Authors note: Hello dear lovely readers. I know I promised a similar questy sort of fic to follow on from Zuko's adventure with Miss smarty pants bossy boots. But this idea crept into my brain and would not be silenced.

It's at the Western Air Temple in the very early days. Katara still doesn't trust Zuko and has acquired a new hobby. You thought Jet was the only one fond of stalking Zuko? au contraire mes amis! What follows will be her 'Stalking Zuko Journal.' Because I wanted to experiment with writing entirely from the first person, which is not my forte. I'll include cannon events and missing moments. We begin a few days after Zuko has arrived and it has become clear to Katara that he's here to stay. Without further ado, lets start stalking Zuko.


A subject called Zuko.


Subject has been 'accepted' into the group and awkwardness abounds. I do not trust Subject. Subject, no doubt, is here for nefarious purposes and will betray us at the first opportunity. I have come to expect this behavior from Subject and I will not be surprised by it next time! Because I am going to follow him and watch all his movements so he has no time to do sneaky things.

Furthermore Subject is a smelly firenation jerkbender. I have decided to record everything I learn about subject. To know your enemy is to have a great advantage on the battle field. This way when it is time for his inevitable betrayal, I will be able to strike back! I have decided not to name Subject for confidentiality's sake as well as because calling things by their name eventually endears them to you. Subject will not endear himself to me again!

Things I know about Subject:

Subject's mother is missing, possibly dead. Or possibly she just got sick of Subject's moping and buggered off. Wow, that was bitchy. Whatever, Subject deserves it after what he did.

Subject puts fireflakes on everything.

Subject always wakes with the sun, which is ridiculously early. Have gotten up twice to witness this and that is enough for me.

Subject's closest ally is Toph, who has, horror upon horrors, taken a liking to him.

Subject, purely from a scientific point of view, is quite muscular and not displeasing to look at without his shirt. This, in no way, impacts upon my feelings towards Subject.

Subject trains with Aang most of the day, until Aang gets bored and wanders off. Subject is getting frustrated with Aang's lack of progress with firebending and his tendency to be easily distracted.

Subject's own firebending is a bit off at the moment. I know, because I have seen him at his best and this is not it. Have many sarcastic comments in my head and a few out loud about this fact.

Subject never smiles.


Very unusual morning! After breakfast everyone else vanished at the smallest sign of housework, leaving me to do all the dishes again. I find this very frustrating and had half a mind to bend some water at them. I thought I was alone, but Subject snuck up on me. Subject wanted to help me do the dishes. At first I refused, quite angrily. But Subject kept tidying. I got a bit cross with Subject and Subject got a bit cross back and declared that he 'just wanted to be nice.' Oh really Subject? Nice would have been not turning on me in Ba Sing Se. I said this to Subject and was met with the requisite amount of general apologies I have come to expect from Subject whenever we address this topic. He feels badly about what happened. As it should be. I decided to allow Subject to help only because it really is nice to get some help around here and not at all because I am warming to him. Subject is trying to be helpful to get back into my good graces, but that will take many more dish washes.


It wont, because I will never allow subject back into my good graces. I said as much to Subject. Subject started talking (rambling, blathering or even blithering are actually better words to describe what he was doing) about how he would not like us to be hostile towards each other, even if we are not friendly.

It was a most unusual conversation. Subject got a bit lost and started to mix his metaphors badly. And one point Subject said something most ridiculous that I misinterpreted and there was much awkwardness all round. Subject left the room for a few moments in a fit of embarrassment and had to collect himself. When he returned he offered that we call a truce between us because he doesn't want to fight with me. He will promise not to hurt Aang or any of us and be helpful with any chores that need doing if I try not to hate him so much.

I have elected to think on Subject's Proposal.

There are many benefits to not being hostile. Subject, being relatively new to our group, is the only one who does not take me, my cooking and the fact that I do all the chores, for granted. Subject has expressed a wish to be helpful and I can think of many tasks for which his assistance would be useful.

It is also very tiring being constantly mad at someone like Subject, who is more mad at himself for his past misdeeds that I could ever be.

Things I learned about Subject:

Subject is practically incoherent when nervous.

Subject's hands are HUGE.

Subject's firebending can be helpful in heating the water for washing dishes and drying said dishes.

Subject accidentally makes rude double entendres and then blushes furiously.

Subject can be extremely awkward and dorky. I will endeavor not to find Subjects' hapless attempts at friendship adorable. Because they are not at all adorable. They are annoying.

And I am annoyed by them!

But it was kind of cute when he fluffed off all embarrassed.