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Sam hadn't felt this alive in a long time. Oh sure, he's felt the thrill of the chase and the rush of being undercover, but nothing prepared him for the feeling of having the woman he's been pining after for months finally in his arms. He made sure to lock the door before fully pressing her against it, mouth slanted over hers as their tongues battled for dominance. His hands clenched over her hips as he ground against her, her whimper letting him know she wanted this as much as he did. He slid his lips down to her neck and she gasped as he ran his warm hands up her sides, over her ribs, then the outsides of her breasts.

Hurriedly she pulled up his shirt and he aided in getting the garment off and before he could even reach for her own shirt she had hers off in a flash. He groaned when seeing her breasts surrounded by red lace and his mouth placed teasing nips down her neck to her collarbone.

"Gunna be thinking of you looking like this underneath your uniform now," he growled against her skin, making her giggle while her fingertips trailed down his neck, then back up. He was getting harder by the second and she murmured her approval as he bent to kiss the tops of her breasts. She moaned as his tongue caressed the area around her perked nipple through the fabric of her bra and she moved against him, creating delicious friction that was making her wish there were no clothes between them.

"Bed," she demanded, kicking off her shoes and sliding off her socks with her toes. "Now."

He ran his hands down her jean clad ass then lifted her up. Her legs wrapped around him and he braced her against the wall while he slid his own shoes off. She placed teasing kisses against his neck, her teeth nipping at his skin while she took in the scent of coffee and his aftershave. He started walking to the bedroom, cursing each time she impatiently rubbed against him while nipping his ear or kissing his lips, anticipation growing as they got closer and closer to her bedroom. Finally they made it to the unmade bed, only the bright red digits of her alarm clock guiding his way. He gently laid her down, nuzzling her neck, lightly scratching her skin due to the stubble that'd grown during the day.

She ran her hands down his bare chest, the hairs slightly tickling her palms. Fingertips brushed against his flat nipples and he sucked in a breath when her hands drifted over his lower stomach, one hand rubbing the fly of his jeans. He pulled her up with him as he half sat up on the bed, her hands bracing on his shoulders. Not taking his eyes off of hers he unclasped her bra then brought his fingers to the tops of her shoulders and only then did he break eye contact so that he could look down while brushing away the straps of her bra and watch the red material fall to reveal perfectly round breasts. He wasted no time, cupping them within his palms, lips brushing the pulse point of her neck as he gave them a gentle squeeze.

Slowly, Andy fell back against the bed, the sheets soft against her bare skin. Her hands slid into his hair while his mouth placed open mouthed kisses from her collarbone down to her breasts. She bit her bottom lip, moaning softly as his lips surrounded a perked nipple, her body shivering and goosebumps breaking out when his tongue encircled the nipple over and over. Between her legs she was getting wetter, her inner core aching for him to be inside her, filling her up. Then his head was moving lower, hands bracing on her hips while his nose tickled her bellybutton and his mouth stopped at the button of her jeans. Her whole body flushed hot as he undid her jeans button with his teeth.

"Sam," she whimpered, bracing herself on her elbows and lifting her hips up. He took the hint, fingers curling inside her jeans and pulling them along with the matching laced panties she wore. He tossed them aside then gripped a foot, turning his head so he could place a kiss on the delicate bone at her ankle. His lust filled eyes connected with hers and her head fell back as his lips slowly trailed down her smooth legs. When his lips hit her inner thigh her core clenched, the lust hitting her so hard her elbows gave out and she was once again flat on her back. She didn't stay there long, with a mischievous glint in his eyes he brought out his tongue and licked her from her opening up to her clit, making her hips rocket off the bed.

"Sam!" Chest heaving now that his tongue continued to do delicious things to her. His hands each rested on a thigh, keeping her open wide, and all she could do was clench the sheets beneath her hands and enjoy the ride he was taking her on. When her thighs started to tremble and her clit tingle she knew she was close but he suddenly stopped, making her whine in protest.

"I need to be inside you now," he growled against her skin, kissing his way back up her body. "Before I explode…you're so fucking sexy, McNally."


"Andy," he said huskily, letting her bring her hands to his jeans. She popped open the button and together they drug his pants and briefs down until he kicked them to the side. He hissed in a breath as bother her hands came to surround his hard shaft, slowly moving up and down, his forehead pressed against hers while he tried to gain control of himself. It was hard to, especially when she squeezed a little tighter and before he could embarrass his self and come right there and there he reached down and extracted her hands and placed them above her head. Their eyes connected as his erection pressed against her inner thigh. He could feel her heat, the tip of him pressing intimately against moist lips.

