Me: Hello people! I got this idea from playing Pokemon Fire Red and reading a story about Fire Red. So, I'll do my best.

Random Reader: Here is the Lucky Shipping story you wanted.

Note: Blue: boy
Green: girl

Starting the Journey

An alarm clock buzzed getting a groan from a ten year old boy. He sat up, yawned and scowled at the machine and slammed his fist on it, smashing it completely. He shook his head and got up, getting ready to get dressed. He went to his bathroom and in a few minutes he got out, fully dressed. He wore a red cap over his shaggy brown hair which was spiked in the back. He wore a red vest with black short sleeves over a black short sleeve shirt. He wore sky blue jeans and red and black male running shoes. He was Red Ketchum of Pallet Town.

He walked downstairs to see his mom sitting at the family/coffee table drinking some coffee.

Red's mom turned to him, "Oh, hi honey, are you ready to start your journey?" His mom asked. Red just nodded. A little known fact about Red: He didn't really talk that much, only when it was really important.

"I saw on T.V. that all boys leave home someday. Here, they belonged to your father. I want you to have them." Red's mom handed him black fingerless gloves. Red took them and slipped them on, a perfect fit. Red smiled and nodded, getting his yellow backpack and left. He walked out of his house to the fresh cool breeze of Pallet Town.

Red looked around the small town to see his rival's house to his left, and Professor Oak's lab south of his rival's house. He walked north to the exit when he stepped in grass, entering Route 1. He was about to go forward when he heard someone's voice stop him.

"Wait don't go in, wild pokemon live there!" Red turned to the voice to see a man in what looked like in his 50's, wearing a white lab coat with a brown undershirt, brown pants and black shoes. His grey hair was spiked forward.

"You need a pokemon for your protection, come with me." Oak said and started walking to his lab, Red following. When they entered Red looked around and saw different machines and assistants working on them. They walked forward and Red saw his childhood rival Blue Oak. He had his auburn his spiked forward but much more wild. He wore a black short sleeve T-shirt, purple pants and wore a necklace and a purple and yellow yin-yang yo on it.

Blue turned and smirked at Red, "Well if it isn't the loser." Blue teased. Red just rolled his eyes and stood next to Blue listening to what Professor had to say.

"Gramps I'm fed up with waiting!" Blue shouted getting everyone's attention in the lab.

Oak raised an eyebrow, "Blue? Let me think... Oh, that's right, I told you to come! Just wait! Here Red. On that table over there are three poke balls. Inside these poke balls are three pokemon. When I was young I was a serious pokemon trainer. But in my old age now I only have these three pokemon left. Go on, go ahead and choose one!" Blue's grandpa said and pointed to the three poke balls at the table.

"Hey no fair gramps what about me!" Blue shouted in protest! Red just rolled his eyes at his rival's immature behavior and Oak sighed.

"Hold on Blue you'll get one in a second." Oak tried to calm down his anxious grandson. Red nodded and walked to the three and was about to let the three out to see them when Professor Oak grabbed the right one from Red confusing the two rivals.

Oak chuckled nervously, "Sorry, but this one was reserved by a trainer before you two got here, so sorry." Blue stomped his foot in anger while Red just shrugged and let the two pokemon out. The left one was a red and orange lizard with a tail and a flame on its tip. The middle one was green and it walked on four legs with a bulb on its back.

"These two are Charmander and Bulbasaur. Charmander is a fire type while Bulbasaur is a grass type. Go ahead and choose Red." Oak clarified. Red picked up Charmander's ball when Blue shoved Red into the wall and pulled Charmander into the ball. Blue now owns Charmander while Red is experiencing back pain!

Red groaned and got up, "Stupid Oak." Red mumbled and got up, rubbing his sore back. Red grabbed Bulbasaur's ball and sucked him in. Red now owns Bulbasaur!

Red was about to leave when he and Blue heard the door. They turned to see a girl their age with long chestnut hair with sparkling emerald green eyes. She wore a white hat with a red poke ball symbol on it. She wore a blue tank top with a black lining at the neck hole and at the bottom of her shirt also wearing a frilly red skirt. Red noticed that she wore the pink and white female running shoes.

"Professor Oak I'm" She trailed off her face heating up the stares she was getting from Red and Blue. To Red, she was interesting and to Blue she just looked flat out hot.

Oak cleared his throat getting everyone's attention, "Red, Blue, this is Green. She was the one who reserved the other pokemon. Speaking of which, here Green." Oak tossed Green the other starter Squirtle to Green.

"Nice to meet you Green." Blue said acting unusually sweet for a change. Red furrowed his eyebrow's together seeing right through Blue's trick.

Bastard, he's trying to get on Green's good side, so like him. Red was so caught up in his thoughts he didn't see Green trying to get his attention.

"Red, Red you in there?" Green waved a hand in front of his face. Blue just put a hand on her shoulder getting her attention.

"I've known this idiot for a long time and he doesn't like to talk much. Red, how about a pokemon battle?" Blue asked snapping Red out of his thoughts. Red gave a twisted grin and got out his poke ball and brought out Bulbasaur. Blue chuckled and brought out his Charmander.

Blue started, "Charmander Scratch!" Charmander ran towards Bulbasaur who just stood there, which made Green confused.

Why isn't Red telling Bulbasaur to dodge?" Green thought to herself confused. At the last second Bulbasaur dodged and dashed in for a Tackle, shocking Green, Oak and Blue.

How did Bulbasaur do that without a command? That was on everyone's mind. The spamming between Tackle and Scratch went on until Bulbasaur landed a critical hit, K.O'ing his weakness.

