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Everyone in the general area just stopped to look at the rookie. Most of them thinking that he was crazy. Some thinking that he was stupid. Others were not even sure of what to even think at the moment. Dov on the other hand knew exactly what he was doing. The only thing he had to do was try and convince the guy to let go of Andy.

"I'm sorry did I hear you correctly." The man with the blue eyes asked Dov.

"Yes. Take me instead. A simple trade that works out for you." Dov said again.

"How so I think I like having the pretty little brunette here with me."

"You probably do, but I have more value to you than she does."

"Oh is that right? How are you more value than," the man paused for a second to get a look at Andy's name, "McNaily here."

"It's McNally." Andy said to the man which was to late for to realize that she probably shouldn't have done that.

"Shut up." He spat towards her as he pulled on her hair.

"Oh trust me. I have way more value than this stupid girl cop." Dov said, not meaning any of it. In retrospect Andy's value is at least quadruple to that of Dov's.

He knew that possibly calling her a stupid cop also would make her upset, but when he looked at her, the only emotion he clearly saw was fear. Fear of never getting away from this man. Fear of not knowing what was going to happen to her.

"So are you going to tell me how much value yer worth." The blue eyed man demanded.

"My name is Officer Dovaro Epstein."


"So, half of the bank is owned by an Epstein, which just happens to be my father. So if you take me, not only do you have a cop, but the son of the bank owner." When Dov said this, it really seem to grab the attention of everybody.

The three gunmen looked at each other before focusing back on Dov. Meanwhile the cops were doing the same exact thing. None of them ever heard of Dov's family owning a bank, because then why would he be a cop. He would have taken the bank over for his father when he was going to retire. Why would he become a cop? Some of them were totally lost.

No more lost than Andy. She was stuck in the middle of an trade, one in which she was the main item. She too was confused as to why Dov never told anyone his family had own a bank, maybe he was up to something. She didn't know what it was, but he was definitely up to something.

"Is this true, McNally?" The gunmen asked.

"Yes, yes it's true." Andy lied as a little tear slid down her face.

After what seemed like two minutes of conversing with each other, the gunmen had made a decision.

"Alright, Epstein. It's a deal. You for the girl. Now you both are going to walk very slowly towards each other, any funny business I shoot you both." The blue eyed gunmen said.

Dov began to walk very slowly as Andy was released and started to walk towards Dov. As they got closer, Andy wiped away the tears that were now starting to over take her eyes. When they met each other, Andy grabbed Dov's arm and held him there for a second.

"Why are you doing this?" Andy asked him.

"I promise I will tell you later, you need to get that cut checked out."

"No. Tell me now."

"Listen all I will tell you is that-"

"Hey I said no funny business, now if you two don't stop talking, I'll just shoot you both right here." The gunman said.

"OK, just take it easy. Andy go now. I'll see you later. I promise."

"Fine, just don't break it. I hate broken promises."

The two rookies started to walk away from each other now since their little conversation was over. Andy rejoined her fellow cops and Best had ordered Peck to take her to the surveillance truck and have a nurse look at her. On the other hand Best watched as one of his best rookies, well newly best rookies, raise his hands up and was forced to go in the bank and become a new hostage to these maniacs. But before he had to work on getting Dov and everyone else out, he needed to check and see if McNally was alright. As Best walked within hearing distance of the truck he could hear loud shouting between McNally, Peck, and possibly the medic that was trying to care for Andy.

"Listen, I'm fine. I need to be out there trying to get Dov out of there." Andy tried to pursuade the EMT.

"Well, tell that to the gash in your head." The EMT fired back.

"I just need to get out of here. This room is making me go crazy." Andy said.

"Listen Andy, if you get checked out I'll let you leave the room, but I want you to talk to someone before." Best said reaching for his phone.

Back at precinct 15th Oliver Shaw and Sam Swarek were in the middle of booking when Oliver's phone had gone off.

"Shaw. What? OK, we'll be on our way." He said hanging up the phone.

"What was that?" Swarek asked as he threw their criminal in a holding cell.

"That was Frank. There is a hostage situation at the bank on Stratton Street. Someone got hurt and he wants me to talk to them."

"Why you?"

"Because he says I would know how to talk to them, since I calmed them when they got shot a while back."

"Is it McNally?"

"What, no. No." Shaw said but could tell his friend could see through his lie. "Yeah."

"I'm going to kill Epstein."

"Fine but after this whole thing is over, Frank said she is in real bad shape."

"Not as bad as Dov will be."

"Calm down, you don't think when you're angry, you don't know how she got this way."

"OK, if Epstein didn't get her hurt. I'l buy drinks for tonight. Let's go." The two men shook on it and walked on their way.

The two veteran officers walked outside and took the closest cruiser and made their way to Stratton Street. It was a quick and quiet drive, since it was Sam behind the wheel. He needed to make sure that Andy was alright, then he needed to make sure that he was going to be the one that was going to ring Dov's neck.

Swarek and Shaw's car came to a halting stop in front of the truck. As both men stepped out of the car they were greeted by Best and were given some information on the current situation. Sam didn't care about the current situation, the only situation he wanted to care about was how his partner was doing.

"OK Shaw, McNally is inside. Talk to her, find out from her about what's going on. Try to calm her down before she returns out here." Best said sending the man on his way in to the truck.

"Swarek stay here with me. Ollie knows what he is doing."

"OK. Where is Epstein? I'm gonna kill him." Sam said walking away but was grabbed by Best.

"What is your problem?"

"He got my partner hurt, for god knows what reason. So, I'm going to kill him."

"That's if he comes back to us alive." Best said with a hint of anger in his voice.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Dov, the man you want to kill because you think he got your partner hurt, traded his life for Andy." Best looked at the man who just hung his head, unsure of what he meant by that. "Yeah that's right, Andy was a hostage at one moment in there. Dov, for what ever reason, traded himself for her. So before you try to kill him, help us try to get him back alive."

"So you mean to tell me he is in there now?"

"Yeah his parents own the bank or something like that. He use that as a higher bargaining deal for the crooks to take him instead of McNally, plus being a cop, so they have a lot for them to work with."


"Trust me. I think he knows what he is doing."

"He better not only for him, but for Andy too. She'll never forgive herself if he gets hurt"

The two men left it at that and walked towards the front of the bank and start this whole hostage situation, hoping it would end on a good note.

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