Authoress Note: The Awakening is by Kate Chopin and was quite controversial for its time.

: I've been having bouts of writers block; This prompt challenge is my attempt to get past my writer's block. A friend of mine picked seven words, either for seven different chapters, one shots, or full fledge fictions is yet to be seen.

This takes place after S05 E16 Mosley Lane and before S05 E17 Solitary Man but I will be taking some liberties with the time line, unforeseen at this moment; I may follow the episodes/seasons or I may make it AU. I'll know before or right after I start posting.


1) Kissing
2) Comfort
4) Food
5) Bath
7) Surprise

01 Comfort

To say that Aubrey Gillman looked out of place was saying the least. She was fifteen years old, looking all of thirteen, sitting in a college coffee shop waiting on her mentor to show. Who was running ten minutes late.

A professor for some reason caught her eye as he entered the coffee shop, Java Bean, and made a bee line for the counter, ordering a cup of black coffee before proceeding to add an ungodly amount of sugar to it before he glanced around at the students that where gracing the Java Bean between classes, before his eyes landed on Aubrey, he made a hesitant approach to her table as she ducked her head to her English Comp II book, embarrassed at being caught staring.

"Aubrey Gillman?" He asked, at her nod he pulled out a chair across from her before offering her his hand. "Spencer Reid"

Aubrey looked at his hand for a long moment before reaching out to shake it.

"Professor Whitman said you were a doctor." It was a statement but it sounded like a question.

"I am; I only use the title when my age would make it difficult to gain respect…you're reading "The Awakening? You know it…"

Since that meeting almost a year ago when Professor Whitman had asked him to help mentor Aubrey Gillman the smell of a coffee shop brought him more comfort than it used to. It reminded him of her auburn hair, usually pulled up in a messy bun at the nap of her neck as well as for her love of books and learning, which was something they both shared in common, though Aubrey was more partial to tea than to coffee, having declared it to bitter and decided that she didn't need the extra caffeine boost.

In the span of almost two years they had learned so much about each other, something that usually made him uncomfortable, but now just put his mind at ease. She was an English major, who was also getting a creative writing minor under her belt at the same time. She planned to teach at a local high school while taking online classes and night classes to finish up her Masters, upon which she would start teaching at the local community college while working on her PhD, once the PhD was acquired Aubrey had every intention of teaching at Virginia Tech or Virginia State University. Her childhood was troubled, not unlike his own, expect it had been drugs and alcohol that had kept her parents from caring that they had a daughter, who excelled as her way to get out of her own personal hell.

A buzz from his phone shook him from his thoughts of Aubrey as he looked around the plane, seeing everyone else in the beginning phases of sleep. Flipping open his phone he saw a text message from the object that occupied his thoughts.

'2 New Messages: Aubrey G.'

Opening the first one, which was dated from the day before his eyes widened at his slip up.

'Hey Spence I'm at the airport, I've tried calling but your phone's not getting reception.'

Deleting that one as a lost cause and something he'd have to deal with when he got home he moved onto the next message.

'When are you coming home baby? I miss you. : ) '

Aubrey was the only girl that could get away with calling him baby, as both took it at face value and nothing more. It was just how she talked to her close friends, calling the baby or sugar or honey, although she rarely ever called them anything other than their names.

'I'm on the way home; we're on the plane. Another three hours till we land' he typed up relatively slow for someone his age before hitting send. Another buzz alerted him to her reply.

'Ok. I'll see you then. ~A~'

Seeing her usual sign off he knew the conversation was over as he flipped his phone shut.

Knowing that Aubrey was in his apartment, in his bed knowing her, made him smile. There was something special about her that he liked, although it could be because she was like him more so than others. She understood what it was like to have an unusually large brain and know how to use their smarts for good.

