This is part 11 of Yogi's Flight Of The Spruce Goose.

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I just wanted to do this because we feel like there a strong relationship between Huckleberry hound and Snagglepuss and the fans thought that they were make a very sexy couple


Pairings: Huckleberry/Snagglepuss/Hokey Wolf, Augie/Bobo/Scrabby Doo, Yogi/Magilla Gorilla, Quickdraw/Yippie Coyote (Slash)

There's a lot of sex in this, now on with the story
While Yogi was driving, the others were sound asleep, Quickdraw was seeping with his hat tilted in front of his face, Angie and Doggie were sleeping like two dogs should sleep, Bobo was sleeping on his side. "When do we get home Yogi" Huck said sounding a bit sleepy.

"In a few hours Huck" He said." Well until then, I think I'm going to take a snooze" He said yawning a going to sleep. "A nap, sounds relaxing, swell, calming even" Snagglepuss said.
He was so tired he went to sleep on Huckleberry's stomach and neither of them knew it, they were deep in their sleep. Snagglepuss then moved up so that he can be face to face with Huck.

Huckleberry hound thought that Snagglepuss was his mom so he wrapped his arms around her waist. Yogi stopped at a stop light and turned around to look at all of the sleeping animals but something shocked him, he looked at Snagglepuss on top of Huckleberry. "Awwww, that's so cute" He said sweetly.

While Yogi was talking, Quickdraw was dreaming of the last time Yippie Coyote kissed him, he puts on a smile as if he was saying" that felt really nice. Meanwhile Huckleberry decided to turn around and so did he, now Snagglepuss was on the bottom and Huckleberry was on the top.

The mountain lion could feel the warm and soft touch of huckleberry's fur and just wrapped his arms around and he lets out a purr. Huck finally had one eye open only to see that Snagglepuss was cuddling with him.

Snagglepuss noticed and apologized to him." You don't have to apologize to me, I'm glad that you are keeping me warm, your a good friend...Snag. "Yeah uh you too" He said with a sigh of disappointment.

He wanted him to be his boyfriend more then a friend. "Thank go back to sleep Huck" He said smiling. He did as he was told but Snagglepuss just sat up and looked out the window, he could see it was night time and saw a shooting star so he made a wish upon it. He wished for something that he had wanted for a long time.

Right after, clouds started to appear and thunder and the lightning created a storm then it made a BOOM sound and had woke everyone in the car up. "What is that dear old dad? Augie said. "A storm, Augie my son" Doggie said. "Oh my, Yogi we had better stop" He said quickly.

"Yeah, we'll never make is in this weather" He said agreeing with Augie. "Right you are Quickdraw, we'll have to camp out here until the storm passed over" He said. "Luckily, I packed tents and cotton balls" said Yogi. "Uh, don't ya mean marshmallows" He said correcting him. "That's what I said" He said back.
Yogi stopped at the nearest INN (A hotel)

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