~Lovino and the Beast~

Chapter 4: The Ripe Tomato

You would be absolutely correct if you thought that the West Wing was fucking creepy.

With the stupid, damn gargoyle statues staring at me and shit...

Not to mention that it was pretty much pitch black here! I couldn't see shit! There was no lighting at all, and I was beginning to believe that the place was pretty much abandoned.

Walking down the hallways that were so, utterly fucking long, I had to keep my cool, and convince myself not to turn back and run away like the Italian that I am.

I looked at myself through a broken mirror. Well damn, someone had been pissed off. I turned away from the mirror to see two humongous doors at the end of the hallway. Slowly walking up to them, I looked behind me to make sure no one had followed me.

Coast was clear.

Placing my hands along the handles of the doors, I let them roam across the odd design of a tomato on it. I-it was pretty cool I guess. The handles felt uncomfortably warm though...

I hesitated as I began to pull the door open. Oh fuck it. I wasn't scared! Opening the door very slowly, I poked my head inside to see a room in tatters.

Furniture was thrown here and there, destroyed, the curtains were ripped apart, and of course, the room was as dark as a fucking haunted house. Which I was pretty much living in now.

I walked around the room, gawking at this disaster area. What the fuck seriously happened here! It looked like someone had to go take a unexpected deep shit, but couldn't find the bathroom, and threw a temper tantrum on the poor room. Then, the room was hit by a tornado and a stampede of monkeys.


What? Isn't it obvious that I was over exaggerating? I can be imaginary and stupid whenever I feel like it, dammit!


I was finally taken out of my thoughts when I was an asshole, and tripped over a small table. " F-fuck!" Getting back up and brushing myself off, I stabled myself back onto my feet, hoping I didn't make too much noise for anyone to hear me in here. Damn, this was so suspenseful. I finally decided that the room I was in was some sort of bedroom, when I spotted the demolished bed. I could tell that this room used to be beautiful, but seriously, how had this happened? I turned around again to see a ripped portrait of a person. Walking up to it, I could see the green emerald eyes that were miraculously untouched by any of the rips. I cocked an eyebrow and stared at it as it stood out from the whole entire picture. Those eyes...


Why did they look so familiar? I've seen them before... somewhere...

But before I had the chance to at least try and put the torn pieces of the portrait together, a faint glow began to shine against my back.

I gasped quietly as I turned around to see a glowing orb of red on the other side of the room, near the balcony. My eyes widened as I walked up to ...what seemed to be a glowing tomato?

What the fuck?

B-but wow... it was damn beautiful...

I kept walking around it, examining all of its different sides. It had so many leaves surrounding it...a-and it was so plump, so round, so...


And it looked so fucking delicious~

Finally the curiosity got the best of me, and I quietly lifted the glass that was covering the delicious looking fruit and placed it onto the floor.

I smiled a bit at it.

It certainly was the best tomato I have ever seen, even if it was glowing...

So, I was fucking mesmerized ... it's not my fault, dammit...

I mean, come on, it's a magical fucking tomato!

The tomato seemed to call out to me... and boy, was that weird.

As I reached out a hand to touch it, I took my time, not really knowing what would happen if I touched it.

Right before I lay a finger on it, a flash of shadow stopped in front of me, on the other side of the table on which the tomato floated on. I let out a gasp of surprise, my eyes went wide.

It was Antonio.

And shit, he didn't look happy...

With speed faster than mine, he grabbed the glass that was on the floor, and covered the tomato again, staring at it like it was some sort of lifeline.

He then slowly turned his beastly head to look at me and I got to see the look on his face. He did seem upset, but also...

W-was he... sad?

" Why did you come here..." He said in a calm tone, but I didn't think a tone like this would come from a beast who was seemed so happy-go-lucky...

Now, I officially feared him, because damn, you wouldn't want to mess with someone like this...

" I-i-i ...I-i'm s-sorry..." Fuck! I hated it when I stuttered! B-but, I couldn't find any confidence to stand up to him like that.

" Didn't I tell you, that the West Wing is forbidden?"

G-god... I pretty much just jizzed my pants...

" W-well, it's not like I f-fucking meant any harm..." Me and my stupid mouth...

He stayed silent for a while, before finally speaking.

" Get out..."

I blinked. " W-what the f-.."

" Get out." Yes, it was the most calmest, most demanding voice I had ever heard in my life.

So, your damn right I moved my ass on out of there. I tried to call him a bastard while leaving, but then I decided that I wanted to live.

I ran out of there. I ran out of the West Wing, and tried my best to find my room in this fucking huge castle. Luckily, I remembered where it was, and bursting into my room, I sprawled myself onto my bed and cried into the pillow.

