Title: Black and Blue

Summary: Post:2x06, Andy is reeling after her break-up with Luke and the 'what ifs' start to pop up in her head, on what could have happened if she'd taken another path. Not only will she need her friends to get through her heartbreak as well as the humiliation-she'll also need her partner to keep her head on straight, especially when young teens start to go missing in downtown Toronto.

Spoilers: 2x06
Pairing: McSwarek
Rated: T for now, may go up

Dis: Don't own RB!


Traci Nash opened the door of her home to see her best friend and co-worker Andy McNally on the other side, duffle bag in hand, tearstains on her cheeks. Traci didn't say anything at first, just stepped back so Andy could walk in. She opened her mouth to ask but Andy held up her hand to silence her, giving her a 'not yet' look before she dropped her bag and headed to the bathroom. She passed Jerry in the hall but didn't return his surprised 'Hello' and instead closed the bathroom door with a soft click.

"What's going on?" asked Jerry.

"I don't know," answered Traci. "She looks like a mess. If I had to venture a guess, she and Luke had a fight."

"I'll leave you two alone to talk." He bent, pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, and then grabbed his coat from the back of the couch. "Call you later?"

"Tomorrow," said Traci. "I have a feeling it's going to be a long talk and we both have the early shift tomorrow." She gently trailed a finger over the bruise Dex had given him from the thrown punch. "Put some ice on that too."

Traci walked to the kitchen and pulled down a bottle of tequila as well as two tumblers. She put a decent amount in each glass, and waited for her friend to come out of the bathroom. When Andy came back Traci handed a glass to her and Andy downed it, making a face and coughing a little as the burning alcohol went down her throat.

"What happened?"

"Luke cheated on me Trac."


"With Jo. Then lied to me about it and tried to cover it up. The flowers, the spa packages, wanting to get married early, all if it, because he didn't want to get caught."

"The skeeze!"

"Right?" Andy lifted her glass for another shot and Traci poured it. "I've been stupid, thinking that he loved me after all that's happened."

That was when Andy went into the whole story. Luke not being honest at first when it came to Jo, then finding out they'd been partners AND lovers, how they'd been at the hospital after his accident, then finally her finding out while on an operation with Jo. Every new fact had Traci frowning deeper and ready to find Callaghan and kick his ass.

"You were right. All those little hints you were giving to me to show me I was moving too fast? I should've listened."

"Love is blind, you didn't know. I didn't even know Luke was capable of cheating."

"Sam told me, when he found out Luke and I were together, that I was just the Rookie of the year. I took it as him being an ass, maybe he was, but I guess he was warning me in some way. Looking back on it now, I see all the little signs, especially when Jo came in. You know when he forgot his credit card at the hotel and they called, he said he'd left it there because he was buying me my spa package?"

"Double skeeze!"

"Amen," said Andy, tilting her head back and taking one last shot. "Just for the night, can I stay here?"

"You can stay here all you want. Leo loves you; it's just me and him now that Dex, well, punched Jerry in the face."

"Heard about that, you okay?" asked Andy.

"In all honesty?" Traci smiled. "Never been better, but we're not talking about me."

"I don't want to get in the way of you and Jerry getting back together again-"

"Oh shut up, you're staying here. End of discussion. Spare room is storage, you can keep your stuff in there and I'll pull out the couch for you, ok?"

"Traci?" said Andy softly to her friend's retreating back. Traci turned around to look at her friend. She looked so small, eyes puffy and red and her shoulders drooped in defeat. "Thanks."

"What're friends for?"

Andy smiled, grabbed the Tequila bottle, and took another shot. Glancing at the clock she saw that it was now two in the morning and she was starting to dread going to work in the morning. What if Luke and Jo were already getting back together? The whole of 15 would then know what happened and end up looking at her in pity. She didn't want that, not one bit. Maybe she'd call in sick tomorrow? Better yet, maybe she'd get hit by a car and she wouldn't have to go in at all.


Andy had spaced out and just now shook herself from her inner dialogue and forced a smile in Traci's direction. The pull-out bed was made and Andy sat on it. When Traci asked if she needed anything, Andy shook her head no and told her that she'd be fine. After making plans on when they would leave in the morning for work, Andy took one last, long pull from the Tequila bottle and placed it on the end table. Her nose and lips were numb, which meant the alcohol was doing its job, and she lay back on the sofa, again rethinking everything that'd happened.

She'd FOUND the ring, he never really asked her. He'd been rambling and she said yes before the question was truly popped. The real proposal had come after he'd cheated on her, wanting to rush things and-OH GOD!

"Oh God," she groaned, both hands over her eyes as she kicked her feet like a three-year-old would do during a tantrum. She had FOUND the ring, in a lockbox, and it hadn't really fit right. Jo. It had been meant for Jo.

Andy rolled over, pulled the pillow close to her face, and screamed as loud as she could. In the other room, Traci fought everything inside her to go to her friend. Andy needed this time to herself but tomorrow she would be on her like white on rice to make sure her day went as smoothly as possible. And if that meant she had to take on Callaghan to accomplish it, it'd be something she'd look forward to doing.


Andy woke up to insistent poking on her bicep. Popping open an eye she saw a curious Leo looking her over, his finger hovering over her arm, ready to poke her again if she even dared to close her eyes. He grinned when seeing she was awake and hopped onto the pull-out, making her whole body shake.

"Mom said to wake you up, and to not be mad cause there was coffee waiting for you."

"You're mom played a trick sending you. She knew I couldn't be mad at you."

Slowly, she sat up on the bed, wincing at the small throb behind her eyes. She hadn't drunk a lot of it, but just enough tequila to make her head hurt. It was her arch nemesis and tequila usually got her in a lot of trouble. Smacking her lips she pulled the loose strands of hair out of her eyes before tossing the covers aside to stand. She ruffled Leo's hair before making her way to the kitchen. Guilt filled her when she saw two wine glasses, two sets of plates and two sets of silverware in the sink. She had messed up her friend's night last night and she was going to make sure she didn't have to stay again. A lot of her stuff ended up in storage after she moved out of her place and into Luke's so really all she needed was a space to put it in. All the small things she left behind she could pick up later when she knew Luke wouldn't be at home.

"Hey," said Traci, standing in jeans and a tank top, towel wrapped around her wet hair.

"Hey." Traci handed her a cup of coffee. "Oh thanks. Got milk?"

"In the fridge." Traci watched as Andy poured the milk, added a little sugar, and then took her first drink. "So… ready for today?"

"I'm fine."

"Andy…" Andy looked up at Traci, sucking her bottom lip in to stop it from trembling. "Look, I can say you're at my house puking in the toilet or something if you want."

"I have to go," said Andy. "I'm sure no one knows yet. Jerry just thought I was upset, oh God, what if he tells someone I was at your house upset? Like Sam, or Best? Or even worse, he talked to Luke and is now telling everyone else?"

"Jerry wouldn't…" Traci trailed off. "Okay maybe he would." She grabbed her phone. "Let me text him to make sure he isn't being his usual gossipy self."

Andy took her coffee with her when she went to go search for her stuff. The clock on the wall read seven so she had about half an hour to shower and get ready for her day. She went into the spare room and opened her bag. On top was her phone and she pulled it out and checked it. She had ten missed calls from Luke, one from Sam, as well as texts from Luke which she deleted, and one from Sam which she opened.

I heard. You ok?

Andy groaned. They knew. All of 15 had to know by now because if Sam knew someone told him, it was probably Jerry and he probably talked to Oliver too. Once Oliver knew something you couldn't get him to shut up. Andy could only guess what was waiting for her at work now.

"Why me?"