Blue returned Charmander, "Damn I picked the wrong pokemon! Oh well, I'll train and beat you someday loser." Blue was about to walk out the door when he turned back to Red, "Oh, and I'll remind my sister not to give you a Town Map. Haha, smell ya later gramps, Red. See you later Green." Blue winked at Green and left, leaving a flustered Green and a mad Red.

Red sighed and was about to leave when Green called him back, "Wait, can I come with, I need to stop at the Poke Mart in Viridian." Red nodded and gestured Green to follow him. She complied and followed him. Outside Red stopped short and looked towards Blue's house.

"Uh Red, why are we stopping?" Green asked confused. Red walked to his rival's house and went inside. After a few minutes he came back out with two objects in his hands. Red walked a couple of feet before tossing one of the objects to Green who caught it. She opened it to show a map of Kanto!

Green's eyes sparkled, "Is this a Town Map?" Green asked shocked. She looked up to see Red hovering over her with a grin on his face. She felt the blood rush to her face and jumped back a little causing Red to laugh a little. Red stopped and nodded confirming that she had a Town Map. She placed it in her backpack and she and Red continued walking through Route 1 and into Viridian City.

At the entrance Green turned to Red, "Now stay here for a minute I have to head to the Poke Mart to pick up a package." Red nodded and she ran to the Poke Mart leaving Red at the entrance. Red started thinking and shrugged, why not train. He walked through the grasses of Route 1 when he spotted a blue blur and brought out Bulbasaur and he and his starter started running when they just barely dodged a Rapid Spin. The creature revealed himself as a Squirtle, one of the starters of Kanto!

Red smirked, "You're mine! Bulbasaur Tackle!" Red screamed. Bulbasaur started running at full speed towards the Squirtle but it dodged easily with Rapid Spin and charged and hit Bulbasaur with a full power Tackle sending the poison-grass type skidding next to Red.

Red growled, "Bulbasaur grab it with your vines and slam it to the ground and hit it with a full power Tackle!" Before Squirtle had a chance to move its arms were wrapped in Bulbasaur's vines and lifted up, then slammed into the ground. Bulbasaur retracted his vines and ran at full speed and slammed its head at Squirtle sending it flying through the sky.

Red smirked, Thank god I was able to get one of Oak's Poke Ball's before leaving. "Go Poke Ball!" Red screamed and threw the red and white metal ball at the Squirtle. The ball hit and opened up bringing out a red beam covering Squirtle sucking it into the ball. The ball shook about 7 times before it gave off a ding signifying that he captured Squirtle. Red walked over with a hurt Bulbasaur behind him and picked up the ball and smirked.

He heard Green's voice, "Ok I got it!" Red looked over and saw Green holding a medium sized package. Red blinked and sweatdropped.

Green grunted, "Can I get some help here?" Green pleaded to Red. Red shrugged and lifted the box from Green's arms and held it as if it were a small rock.

Green blinked, "Wow, how can you lift that?" Green scratched her head. Red gave a smirk and shrugged the best he could and started walking towards Pallet Town with Green following. It wasn't long before they reached Pallet Town and Professor Oak's lab.

Green opened the door, "I'm back!" Green said loud enough for Oak to hear. Blue and Oak turned to see Green and Red, but to them it was someone who was carrying a box.

"It's nice to see you're back Green but where's Red?" Oak asked as Green and the person with the box come to them. They suddenly heard a thump and a muffled noise and turned to see Blue trapped under the box and Red sitting on the box with a happy grin and a peace sign. Green and Oak sweatdropped at the scene as did everyone in the lab.

Professor Oak chuckled, "Well, at least we know he's here." Soon Blue threw the box off of him and Red and the box were sent to the floor. Blue turned to Red and lifted him by the collar.

"I outta put you in the hospital for doing that!" Blue shook Red furiously giving the young man a headache and a status ailment: confusion. Blue let Red go and he fell to the floor. After a few minutes the three were standing again but Red was still trying to get over his dizziness.

"Well gramps why did you call us back?" Blue asked and gave a side glare to Red who just smirked.

Oak coughed, "Ah yes, I have a task for you." The three trainer's eyebrow's raised. "I want you three to fill device called a pokedex. When you show this little camera to the pokemon in-front of you, it can give you details on the pokemon. I want you to fill this device up with all the pokemon here or I can't complete my research. Can you do it for me?" Professor Oak asked and brought out one of the pokedex's to show them.

For the first time to any of them, "Sure, we won't mind." Red said getting everyone's attention.

Red noticed the looks, "What, just because I don't talk much doesn't mean I don't talk at all." Red gave a beaming smile showing his pearly white teeth causing Green to blush and hide herself under her cap, only Professor Oak noticing.

"Wow, it's a miracle: THE LOSER RED FINALLY SPEAKS!" Blue screamed to the heavens getting a fist to the head by an annoyed Red.

"Yes, do we can gamprs. I'll beat the los-" Blue fell unconscious from Red's punch earning a victory laugh from Red and a giggle from Green. Red smiled, a cute giggle.

"Ok than you two can leave and I'll give one to Blue once he wakes up, I hope." Oak said and tapped Blue with his foot. Red and Green grabbed their pokedex's and left the lab.

Red turned to Green, "Well, see you later Green. Who now's we may see each other sooner or later." Red said and shrugged, looking at the sky.

Green nodded, "You're right Red, well I'll be leaving, later Red!" Green ran out of Pallet to start her journey as soon as possible. Red looked after her than a noise interrupted his thoughts.

"RED I'LL KILL YOU!" Red turned around than started running away from Blue who had a bump on his head. Red was laughing all the way out of Pallet to the journey ahead of him.

Me: There is chapter one of Pokemon Fire Red: My Way.

Note: If you still don't get it, it's about what would happen if Red, Blue and Green started their journey at the same time. I got an idea from another story to start this story, so I'm sorry if this gets you mad, well, if I got the idea from you anyway.