" S-stupid bastard...*hic*... fucking creepy bastard... I *hic* swear, I fucking *hic* hate him..." I didn't even bother caring about Feliks, who gave me a questioning look. He tried asking me what was wrong and stuff, because crying was totally not being fabu.

I tuned out the bastard.

When I cried, I wanted comfort, but from someone I know, someone I love. Like when Feli gives me his hugs, I like that. At least it's not some creep like Sadiq. Feli knows how to comfort me, even when I pretend to fight against it. It shows him that I only wanted more comforting. And shit, hug therapy does work, dammit. Never telling him that, though.

Letting my body sink into the bed, I let my tears capture me into the state of dreaming.


Oh, darn it all.

How could I have been so ruff with him?

I didn't mean to be...

And it was just a tomato correct? Even if it was our only chance of becoming human again...

It's been a week now since Lovi has been my prisoner, and ever since that first day, when I raised my voice on him, I haven't seen him since. Everyone tells me that he hasn't left the room at all, and Elizabeta has brought him his food, which he always ate in silence, the only words ever coming out of his mouth was a thank you. Feliks had tried getting him to talk, but he always just ignores him. Well, si, Feliks may be annoying at times, but all of my servants are positively special in there own way~

Right now, I was laying down on my tattered bed in a fetal position, my eyebrows were furrowed together in confusion. What if my Italian hated me now? I-i mean, he's not mine...yet...

Francis came hopping into the dark room, making it light up with his fire, and he saw that I most definitely needed some comfort.

" Francis... do you think I was too hard on him?"

" Ah, Monsieur Tonio, just a little bit, oui? I mean, it is a very important piece of fruit, but... you love him, non?"

I blushed and nodded my head. " Si, you know that... ever since I met him that day..."

" True love at first sight, oui? You always talked about him, non-stop~ Maybe you two should get to know each other better~"

" W-well si, ... but it's not like he remembers me... "

" Hm, are you sure, mon ami? I saw his face. He seemed a bit... how do you say, feeling nostalgic? He does remember you, Tonio, it's just deep in the back of his mind. "

I shifted a bit. " Hopefully..."

Maybe he did remember me. Oh, how happy I would be if he did!

" Oui~ Isn't he still wearing that necklace you gave him all those years ago?" My ears perked up.


Oh, si.

The necklace! H-how could I forgotten about that! He's still wearing it! How wonderful!

My tail started to wag back and forth as I gave Francis a smile. " Si~! He never sold it! A-and that makes me happy..." That necklace was worth a lot, considering it was white gold and all, and I'm surprised that he hadn't sold it off for money so he and his brother could have lived happier.

" And that is a good thing, mon ami! It means he cares about it, even if he doesn't exactly know why." He cares about it? T-then... he cares about me!


I mean, I most certainly love mi tomato, Lovi~...

But the hardest part of this curse is to make him love me back.

And that's going to be hard, si? Being a beast and all...

Looking out the window, I finally realized that it was actually night time. I haven't kept track in time for a while, and I only know Lovi's been here a week because Arthur had informed me. Arthur isn't all that bad as I thought he was. At first, we went off rough, but then, slowly he got used to me and the castle. He even got used to all the other residents here. Especially Alfred. It's probably the only reason why he's still here... other than the fact that he is a clock.

I got up, a little bit excited, because I've decided that it was finally time for Lovino to get out of his room~

" Alright then, Francis~ I'll go talk to him. Gracias, mi amigo~!" I scampered away from him, still managing to hear his response.

" Your welcome, Tonio~! Oh honhonhon, now, where is that grumpy little Englishman of a clock..."

I chuckled as I made my way through the halls of the castle, on all fours, and couldn't keep that smile off my face.

I was finally going to talk to Lovi again after a long week ... which seemed like a month! I even heard some of the residents'... you know what, there are all my friends, not just servants... different kinds of conversations.

" Haha~! See? Hero's know how to give hugs, Artie~!"

" It's Arthur, you git! A-and enough of that! I can keep havin-"


" But Mattie, what it is? Why do you have it there? It's awesomely fascinating..."

" I-i don't know, Gilbert... I've had it since I could remember.."

" What happens if I touch it~?"

" N-no don't! Y-you can't becaus-"


" ..."

" ..."

" Berwald, please, y-your making me feel... intimidated..."

" B't T'no, y'u're m' w'fe..."

" W-why do you always insist that I-i'm your wife?"

" B'ca'se, I L've Y'-"


" Roderich, dear, play something nice for me~"

" Elizabeta, you should know that I will play absolutely anything for you~"

( Insert Elizabeta's fangirl squeal here)


" Who?"

" Piyo, Piyo!"

" Gilbird? Well, I'm Kumajiro. I like fish."

" Piyo, Piyo! Piyoooo~"

" Oh, you knew that? Ho-"


" Yao-Yao, are you bored~?"

