking order he could find.

"…fries? American…" she then muttered. "Honey, we already include that in our #6." She then added sweetly.

"But it says chips! I'm not blind! That's why I have these!" responded America, adjusting his glasses. England, not bearing the scene any longer, got in front of America and said, "Just get the #6 for him, and make it extra deep fried for this guy." He intervened.

"Well, this is nice! It's even extra greasy, just like home!" America said happily, enjoying his meal. England sighed. America said he wanted to travel to as many countries as he could in a month. He was stuck with America for 29 more days. He feared his sanity would be lost within the next couple of days.

"By the way," said America with his mouth full of food, "We're leaving for Germany after tomorrow. Since you don't want me sleeping at your place, I've arranged a hotel room for us."

"A single room?" asked England.

"Yup! One bed, too! It'll be like a sleepover! I sleep over you and stuff on the bed! It'll be just like old times!"

"You moron… sleepover doesn't literally mean one sleeps over the other!" corrected England angrily.

"Well that's too bad, I already reserved the room! Enjoy my heavy unconscious body on top of yours for the night!" He happily bit into his breadcrumbed fish, spraying crumbs all over England's unamused face.

[[I'm tired. Well, this story will likely have 5 or so more chapters, each detailing the visit of a different country with America and his buddy, England. Until then, good night, I'm going to sleep at 12 and waking myself up at 7 because I have to get used to it for school is starting soon t.t]]