Its early in the morning and the sun has just begun to rise on a lonely highway road. There is nothing around but miles of tress that surrounds the road in every direction. The only thing that's remotely unusual about this road is the beat up station wagon driving at a steady pace of 80 miles an hour. The wagon has smoke coming from the engine and dents all over it, it seems like a miracle that the vehicle can even start, let alone be drive able. But if you take a closer look at the man driving it, you would realize that it's no miracle that's keeping this car going it's him. The man driving has just been through hell and back, he's seen things that would send you home crying for your mommy, and he has saved this world more then once. So he refuses to let himself be done in by some piece of shit station wagon.

The man is in rough shape, he's got minor cuts that cover him from head to toe and has a big gash across his face. He's wearing a black old looking leather jacket that has rips and tears all through it, underneath the jacket he wears an undershirt that was once white the day before, but has now become stained in a coat of blood. Looking down at the steering wheel you would see the man's hands or I should say hand. His left hand is in bad shape, its missing the middle finger and has been wrapped with a piece of his shirt in order to stop the bleeding. The man's other hand has been replaced with some kind of robotic armored glove that could crush your skull like a grape. Beside the man in the passenger seat lays a double barrel shotgun shining from the gaze of the morning sun. If you were to take a peek in the backseat you would see two things of interest. One is the cooler containing the man's missing finger, and the other would be the deadly looking chain saw soaked in fresh blood. This metal beast sitting in the backseat of the station wagon has saved the man's life on many occasions and in a way has become a side kick for the hero of this story.

Now fellow reader I know what you're asking yourself, who is this nameless hero I speak of? His name is Ashley J. Williams and he is the chosen one.