"Now, Sam, I'm safe… Just come inside me now," she murmured against his lips and that was all it took. He was soon inside her and while her thighs trembled and body arched into him, he locked his jaw and squeezed his eyes tight, praying for control. She was so tight around him, like a friggen vice, and it took a couple deep breaths before he could open his eyes again to meet her twinkling ones. "You ok there, Sam?"

"Dandy," he said with a grin before pressing his lips to hers and moving. He started slow, wanting to take his time with her. Her loving sighs and hitching breath a large turn on but when her nails dug into his ass and pulled him deep inside her he knew her body was asking for more and so was his. He brought his hand down and his fingers played on that spot between her legs until she came apart, the sound so hot and erotic it didn't take him long to follow her, burrowing his face against her sweat slicked skin at the neck while emptying inside her.

Breathing heavily he knew he had to move so that he didn't crush her with his weight but it wasn't like he was twenty anymore and he needed a minute before he could roll over. Her arms and legs surrounded him, keeping him pressed against her.

"Don't even think about moving," she murmured, fingers playing with the tips of his hair.

"I'm crushing you," he said, lifting his head up to look down at her.

"Nah," she said, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. "I like having the feel of you on top of me."

"Well get used to is, cause its gunna happen again," he said, flashing the dimples before rolling to his side, pulling her against him. Using his arm as a pillow she rest against it, her left leg and arm draping over his body while the fingertips on his free hand danced against the skin of her back. She shivered. "Cold?"

"No," she said. "You touching my skin feels nice."

"Mmm…" She turned her head up to look at him and when she continued to stare he looked down at her. "Yes?"

"Things aren't going to be weird, right?" she asked, making him quirk up an eyebrow, waiting for her to elaborate. "I mean we had sex, and now tomorrow we're going to be going back to work. I just… don't want things to be awkward between us."

"What we do outside the job doesn't have to reflect how we do our job."

"I know." Her brows furrowed. "I just… With what happened with-"

"Look. I'm not HIM ok?" he said, a little irritated.

"I know! God, I'm messing this up, aren't I?" she asked, suddenly sad.

"No…" He pulled her down to him, pressing his lips to her temple. "Yeah, we're sleeping together, and do I want more than that? Yeah, I do, but I'm willing to wait until you're ready for that. Until then?" He smirked. "I'm willing to let you be my sex slave."

"Oh, I'M the sex slave, huh?" she asked, chuckling before propping her head up against her hand.

"Yeah," he said, eyes slowly traveling down her nude body.

"Okay then, MASTER," she murmured, making his eyes widen as she slowly moved her body to straddle his. "What do you demand of me?"

"Oh so many things," he said as she mimicked his moves from earlier, slowly trailing kisses down his body. "Andy…"

"It's my turn now."


Andy's eyes opened, then immediately closed when the sun shined in through her windows. She'd wanted a lot of natural light but right now she hated Mr. Sun and was wishing she'd remembered to pull the curtains last night. Twisting her body around she was met by a body of a warm male and she smiled as she snuggled up against him.

"Morning," he murmured against her hair.


"Someone's cranky," he said and she could feel him smiling against her hair.

"I hate the morning," she said, eyes closing. "Five more minutes."

"We've got plenty of time before shift," he said. "Go back to sleep."

"Be here when I wake up still?"

"Yeah. I will be."

She woke up alone later on and frowned when seeing the empty side of his bed until hearing the shower turning off in the bathroom. He came into her room wearing nothing but a towel and she sat up in bed, pulling the sheet up to cover her body.

"Ready to join the land of the living?" he asked, sitting on the edge of the bed, hand resting on her exposed calf.

"As I'll ever be," she said, pulling stray strands of hair behind her ear. "What time is it?"

"Noon," said Sam. "Hungry?"


"Got any eggs or anything?"

"No," she said, yawning.

"How about this? You get dressed and we can go out to eat somewhere."

"But…" She pouted, making his attention go right to her lips. "I was planning on a totally different day."

"Oh?" he asked. As she slowly let the sheet fall he let a devilish smirk appear on his face. "Ah, I see…"


Much, much, MUCH later they emerged from her apartment with satisfied grins on their faces. Arm draped over her shoulders, Sam walked her to his truck. They were going to get some steaks and potatoes and cook them at his place. Her bag was packed for the nightshift and he tossed it on the back before helping her inside the cab. They held hands as they drove to the market and even stayed close while shopping. It wasn't until she was curled against him outside on his deck that she spoke about the relationship to him again.



