she's sitting in her room, music so loud.

screaming at the top of her voice, la la la.

their down stairs seperated from the fighting.

she's upstairs so scared, hiding.

sometimes it stops, hardly ever now though.

how can she believe in love?

it hurts watching them fight.

her hearts ripped in two, torn.

tears fall from her eyes.

hearing those horid lies.

he sleeps on the couch, she's alone.

she tries not to show her fear.

but its so hard, she sheds a tear.

cause she bottles her feelings up inside.

theres no chance of healing.

who cares what the doctor recommends.

she'll never be on the mend.

how can she believe in love?

she's sound asleep in her bed.

trying to block the memories in her head.

tears are dry on her face.

hands across her eyes, hiding the disgrace,

she hurts, she cries, all the time.

she kneels by her bed and prays.

only for a better day.

she tries so hard to ignore the lies.

how can she believe in love?

tonight she tried to knock herself out.

she cuts her arms and tries to die.

but it just wont work, so she lies.

maybe just maybe she'll get some sleep tomorrow night.

she wont ever believe in love.