1) Kissing
2) Comfort
4) Food
5) Bath
7) Surprise


His alarm going off at six thirty told him he only had an hour and a half to get ready and make it to work on time. He attempted to shift Aubrey when he realized her eyes where open and staring at him.

"I have to go get ready for work." He kept his voice soft, hoping she would go back to sleep after he left for work.

The look in her green eyes told him she was going to protest a smile crossing his lips when it came.

"Can I come with you? I need to work on my thesis anyway." Her pout should have been trademarked because she was the only woman who could make him cave so quickly as he turned his brown eyes on her.

"Let me call my boss and clear it with him first, but as long as we're in state today I doubt it'd be a problem." As Spencer said this he was reaching for his phone before automatically hitting Hotch's speed dial.

To Aubrey it sounded like a one sided conversation but the smile on Spencer's face told her the answer she wanted.

"Thank you Hotch!" she said in the direction of the phone as she raced to dig through Spencer's clothing looking for something that would fit her, flipping Spencer off when she heard his chuckle.

"She said thank you." He said to the man on the other side of the phone before quickly ending the call and sliding up behind her, surprising her but effectively pinning her against his dresser.

"You'll pay for that." His tone was playful but the tables turned on his as Aubrey stared at his mouth for all of two seconds before wrapping her hands around his head and pulling him into her, kissing him deeper than she ever should of, deepening it when he responded just as eagerly, devouring her mouth all the while pressing her up against the dresser harder, searching for leverage, any leverage he could get before he forced himself to pull back.

"Don't play with fire Aubrey. You're a beautiful girl, no, woman, but I am still a man." His voice had taken on a husky tone as he took another step back from her trying to shake the desire he felt for her from that one movement.

"You're a gentleman, you wouldn't do anything to me I didn't want you to do." Her voice was deeper with her desire, something that only shot another wave of desire through Spencer.

"I know, Aubrey ,I know." He shook his head before he pulled his usual attire for work from his closet before stepping into the bathroom to take his shower, leaving the bathroom door open.

He heard her enter, and he knew he could she every curve of her barely clad body through his clear shower curtain, he had gone for cheap as he hadn't expected anyone to desire to spend the night. He also knew she could see every inch of his body if she so desired, but it was nothing she hadn't seen before.

Watching her strip was erotic in itself but as she slid into the shower with him he gave her a hard, calculating look as she wrapped her thin arms around him, before pulling her flush up against him, allowing her to feel his desire for her.

"You know we can't go far. I work for the FBI, if they found out my head would be on a platter, and I work the best profiling unit in the world." His statement was in contrast to the fact he wanted nothing more than to bend her over the tub and take her as hard and as long as he could.

"I doubt they'd care as long as we're happy but I understand." She turned her hair so the water hit it before she pulled the wash cloth from Spencer's hands and began the slow and tedious task of cleaning every inch of his bare skin. Kissing each muscle group after she allowed it to rinse under the spray of the water, he watched her as she started to skin to her knees her auburn hair fanned now her back.

"Aubrey…" was as far as he was able to get before she engulfed him in his mouth for a mere few seconds before she pulled back.

"Please, Spencer. I need this, I need to know what it's like to enjoy this." The pain in her voice made his heart break, he had known, she had shown some of the classic signs but she had never confirmed anything until she uttered those words and his resolve at stopping her waivered as she engulfed him again in her mouth and began to work him, enjoying the fact she felt his knees waiver as he reached to steady himself against the shower stall wall as she continued with her task at hand.

Needless to say they were only at Quantico a mere five minutes before work was meant to begin instead of his usual thirty, earning him some looks from Morgan and Emily especially when Spencer cleared off a portion of his desk and pulled up a chair for Aubrey who dug out her work for her thesis and began going through her sources and cites that she needed.

It was a few hours into their work before Morgan spoke up.

"Aubrey…um I'm sorry for the other night I totally…"

"It's fine." Her tone told him she had already forgotten the incident and would prefer if he would to. "Now, what'll it take to find some decent grub around here?"

As if on cue, Reid and Prentiss's stomachs let out identical groans, begging for nourishment.

"You mean besides the sludge you and Reid call coffee? I swear I've never seen anyone drink as much of that stuff as Reid until I met you girl." Derek said, watching as Aubrey reached for her cup, and upon finding it empty, taking Spencer's cub and taking a sip before he even realized she had hijacked his cup.

"Blah..too much sugar Spence." Was her assessment as she stuck her tongue out at him causing him to laugh before he signed off on the file he had been reading.