"How long?" she asked softly.

"How long what?"

"Have you liked me?"

Well that was a question. Sam definitely had feelings for her after the blackout. Before then it had all been a curiosity, and that was how he explained it to her. That night in the parking lot he'd wanted to kiss her but respected her wish to back off. He'd been irritated about finding out about Callaghan after she'd blown him off and she patted his arm after he admitted that.

"You were in deep with Callaghan, so I backed off, no matter how pissed off I was I couldn't get in the way of you being happy with the guy you wanted. I even covered for you after the blackout."

"How?" she asked, and when he told her about telling Luke that he had made the moves, not her, she laughed. "Oh my God your LIE is what got him to… wow. Just…" She then swatted him on the chest.


"OW!" He rubbed his chest, frowning at her. "What was that for?"

"For covering for me like that!"

"Oh, sorry for having your back, I'll never do it again," he said sarcastically.

"It's just… I don't know. I'm thinking we're too stubborn for our own good."

A moment, then. "When did you?"

"What?" she asked.

"Like me," he said, egging her on.

"Well…" she started thinking about it, tapping her bottom lip with her index finger while he played with her hair. "Same as you. The parking lot, I wanted to kiss you and almost did until my stupid head told me to run away. Maybe it's a good thing we didn't do it right away, cause if we'd have gotten caught…"

"Yeah." He smirked. "It would've been fun though."

"Oh stop," she said.

"Seriously, it'd have been fun, sneaking around. No one knowing."

"Oh yeah?" she asked.


"Then let's do it." He raised a brow. "No not IT, it! I mean… Let's have some fun…"


"McNALLY!" barked Sam, making everyone in 15 Division jump then advert their eyes from the peeved off officer. Chris Diaz actually scrambled to get out of Sam's way. "Interview room two, NOW!"

"What did you do?" asked Dov in a scared whisper.

"I don't know," said Andy, acting distraught.

"Well you better get moving before he's even more pissed at you," said Chris seriously.

"Yeah. I'll, uh, catch up with you guys later," said Andy, looking fearful for her life as she followed her previous T.O. to the interrogation room.

"Oh please," snorted Gail, who was typing up a report on a hit and run. "Don't tell me you all fell for that?"

"What?" asked Dov.

"They're totally doing it," said Gail, eyes still focused on the screen.

"WHAT?" asked Chris and Dov at the same time.

"I don't think so," said Chris. "I mean if looks could kill, Andy would be six feet under."

"They're just trying to cover it up," said Gail, shrugging a shoulder. "You know how gossip is in a place like this. They're a new couple, and want to keep it private." She smirked, wanting to have fun with the boys. "I bet the sex is great."

They both cringed.

"First off, ew, and secondly… I think you're wrong," said Dov.

"Fine," said Gail, blindly reaching into her pocket and producing a fifty. "Fifty bucks says that they are."

"You're on!" said Dov. "Easy money."

"Uh… Gail? How you going to prove it?" asked Chris.

"Simple. Though she can somewhat act, Andy is a terrible liar. We'll give them another day, but tomorrow? You'll see I'm right. Then again, you can use that magical power known as observation and see what they look like on their way out of the interrogation room."

Five minutes later, Andy and Sam left the interrogation room. Dov watched the couple and slowly started to realize something. Andy had gone in there wearing a braid and her hair was now up in a messy bun. Swarek, though still looking mad, had a swagger of a man that'd just-and was it his imagination or did their hands brush before they walked away from each other?

"Ah, hell," he muttered, reaching into his wallet and producing a couple twenties and a ten. Gail snatched them up.

"Told you," she said with a singsong voice .

"No way," said Chris, shaking his head. "Unbelievable."

"What's unbelievable?" asked Oliver Shaw while walking by the Rookies, stirring his coffee.

"Nothing," they all three said at the same time.

"I'm going to go turn this in," said Gail, grabbing her freshly printed report and quickly walking away.

"I gotta go check someone in the tank," said Chris, walking another way.

"I… I just… Bye!" said Dov, going another.

"What the…" Oliver was stunned. Obviously something happened, and he was going to find out! Sam walked up to him at that moment and Oliver shared his worries. "The Rookies are up to something."

"When aren't they?" asked Sam.

"True. So. You all right? You seemed pretty pissed off at McNally. You took it easy on her, whatever it was, right?"

"Of course not," said Sam. "I was far from gentle. Can't play favorites, right?"

"Right," chuckled Oliver before Sam walked away. Something he said slowly started to nag at him and Oliver was soon jogging after Sam. "What did you mean by: far from gentle?"