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Journey through Mt. Moon

Red's POV...
I sighed as I saw Blue's Pidgey go down. Doesn't he know that he'll lose against me?

"I can and will beat you Red. Go Charmander!" Blue yelled summoning his fire lizard. I smirked.

"Why are you smirking? You're Pikachu's hurt and I've got the type advantage against your loser Bulbasaur, so why don't you just accept defeat?" Blue snorted. I pulled out a poke ball and threw it out, revealing Squirtle.

Blue's jaw dropped, "How did you get a Squirtle? Did you steal Green's?" Blue asked accusingly. I sighed and shook my head, always jumping to conclusions, just like Green...Green. I was so dug into my thoughts I didn't hear Blue.

"Hey loser, we gonna battle?" I snapped out of my thoughts and told Squirtle to use Rapid spin. It complied and dug back into its shell and dashed to the lizard at amazing speed.

"Charmander Metal Claw!" Blue desperately called out. Charmander's claws shone white and was about to attack when I ordered Squirtle to use Water Gun. Squirtle, still spinning, fired a high pressured Water Gun repeatedly hitting Charmander. The fire lizard couldn't take it and blacked out.

Blue blinked, "Ugh, not again! I will beat you Red!" He returned his Charmander and ran away. I sighed, he'll never learn will he? I went to the pokemon center and got my pokemon healed. I then went to the market and bought some potions. I exited Pewter City through the east entrance/exit. Before even taking two steps I was challenged by a trainer. I went through some maze-like thing, battling all the trainers in it. I soon found a pokemon center near Mt. Moon and decided to heal my pokemon.

I released my pokemon and we started to go through Mt. Moon. We encountered a lot of wild Zubat, Geodude and a couple a trainers. It wasn't long that after I climbed down some stairs, I heard voices.

"Why are we down here anyway Jessie?" A guy with blue hair groaned, sitting down on a rock next to a cat. The red headed girl standing in-front of him glared at the blue headed guy. They were wearing white shirts and pants with a big red R in the middle of their shirts.

"How should I know James, do you know anything Meowth?" The red headed girl named Jessie asked the small cat named Meowth.

Meowth stood up, "From what I heard the boss wants us to make sure no one gets to Cerulean City. Does that answer your question Jess?" Meowth asked. I furrowed my eyebrows, those three are up to something. Maybe I can find out somehow. I jumped from the stairs I was hanging on. I tip-toed over behind a big boulder that was conveniently placed about 6ft away from them, trying to listen to them.

"Does this info answer your question James?" Jessie asked irritated with her partner.

James nodded and yawned, "Sort of, I mean why were we the ones chosen for this assignment?"

Meowth shrugged, "I don't know Jimmie, maybe he trusts us more then we think?" I was confused; boss, blocking, talking Meowth! I was trying to get a better view when I heard something behind me. I turned around to see a purple gas ball floating above me.


Normal POV...
Jessie, James and Meowth turned to see Red lying on the wall unconscious and Koffing K.O.'d.

James put the pieces together, "Koffing must've seen this kid and used Selfdestruct to stop him from continuing. Amazing, Koffing return." James cheered and returned his gravity defying pokemon.

"Well, what should we do with him Jess?" James asked her.

"I have an idea, grab the kid and follow me." Meowth said. Jessie and James nodded and grabbed Red and followed Meowth to wherever they we going.

Three hours later, Red's POV...
I woke up groaning. I tried to move my hands but they were restricted. I snapped my eyes open but shut them immediately from the bright lights. I fluttered them open, getting used to the light when I saw my hands chained to the wall. Luckily my legs were free. Before I had the chance to move I heard laughter.

"Well well well, if it isn't the little punk that tried to sneak passed us." James said as he showed himself. I growled, barring my teeth, showing that I wanted to be let go.

"What were you doing here in Mt. Moon?" Jessie asked as she to, brought herself out of the shadows. I rolled my eyes in annoyance, will they just get to the point.

Meowth walked up to me, "Who are you?" I closed my eyes and kicked the cat pokemon with one of my free legs sending him rolling backwards with a big bump on his head.

"Hey, who do you think you are?" James asked mad at what I did. I just rolled my eyes and gave a cocky smirk.

"Not much of a talker are you punk. Well, we'll see about that. Ekans Wrap!" Jessie said and brought out her snake pokemon. The snake hissed and wrapped itself tightly around my ribs, crushing them. I choked, losing air. I struggled from the snake, but it was futile. I started breathing hard as I heard them cackle in victory, I smirked to myself.

"Are you ready to tell us who you are kid?" Meowth asked still peeved at me kicking his head. I shook my head no and tossed a poke ball straight at Meowth's head. The ball bounced off his head and Jessie caught it.

"What, did you think you could catch him? He belongs to out boss." Jessie snorted and pocketed the poke ball. I smirked from under my cap as they left.

At Jessie, James and Meowth's campsite, Normal POV...
Jessie, James and Meowth were eating when James remembered something.

"Hey, Jess, are you going to see what pokemon is inside that kids poke ball?" James asked finishing the rest of his sandwich.

