This is my fifth chapter of Yogi's Magical Flight Of The Spruce Goose part 11

Pairings: Huckleberry/Snagglepuss/Hokey Wolf, Augie/Bobo/Scrabby Doo, Yogi/Magilla Gorilla, Quickdraw/Yippie Coyote (Slash)

Rated: K

After 42 minutes of driving, Yogi and the others finally got into town. In the back seat, Hunk and Snag were making-out touching and feeling on each other. On the other side of the same seat. Augie was just sitting not paying attention to the noises that the dog and mountain lion were making.

Bobo had his hands placed in the middle of his lips, looking depressed until he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. He turned his head and saw Augie. "Bobo...are you alright? He said. "What...I'm fine...why wouldn't I be" He said nervously while crossing his arms followed by a serious face.
Bobo knew that he will find out so he told him.

"Actually...I do have something to tell you" He said about to confess. "What? He said fully turning his body fully around. Bobo took his hand in his and the little dog noticed, he wondered what was going on. "I think I've fallen in love with you" He said revealing his sexuality.

Augie couldn't believe what he was hearing from the cub's mouth but he felt very warm inside, he didn't know why but somehow his heart felt whole. Bobo noticed that Augie didn't answer his statement, he sighed in disappointment. "I understand" He said in his condition.

Augie put his hand on the bears cheeks and made him faced him. "What are yo-" He said but Augie placed a single finger on his mouth and replied "Something I should have done when we went on this trip.

Within that he kissed him on the lips then it slowly turned into a passionate one. Bobo felt relaxed and wrapped his arms around the small dog making the kiss even more powerful. Soon Augie pushed into the small bear making him fall backwards.

The two resumed kissing and Bobo felt like he was in heaven as Augie licked his neck. Hunk and Snagg parted then looked deeply into one another's eyes. "I love you my dove" He said in refinance to he said to his not-girlfriend. "As do I" He said.

Note that They wasn't really looking for love until they found each other...I mean the girls were just pop-ups which meant they just popped up out of the blue like Lila who. made Snagglepuss gay with all her nagging, as for Hunkleberry hound when he was at the pharch at the Simpson's house he said that he was so gay but he couldn't tell anyone.
Hunk yawned because all that dancing he did really did a number in him so he decided take a little nap. "You mind Snag? He said about to sleep on his lap. 'Not at all my sweet" He said proudly.

Hunk smiled then laid his head on his boyfriend's lap and closed his eyes, Snagg rubbed his head all the way down to his bottom. Doggie daddy who was in the front with Yogi but was feeling rather disappointed. "Is something wrong there Doggie daddy?" He said while keeping his eyes on the road.

Doggie just put his elbow on the edge of the window and sighed. "Is that a no? He guessed. Doggie daddy nodded without looking at him. "Okay then" He said again looking at the road. They were now in town, now all they needed to do now is to find that milkshake bar.

Yogi came to a stop sign and stopped then a car pulled up and rolled down their window then Yogi did also to see who it was. Bernice waved at Yogi, he waved back. "'s Yogi" Bernice said tapping her shoulder.

Her mom looked at the bear. "I got a question to ask know where that milkshake bar is at? "'s just around the corner" said her mom. "Thanks ma'am" He said thanking the lady. "You can call me Linda" She said after giggling.

Okay...well...thanks...Linda" He said. The light turned green. Drive safe hear" She said before waving good-bye. "Will do" He said. Linda and Bernice then drove off to the right. Yogi and the gang were heading straight then turned the corner and saw the sign. He went into the parking lot and parted in one of the spots.

Snagglepuss heard the sound of stopping and rubbed Huck's shoulder in order to wake him. "What is it? He said looking at his lover. "Where're here" Snag responded. Huck started to wake up, he looked at his lover who took out a hand and took it then looked at Quickdraw and woke him up by calling his name. He woke up then looked at Huck. "It's time to get out" He alerted to the horse.

Quickdraw nodded and unbuckled his seat-belt. He opened the bus door and got out. Augie, his dad and Bobo got out too. Snagglepuss helped his lover out of the car and kissed his cheek.

The gang gathered around the tall bear. "Everyone decided on what to get?" He said giving his final order. "Yes" everyone said in union. "Okay let's go go go" Yogi said giving a command. "Exit stage left" He said as one of his catchphrases. The seven went in the door and everyone was eating at 6 or 7 tables.

Yogi walked to the man behind the counter while the others went and sat down, luckily 3 tables just opened up. Snagglepuss and his lover got a separate one and so did Augie and Bobo.

The rest of them sat together and they all talked what they were going to go once they got home until Yogi got here. Huck thought that there was one thing missing to make this date perfect.

He then saw a waiting with a French accent and asked him to come over then he did. "We have a special occasion" He said taking his boyfriends hands in his. "What's the occasion?" The waiter said. "We're on a date" Snagglepuss said.

The waiter heard that and smiled."Fantastique" He said. He then snapped his fingers in the air and the others came with a table cloth putting it over the wood, put a candle in the middle and lit the point all at a fast paste then they went away. The two lovers said nothing just looked deep into each others loving eyes.

"This is going great even better then Lila or any girl even" The mountain lion said having no doubts about his current lover. "You said it I mean Desert flower is a great girl but something told that I wasn't all that interested in females. "I know what you mean" He said putting his elbow on the table. "Huh?" He said looking at him. "All Lila ever did was nag nag nag and do this and do that" He said acting like Lila with his hand gestors.

Pretty soon Yogi arrived and the four made some room for him to sit then he sat down." haven't even said anything since we got to this something wrong?" He said looking at him.

He just broke down in tears then laid his head down and wrapped his arms around his forehead."Quickdraw...why are you crying? He said patting his back. Quickdraw didn't say anything. "I think he wants to get out" Yogi said trying to get into his ear. "We haven't even ate yet" He said think that they'll had to leave. Yogi ignored his comment and looked at Quickdraw who was looking at him.

His eyes said yes then Yogi nodded in understanding and scooted out to let him out. Quickdraw got out but still said nothing or at least putting a hold on his emotions until he got to the bus.
He walked out of the restaurant, he went to the bus and opened the door then got in and closed it then took out a piece of rope but not just any rope, it belonged to Yappie coyote.

He gave it to him when they were saying goodbye to each other, he then had a vision of the coyote and him having dinner together. He smiled at that memories then it went away.
He held the rope close to his heart and laid down on the seat crying.

"I miss you...I wish you here with me" He said though his tears. Soon after 3 hour had passed Yogi and the gang had came out along with three homeless guys and they all were laughing. Magilla opened the door of the back seat were Quickdraw sat and got in then sat beside him.

Snagglepuss and his love open the door of the middle seat and got in then sat very close together, Hokey Wolf scooted in beside them. Augie and his lover opened the door of the back seat and got in then sat very close together, Scrappy Doo scooted in beside them. "Alright...all set...let's go go go" He said. There all were finally heading home.
Yogi backed up the bus and drove out of the parking lot and onto the road.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did
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