What if?

What if Kate never left Walnut Grove and Dr. Baker had never called off the engagement. This is their story after the wedding and throughout the years. I am going to use episodes in the series, but with Kate in them. So I hope you like it. This will start with the following episode of "Doctors Lady" season one disc five.

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The Plague-

Season one: disc five

Kate Pov:

"Katie!" my aunt called as she saw me walk in the mercantile.

"Oh can you believe that!" she explained exasperated.

"Aunt Harriet, really there's no reason for you to do this." Is said motioning to her with my hands "The corn meal Mr. Peterson is selling for so inexpensive has nothing to do with you and your store." Aunt Harriet stood their and stared at me as if I had lost it all together.

"Ahhh the flour we sell here is cheaper than Mr. Hanson's and now people are buying corn meal instead of flour." She looked over at Hiram ad back to me, before leaning over the counter towards me. "You haven't bought any have you? Tell me you haven't" she whispered with pleading eyes.

"I don't care for corn meal. And Hiram won't eat enough of it to even consider buying a bag." I whispered back to her.

"Oh. Thank goodness" she explained "I just knew something isn't right. You just can't get corn meal for that price anywhere without something being wrong." She drowned on. Thankfully for me Mrs. Foster came in to gossip with auntie most likely. "Oh excuse me Katie I must go talk with Mrs. Foster."

"Of course, go right ahead. I'll see you later. Goodbye Auntie." I said truly glad that I was able to get away. I made my way towards where Hiram was waiting for Uncle with the shipment he'd been waiting for. "This time I was lucky Mrs. Foster came in to talk to her." I said as I neared closer to him. He looked down at me and smiled

"Yes. That is lucky." He said while chuckling lightly. "Im just waiting for your uncle, to see if my shipment has came in yet. Did we need anything else?" He asked me

"Yes. Some coffee, flour and white sugar." I said. Uncle Nels than came back in with a crate.

"Well this is it. Sorry it took so long for me to find it but I did." He smiled

"Oh that's not a problem Nels. Umm Kate said that we did need some other things as well." Hiram told him motioning to me

"Yes of course. So what do you need" uncle asked smiling at me.

"One pound of white sugar, three pounds of flour, some coffee, tea, and a bag of gumdrops and sour balls." I said

"Kate. Sour balls and gum drops?" Hiram asked as uncle went to get everything.

"Yes the jars in your office are nearly empty." I reminded him

"I knew what the candy was for. Doc you always have those two kinds of candy in there for the children. Besides, Kate doesn't like those."

"No I don't only peppermint sticks." I said

"I knew that, I just didn't think I was running out of those." He smiled

"Well they are nearly empty. It was nice to see you Uncle. But we better be getting home." I said

"Of course we'll see you late Kate, doc." Uncle said.

"Goodbye" I smiled and waved at them.

Next scene:

I was sitting in the main part of Hiram's office working on some files while he was back with Laura who has a tooth ache. Someone knocked on the door.

"Come in" I called as Mr. Bolton opened the door.

"Mrs. Baker" he mumbled "Doc here?" he asked

"Back here Bolton!" he called. About two minutes later Mr. Bolton left. And five minutes after that there was a scream from little Laura. Poor girl did end up getting her tooth pulled out. About eleven minutes later Laura and Charles Ingalls were leaving the office.

"Now Laura remember the more candy you eat the more sore teeth you'll get." Hiram told her as she and her pa walked out. I could faintly hear Charles chucking in the distance. Hiram than shut the door and walked over to me. "Kate I have to go out to the Bolton place and check on the boy. I would like you to stay here." He told me I looked up at him with an im sure was a puzzled look.

"Why not I usually go out with you on your rounds or to see a patient?" I asked. He looked back at me and than began to put his jacket on. And reach for his bag.

"Kate I don't want you to get sick again. You're just getting over a nasty cold; now I want you to stay here and keep warm. Alright?" he asked as he leaned down to kiss me goodbye. I nodded my yes. "Oh and if I don't come home tonight I want you to go stay with your aunt and I'll come get you in the morning. Alright?" he asked again as he grabbed his hat from the hook and opened the door.

"I promise. And if you get home tonight and im not here, please come and get me." I asked him

"I promise remember keep warm lots of water and take your medicine at four. And Kate, I love you." He said

"I will and I love you too. Now you get going." I said with a smile on my face. And than he left, as I went back to work.