He also knew that since Aubrey had been in his apartment for a full day that his apartment had been cleaned from top to bottom. She would have thrown out any food in the fridge that had gone bad and frozen any meat that was soon to go bad and probably cooked him a few meals before sticking them into the freezer as well before putting his scattered books, minus the ones on his desk, into his bookcase back in their alphabetically order, before tackling his bed room, along with the mount washmore that he had left behind as well as his bathroom and guest bedroom. After all he did it for her during her finals at Virginia Tech and then she promptly returned the favor.

The week before finals had crept up on Aubrey; it was her second semester in college, she was a straight A student but the thought of finals had freaked her out, causing her to panic. It was the Monday before they started, classes were out for what was called 'in between "break"' on campus and Aubrey had spent the entire day in the library working on just her Biology II work, when the key hit the lock for her apartment she thought she had entered the wrong efficiency.

What had previously been an unorganized mess was now spotless, her desk, which had been about to buckle under the weight of handwritten and typed revised notes was now a clear working space expect for her desk and a three inch binder which on the slip in cover bore a note.


I know you. I know you've been worrying about work and finals and not taking care of yourself. Think of this as your present for completing your first year of college. Your note are organized by class and then by chapter. In between the typed notes in the page protectors are your handwritten notes and revisions that weren't typed up previously. If I made any notations to anything it's highlighted in yellow and then the suggested revisions sheet and timetable. I wish you the best of luck and enjoy the gift.

Spencer Reid

Her kitchen was spotless and her bare fridge had been stocked with essentials she hadn't had time, or the money, to go out and buy. Her cabinet was stocked with things that came in individual packets so she could eat while she studied as well as a coffee pot that hadn't been there when she left and some wonderful samples of tea from around the world. Upon inspection of her bedroom and bathroom revealed the same treatment, her bathtub was now surrounded by candles and her counter space bore new bath lotions and bubbles to help her relax.

Her bed was made and overflowing with pillows she didn't have previously and a sleep mask placed on her pillow to help her ease herself into a wonderful sleep.

All she knew as that it had been a rough week, she could tell by the tone of Spencer's voice that this last case had almost taken everything out of him. She also knew that he hadn't been home expect for four hours in between this case and the previous one. A glance at her clock told her she had three hours to work her magic and repay him for his gift to her at finals that previous spring.

Throwing a pound of meat that would have gone bad into a skillet she browned it quickly before tossing it and the makings for taco pie into the baking dish before sprinkling cheese on top and sliding it into the fridge. She wanted it to be warm when he got home, with that done she set about cleaning what was the messiest she had seen his place. She knew he was working on another bachelor's but this was unlike Spencer. Starting a load of dishes in his dishwasher she ran water to wash the rest by hand, letting it cool as she threw what would be one of five loads into the washer, starting with his bed sheets, so his bed would be made well before he got home. Finishing the dishes she straightened up his living room, placing books that weren't being used, or closed, back on his bookcase and marking all other books with book marks and stacking them on his desk where he looked to be working on yet another thesis. Passing the vacuum quickly over the floor she swapped out the laundry before stepping into his bedroom. With the bed stripped and the clothes being washed, she had little to do in here. Flipping the mattress she gathered up a few stray dishes and books, placing them in either the kitchen, on his desk or on his bookcase before turning her attention to the bathroom. Deciding she would rather be safe than sorry she sprayed down the walls of the tub and shower, sink and toilet, letting it sit while she swept and gathered up the stray wash clothes that where in the tub that had been thrown onto the floor a moment before as well as the towel that hung over the door, adding them to the growing pile to be washed.

Unlike Spencer her timing was not perfect and he walked in as she started folding the laundry that had just come out of the drier.

Spencer stared at her for a moment, his mouth gaping open and closed like a fish before he managed to speak.

"You didn't have to return the favor! I was helping you out because of finals.."

Aubrey held up her hand to silence him.

"And I am helping out an old friend because you've had a rough week. End of discussion, though if you could please grab dinner out of the oven it would be appreciated.

Since then it had become a pattern of theirs to clean if they beat the other back to the apartment, it brought them a silent comfort to know that they were looking out for each other.