" N-no, aru. I'm just BOLTED TO THE WALL! I hope this curse wears off soon..."

" Da~ Don't worry, it will~ Then, I'll make you one with me, yes?"

" Y-you are thinking so immaturely, a-aru!"


Si, I absolutely love my home~!

Finally, I saw Lovi's room, and I stopped abruptly in front of it, but I still managed not to make too much noise.

But before I was able to knock on the door, I heard speaking inside the room. My ears twitched and stood straight up, trying to strain and hear the conversation.

It was Lovino speaking. He should be getting ready for bed now, though...


He wasn't speaking...

He was singing.

Singing the lullaby that I had sang to him long ago.

And that...

That just made me feel so happy inside. On top of the happiness I already felt.

My tail continued waging back and forth, although the speed of it swishing had picked up.

That's it! The song! I can't believe he remembered it! Oh, Dios mio, gracias~! He was humming the tune~!

" Oh, wow, Lovino! That's, like, so totally cute~! Where did you learn that tune!" The humming stopped with an abrupt huff.

" S-shut it, Feliks, dammit! I-i don't know! I've known it for the longest time! I-i...I honestly don't remember... but for some God damned reason, I sing it every night..."

Every night.


I just wanted to embrace him in my arms now... it took a lot not to just burst the door down...

" Aww~! Well, I wonder why I haven't noticed you singing it before.."

" Would you shut the fuck up! It's because... well, I usually mumble it to myself. Today, I just felt like singing louder, that's all...I-i'm going to bed now, you wardrobe of a bastard!"

" Like, cool! Then you should have an awesome sleep time Lovino~! I should totally go and get some beauty sleep, too!"

Then I heard the Italian grumbled something, but it was too low to hear.



I waited.

I sat in front of the door, like a stalker, (which I'm not!), listening to the sounds of nothingness from behind the doors. For what seemed like an eternity, I finally decided to enter the room.

The door slowly crept open as I pushed against it.

Peeking in, I looked towards my right to see that Feliks was most definitely asleep. I just didn't understand why he sleeping was upside down. But, it was funny, haha~!

Pushing the door open some more, I was finally able to see where Lovi slept.

Crawling up to his bed, I peeked up at him form the floor, and just...stared.

Stared at the beauty that was Lovino Vargas.

He looked like an angel, sleeping so peacefully, even if he had that cute little pout on his face. And look, he had a cute little blush too~!

I saw that his hand was right next to me, resting on top of the bed, acting lifeless. I smiled some more as I began to nuzzle his hand, like a puppy would do to his master.

Thankfully, he hadn't woken up. Eliza told be that he liked to take siestas a lot...

Just like me~! Haha~! I let my head rest in his soft, delicate hand as I stared up at his face.

And so, I began singing to him, like I once did before.

" I have always dreamed to find someone like you.

No more lonely nights, I'll never make it through.

Won't you say you will fulfill this empty part

Because I've been searching for what's missing in my heart.

Mi corazon, mi alma,

Si, you are my everything.

You are the star that lights my night,

And with you, I'll make my dreams come true.

Underneath the starlit moon,

Si, you are mi corazon, mi amor~ ...


And as I was singing to him, little did I know that a certain Polish wardrobe was peeking his eye out, smirking over at me and my tomato~


I groaned as I sat up in bed. What time was it? Who the hell knows.

I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window to see the sun shining brightly. A little too brightly for me.

" Like, good morning, Lovino~! Did you sleep well? I'm sure you totally did!"

Well, he sounded so sure of himself...


I did sleep rather well last night. I haven't slept like that in a while.

All I remember...

Was that damn lullaby in my head.


Usually humming it to myself helps me sleep, but... this time I think it finally helped me to get a good nights damn rest.

Looking over to Feliks, I saw that he was grinning too widely, and I seriously thought he was going to break. Stupid freaky bastard.

" The hell is up with you? Your smiling like a creepy bastard, dammit. A-anyways, I surprisingly slept like a fucking angel, if you wanted to know so badly..."

The wardrobe let out the most chilling, girlish laugh I had ever heard.

" Buhahaha~! You sure did..."




I scratched my head, cursing that piece of furniture out under my breath, and grabbed a pillow to place it over my face.

I decided that I didn't want to get up. I was busy feeling too lazy and tired for nothing anyways.

After Feliks asked me to like totally get up and out of my bed because it was such a beautiful day out, which I immediately refused to, Eliza came bursting through the door, by herself on her portable tray.


It had no food on it.

" E-elizabeta? Where's my fo-"

" What, no good morning? I'm really tired of you just being in here, without ever enjoying yourself! That's it, Lovino Vargas, you are getting your ass up right now to get ready and have your breakfast with master Antonio!"




Yeah, here we go the fuck again.

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