"I could do with some food. Derek go tell Hotch, Garcia and Rossi and we'll take a vote." Spencer said before taking his coffee cup back from Aubrey, upturning it and draining the rest of the coffee, earning him a pout from Aubrey. "There's more, but after lunch." Emily, who noticed the exchange, smirked to herself but didn't say anything, just cataloging it for further use as Hotch and Rossi descended the stairs, shortly followed by JJ and Garcia, both carrying their purses as they all started, en masse, heading towards the exits of the office building.

Mexican won by consensus and soon they were all sitting around a round table, something that amused Aubrey to no end which Reid noticed.

"Go ahead Gillman, I can see your wheels turning, say it." Reid said, pointing a straw in her direction, which only caused him to lose the straw as she decided to bite it before dropping it into her Diet Dr. Pepper.

"Who me? Oh nothing, Sir Knight." Her assessment of Reid reminded them all momentarily of the Fisher King case, which caused Aubrey to earn a few raised eyebrows. "What? I'm a Lit major, Spencer knows that."

As their waitress came back to take their order Spencer's phone rang, which he answered without looking at the caller id.

"Reid." The disinterest with which he answered his call evaporated when he recognized the frantic woman on the other end, he started to speak, his eyes flashing to Aubrey before she cut him off.

"Oh really? Yes ma'am." His eyes flicked to Aubrey as he spoke, hardening as he listened to what she assumed was her mother. "Yes, No ma'am she's fine she's sitting right across from me. We're out eating lunch with my teammates."

His conversation with Aubrey's mom stopped all other conversation at the table as they glanced between a worried looking Aubrey and Spencer who's face had an anger glare to it when he suddenly stood up from the table.

"Yes ma'am, Aubrey and I are just about to step outside, I'll call you when I get off work." As soon as his phone clicked closed he had her by the elbow, forcing her to rise.

"Aubrey Marie Gillman. Outside."

Fear briefly flashed across her eyes, she had truly upset him she realized, he never used her middle name, let alone her full name. She allowed herself to be led out by her elbow, leaving a very confused table of profilers inside the restaurant who where intently staring at Spencer and Aubrey as they seemed to have a one-sided conversation briefly before coming back inside, collected as every as if nothing had happened.

"Is everything alright?" Hotch asked, noticing the tension between the two people who where thick as thieves not ten minutes ago.

"Peachy." Aubrey's sarcasm wasn't lost on anyone but the exasperated sigh from Reid wasn't either.

"We'll talk when I get off work Aubrey. Nothing's decided yet." Spencer's tone was final and Aubrey nodded her head in agreement as their food arrived and Aubrey reached for Spencer's coffee before taking a deep sip and making a face.

"For someone who doesn't like how I make my coffee you sure do steal my cup a lot." The laughter in his voice wasn't hard to miss as he stole her drink, taking a sip of it as well.

"Never said I didn't like it, love, just said it has a lot of sugar." They traded drinks back before Emily decided to say something about the drink swapping thing.

"What's with the drink thing? You guys have done that with every drink so far."

They all saw Aubrey eyeing Spencer, allowing him to take the lead in such a direct question to which she just shrugged her shoulders.

"Never realized we did it that often, guess it's just a habit." Aubrey said, dropping her participation in the conversation, deferring to Spencer who cocked his head towards his team before asking in Aubrey's direction, "Do you mind? They wouldn't tell."

She glanced quickly at the assembled members of his team.

"You know them best and it's your head on the line not mine, I'm the minor."

Wheels began to turn in all their heads before Spencer even had a chance to speak.

"It started back the first semester I sponsored her, just because I helped her study a lot. During her second semester it became our way of an indirect and discreet kiss."

Hearing Spencer say this, and the fact he didn't stutter or slip on his words told them how much she meant to him.

JJ was the first to speak.

"So you two are involved?" it wasn't meant to come out as a question but it did, followed by a squeal of delight from Garcia and an exclamation of "that's why you never let me set you up!" from her.

Spencer ran a hand through his hair, reaching for Aubrey's hand before speaking.

"Involved in the sense you're thinking? No. Dating? Yes, but legally we're waiting on her eighteenth birthday."

Watching him squeeze her hand as she felt the team's scrutiny on him helped ease her as slowly they all started to smile.

"She's good for you Reid." Hotch said, surprising everyone with his less than stoic attitude but he was slowly starting to heal after Hayley's death.

" I know she is. That's why I don't intend to let her get away." The pride in his eyes told them he was serious.

Authoress Note: I know I still have two more chapters to go; one is halfway written and the other I have no idea for but I figured some feedback would help. I'm going to try to finish this up quickly as my ideas have been known to dry up fast...I have three stories i haven't updated in 6 months shame shame!