"Jessie nodded, "Ya, let's see what pokemon we stole." Jessie said and brought out the poke ball. She released the pokemon and materialized into a yellow mouse. Pikachu rubbed its eyes looking around for its master. It saw Jessie, James and Meowth looking down at him confused.

"A Pikachu, we stole a Pikachu from this kid!" James yelled in agony but immediately regretted it. Pikachu's ears perked up and gave a scowl, releasing a Thundershock burning the three kidnappers. Pikachu Quick Attacked away from them and used its nose to find his trainers scent. It wasn't long before he picked up the trail but dodged a Poison Sting.

"Oh no you don't, Koffing help out with Tackle." James said and helped out Ekans with Koffing. Koffing launched itself at Pikachu but dodged and slammed into the floating gas ball with Quick Attack and used Agility heading to Ekans.

Jessie panicked, "Quick Ekans Glare." But Ekans wasn't fast enough. Pikachu got to close and used Thundershock at point-blank, causing an explosion and sending Ekans back at his master, K.O'ing both. Pikachu took his chance and got Red's scent again, using Agility and Quick Attack to get closer to his master. Soon Pikachu saw Red and his arms chained to the wall.

"Pika! (Red!)" Pikachu screamed causing Red to look up.

Red smirk, "Nice job, now Iron Tail, get the chains off of me!" Pikachu nodded and used Iron Tail on both chains setting his master free. They were about to leave when Jessie, James and Meowth blocked their path.

"Not so fast twerp." James said and brought Koffing back out for a third time.

Red shook his head, "I have no time for these losers, Pikachu Flash." Red mumbled to Pikachu and covered his eyes. Pikachu released a bright light blinding everyone except Red and Pikachu. They took their chance and made a run for it, gliding down the stairs Jessie, James and Meowth took to get up here. Soon their vision cleared and they looked around to see Red and Pikachu gone.

"Damnit! Inform the other rockets James!" Jessie ordered to her partner/crush.

James nodded, "Yes mam! All other rockets, attention: we got a kid in a red jacket and a Pikachu running loose. If you see them, capture them alive. Make sure he does not escape!" James ordered into the radio. It was followed by a static yes sir from the other lines.

With Red, Red's POV...
I was running with Pikachu in-front of me, its ears perked in case of danger. It wasn't long before I saw three guys all wearing the same thing, black shirts, black shoes, black hats and brown boots with a red R in the middle. I groaned; will they ever give me a break? I brought out Squirtle and Ivysaur who started running with me and Pikachu.

"Pikachu Thundershock! Ivysaur Razor Leaf! Squirtle Bubble!" They all complied and attacked the three black clothed men unconscious. I smirked and gave my pokemon their orders. Pikachu took front and Ivysaur and Squirtle guarded the rear just in case we were being followed by others. We ran, K.O'ing all other people who were trying to take us down. It wasn't long before we found another flight of stairs leading to a dead end.

"Well, looks like your escape has drawn to an end." We turned around to see Jessie, James, Meowth and two other black clothed men. They brought put Ekans, Koffing and Zubat.

I put my head down, "Looks like we've got no choice... Pika (Pikachu) block them with Thundershock, Saur (Ivysaur) and Blast (Squirtle), make an exit." I said loud enough for them to hear. Pika dodged Poison Stings, Tackle's and Wing Attack's and countered with Quick Attack's and Iron Tail's. Meanwhile Saur and Blast were blasting the wall behind me with Razor Leaf and Bubble.

I bit my lip, if Saur and Blast didn't create an exit soon enough I was gonna have to fight off these freaks myself. If luck was on my side Blast learned Water Gun and blasted through the wall. Pika used Flash, blinding everyone which gave me a chance. I returned Blast and Saur, grabbed Pika and ran to the new entrance only to see it was a 20ft drop. My jaw dropped: what floor were we on, because I thought we were going down.

I just shook my head, Let's hope we survive. I thought and jumped from the exit, skydiving to the ground.

Normal POV...
Jessie and James looked out the exit to Red's figure falling to the ground.

The rockets were about to follow me when Jessie stopped them, "Let him go, the others will finish him." The rockets nodded and left with Jessie, James and Meowth.

With the skydiving Red...
Red felt the wind blow against his face as he flew straight to the ground holding his newly named Pikachu Pika against his chest. As soon as he got close to the ground he did a mid-air backflip and slammed to the ground feet first. He felt his knees buckle and fell to the ground from the pain in his legs. Red smiled and breathed heavily, glad to be safe.

He let Pika go and stood up, his legs hurting, "Note to self: Never do that again." He mumbled to himself and groaned from the pain, forcing him to sit down.

Red sighed, Might as well set up. Red thought and got out a sleeping bag and a tent.

Next morning: 10:00 a.m. Red's POV...
I got out and looked at the sun glaring down on him. My legs still felt sore but they were better than yesterday. I gathered my stuff and left to Cerulean City. On the way I battled a few trainers and heard someone talk about Cerulean Cove. And heard a rumor that a powerful pokemon lived there, I thought that I would come back later to see if the rumor would be true.

It wasn't long before I reached Cerulean City: Land of the Water Pokemon. I went to the Pokemon Center and decided to rest before battling the gym leader.

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