~Lovino and the Beast~

Chapter 1: Tomato

I was on my way back home...finally.

I was exhausted, from all the work, harvesting in under the hot sun. I was carrying a basket of tomatoes and I was making my way home.

I mean, come on, dammit. I'm only fucking eleven years old. It was so hard for me to work and provide food for my brother and I. We once lived in Italy, but after our Grandfather died, we moved to Spain in hoping to find a better home or jobs. It was a pain in the ass to care for him, but my brother, Feliciano, was still a good kid.

Slowly getting lost in thought, I tripped and fell, dropping all of the tomatoes out of the basket. " Shit!" I tried to get up, but my knee was scrapped badly.

" Fratello!" I looked up to see my little brothers worried face running towards me. He was going to try and help me up, before I held out my hand to him to stop him.

" N-no, dammit! Get the tomatoes before they spoil..." I handed him the basket and he nodded his head to me. He started to collect them all, then helped me up. We headed back to our cottage and Feliciano patched my knee up.

" Ow, shit! Feli, that hurts, dammit!"He squeaked but continued to heal me. " Fratello, if I don't help it now, it will get infected..." I nodded my head and sat back down on my chair. " So, are you making pasta today? I didn't get those tomatoes for nothing you know." His grim face turned into a smile and he nodded his head. " Si, fratello, grazie~! I'll make sure it's perfect~!"

"Good." I relaxed in my chair, feeling the pain and burning on my knee settle down a bit. Feliciano happily scampered out of my room to go and make dinner.

I soon fell asleep, feeling all comfortable and tired.


I woke up to the smell of pasta and tomato lingering in the air. I smiled at the delicious scent and tried to hoist myself up. By now, my knee was already healed. I ran down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. Feli turned around to look at me with a smile plastered on his face.

" Ve, fratello~! Dinner is ready! Could you set the table?" I rolled my eyes but set the small table in an orderly fashion. I was just so desperate to stuff that food in my mouth right now. After we served ourselves, we sat our asses down on the weak chairs that we had. I demolished my plate of pasta and soon went for seconds. It was almost a quiet dinner, other than the fact that my brother was humming this weird song to himself. He probably learned it from that German friend he's been hanging around with.

Dammit, my brother is only eight! W-why does everyone love him... He has all the fucking talents anyone could want! Even when our parents were alive, they gave him more love, more food, more things... I barely got anything! I'm the oldest dammit! The elder sibling is suppose to have more, right!

And here he is, falling in love with a potato bastard. Me? I'm never going to find anyone, it's official. I mean, who in their fucking minds would want me...

" Dammit..." he mumbled to myself, swallowing my pasta. My brother stopped humming and cocked his head to the side. " Hm, what's wrong, fratello?" I looked at him with envy. He even had the looks, with his light brown hair, and his damn glowing eyes. He barely opens them anyways, so that was good.

" I'm going out today. Just...t-to take a walk through the forest." I crossed my arms and blew a piece of hair out of my face.

Then he suddenly had a concerned look on his face. " Ve... fratello, be careful, okay? Luddy told me that it was scary at night, and if you go into a certain part of it, you'll run into this castle. It's ruled by a cruel, mean and greedy king! A-and if you get caugh-" I covered his mouth. " I'll be fine, dammit!" I couldn't stop his constant run-on sentences anymore! I love him, I admit, but damn he can be so obnoxious!

I brushed myself off, waved goodbye, and headed out towards the door.

Immediately the cool night breeze brushed against me, making a chill go down my spine. It was perfect weather and I closed my eyes, feeling somewhat refreshed by the air. I walked towards the forest and stared into it. It was huge... but I strolled along the tree roots, admiring the somewhat soothing scenery making me feel relaxed.

I looked back at the speck that was our cottage. Wow, I had walked pretty far... but I was fine! I could take care of myself, dammit.


I wasn't scared of how dark the sky got or anything, or the animals that were roaming free...

Or that noise in the bush.

" S-shit!" Being an ass, I started to run deeper into the forest and I was beginning to lose sight of the village. B-but...

That stupid noise was following me! W-what the fuck, man! I looked back to see nothing there, but I could barely make out anything anyways.

It was pretty much fucking pitch black. Before I could look forward, I tripped (again! fuck this forest, dammit!). This time, I landed on the side of my face. It didn't really hurt, (it hurt like hell), so I brushed my face, like the man I was. Not some stupid, wimpy eleven year old boy that has nothing to show for being better than his brother. I whimpered a bit, but refused to let any tears fall. The noise finally stopped and there was a pair of shoes in front of me. I looked up to see a figure of another boy, obviously he was older than me, with curly brown hair and sparkling emerald green eyes. I was surprised how his eyes were glowing so much in this fucking pitch black forest, dammit! It was actually pretty freaky though.

The boy had a concerned look on his face. " Are you alright?" He extended his hand out to me, so he could help me up. I scowled and stood up myself, brushing away the dirt from my cheap clothes. Then I squinted to get a really good look at him.


He was...

Beautifu- ... w-wait what the fuck!



He was dressed in very fancy clothes, making him look all prim and proper. It almost made him look royalty. Wait...

" Who the fuck are you?" I asked him, curious about who this bastard was. He pulled his hand back and smiled. " Oh, me? I am Prince Antonio Fernandez Carriedo~! Next heir to the throne! Haha!" He smiled widely, revealing his pearly white teeth. I widened my eyes.

" Y-you're a prince? Yeah, right dammit! That's bull shit!" I have never heard of anything about a prince! B-but...


Those stories that Feli told me. Were they true? Is this bastard really royalty? Well, that would explain his clothes...

He nodded his head. " I am though! Honest~" He took the tomato he was holding in his hand and bit into it with that stupid grin on his face. I pouted, feeling a little annoyed. " S-stupid..." I looked at the fruit in his hand. " ... tomato bastard!" Unfortunately, my explicit language had no effect on him.

" Ah, it's okay if you don't believe me. I'm not that popular anyways. Which, to me, is kind of funny, haha! What kind of prince isn't famous, no? But I must ask, what is your name?" He had an anxious look that made me want to question him. I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes. " Like I would tell you my name dammit!"

" Aw, come on~! I've told you mine, haven't I? Why can't you trust me?" He asked with puppy eyes. D-damn shit... it was fucking working!

I scoffed at him, because hell, he did have a point. " L-...Lovino Vargas..." He smiled. " Well, what a beautiful name! So tell me, what are you doing out here at dusk? It's quiet dangerous you know."

I blushed.

No one ever said that I was anything ... beautiful. I've rarely ever get compliments, seeing as most of them come from my brother. I shook my head and tried to get a grip on myself. " W-well, I was just going for a damn walk! I could do whatever the hell I want! And I could very well take care of myself, your highness~" I said with an exasperated tone.

That caused him to blush. " Um, wow, I haven't met an outsider who called me that at all..." Stupid dense bastard. " Lovi~! Oh, thank you so much! You're the first person to treat me with respect!" His eyes were gleaming dammit. Fucking gleaming.

I looked away from him, with my nose stuck up in the air. " Y-yeah, well basta-..." Then I realized what he called me. " W-wha! What the fuck is a Lovi?"

He chuckled. " Why you're a Lovi, Lovi~! Fusososo~!" My eye twitched. " F-fucking bastard you're insane..." I turned around and started to head back to the village. He grabbed my arm. " L-lovi... be careful, okay? These woods hold dangerous animals, and you're pretty deep in here so-"

" Shut up, bastard! Don't call me that! I'm fine on my own!" I yanked my arm away from his and started to walk forward but stopped. Dangerous animals? In the dark...by myself? A-and... I was pretty lost...

" Well, aren't you going?" You can almost hear the fucking smirk on his face, dammit. I growled and turned around. " T-take me home, tomato bastard..."

He grinned as he picked me up, bridal style. " B-b-bastard put me down!" He shook his head no. " It's the least I could do~! Now where did you say you lived?" I rolled my eyes. " I live in the village...last house next to the market." He nodded his head and started walking towards the village.

" You know Lovi, you're pretty interesting~ Probably the only friend I have, other than the servants back at he castle." He looked down at my face. His features made him look like a beauty.


Honestly, what the fuck am I saying?

I blushed, because I wasn't fucking used to being flattered, dammit! " Y-yeah whatever..." A silence passed between us both until he asked me another question. " Hey Lovi, how old are you?" I sighed. I'd practically given away all the information about my life, so what not? " Eleven."

He nodded his head. " That's wonderful~ I'm Fifteen." Damn, this guy sure is freaking strong for a fifteen year old... I need to shut up now. " So, do you think we will ever see each other again~?" I looked up at him, then looked away, " I-i don't freaking know, dammit..." He chuckled. " Ah, I hope I do see you again..." I blushed and then shrugged my shoulders. " W-well hell, you never know, tomato bastard..."

With that, we fell into another awkward silence. Although, the warmth eminating from the Spaniard's chest was one that I have never felt. Except from Feli, of course, but nobody else wold ever give me hugs. Not that I was asking for it, dammit! I stared at his face for a while, before I fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

Antonio took me in his arms, walking into the front of my cottage. He crept into the house, passing by Feliciano's room, seeing that the boy was asleep. " Aw, he has a brother~" He said, noticing the same curls they both have. He walked into a room, which he assumed was mine. Yeah, he was right.

He place me under the covers, and then took a good long look at me. He smiled and leaned down to kiss my forehead. " Aye, my beautiful Lovi~ We will meet again soon, I am sure of it. Rest well, mi amor~" He took the necklace he had around his neck, kissed it and place it around mine. A cross necklace made of pure white gold, probably worth a lot. He took one last good look at me sleeping, and while leaving the room, he hummed a lullaby.



Then, it was morning, and I woke up.

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