Next scene:

Hiram didn't come home that night so I grabbed a night gown and my Sunday dress put them in a bag and made my way down stairs. After I locked the door behind me and made my way to my aunts house for the night or until; as promised he'd come get me. I realize as im walking across town that I have grown used to not walking alone at night. Hiram is always there with me. Now I am able to see Aunt Harriet's and Uncle Nels's store right across the way. As I turn the corner to the fenced in yard I push the gate open. Walk up the few stairs and knock quaintly on the door. I can tell the children are still up. To my relief Uncle Nels opens the door for me with a smile o his face.

"Kate, before you say anything I saw Hiram before he went out to the Bolton place when I was sweeping the front porch. Stopped and told me you might be staying the night here." He said. Only Hiram would worry as much that I wouldn't come here. In truth I wouldn't want to stay home by myself anyway.

"I thought that he might had." I said with a sigh as Auntie loomed over Uncle's shoulder.

"Oh, he's just worried about you. Beside your were pretty bad off there for a few days." He said as he took my small bag from me. "Nellie I want you take this up to your room and get your bed ready as well because Kate might be staying here for the night." He told Nellie as she frowned.

"Kate is something wrong. I just saw the two of you this morning at the post office and you seemed just fine and happy. Uhaaahhh are the two of you getting a divorce? Fight? Oh I must write your mother or you must write your mother!" she explained exasperated.

"Harriet! Stop jumping to such conclusions. Hiram talked to me today on his way out to the Bolton farm. He asked if Kate could stay here tonight if he didn't come home. Because the Bolton boy is sick and Kate's getting over that nasty cold she had. He didn't want her to stay at home alone tonight." Uncle told her.

"Oh well, Katie im sorry I jumped to those conclusions about you and Hiram." Auntie apologized.

"That's okay Auntie. I understand that you were just worried. Hmm what someone else must had thought when the saw me hurrying over her at night! With a bag for that mater." I pondered aloud.

"Oh don't worry about that" Uncle said "we're happy to have you for the night. Right Harriet?" He asked

"Oh of course we are Nels!" she explained "Now why don't we all go on up to bed. We have church I the morning" Auntie suggested

"That sounds like a lovely idea. I will see you both in the morning. Goodnight." I said

"Goodnight Katie" was response from both Auntie and Uncle.

Next day:

Church. Something is wrong because Hiram never misses Sunday services unless something awful has happened. Today I sit between Nellie and Willie as apposed to my usual seat by Hiram and Nellie, who prefers to sit next to me leaving Willie between Auntie and Uncle. As reverend Alden is concluding the sermon Hiram comes in. looking exhausted. The thought that first comes to mind is that he's discovered something that involves the town. B y the look on his face it isn't anything good. He apologizes to the reverend for the disturbance and turns to us.

"I've just come from the Bolton place, Sylvie Bolton died last night." Oh no, something bad did happen I knew it as Nellie grasped my hand and gasps erupted around the room. "The boy's sick with it too. And im not sure what it is yet. And till I know for sure everyone is to stay at their own place." Hiram announced to everyone on the convergation.

"Vat do you think it is doctor?" Asked Mr. Hanson. Hiram took in a deep breath.

"Im not positive but I think its Typhus." Again no. No more bad news. Nellie holds my hand tighter than before as more worried glances and gasps of terror erupt throughout the room. After all of this the reverend dismiss services for the day. I send Nellie away with Willie to join their parents promising to be out soon. After every one has left I go up to Hiram. I look at him, he looks worried, frightened and scared.

"Kate, I want you to stay with your Aunt and Uncle till this has passed. Don't come to the office." He says as the reverend walks back in, he doesn't interrupt "I'll take you over there now so you can get what you'll need for your Aunts. Than I'll take you over there, but you mustn't go back after that." He says. I nod and feel as though Im going to cry. He takes my arm in his and we walk to the buggy.

"Hiram? I promise I wont go near the office until you say I can." I say as my eyes water. He helps me into the buggy and climbs in along side me and starts to head towards the office. He stops and helps me down as he unlocks the office door and opens it for me. I walk straight for the stairs and head towards our room. I pull out a suitcase and begin to pack. Hiram is still downstairs. Than I hear him approaching as he reaches for my purse. Opens it and puts two medicine bottles in it. Im done packing by know but I still don't want to go though I understand.

"Im putting your medicine in here for you as well as the ones I was giving you when you were sick." He holds a piece of paper up "this says what they are and what they're for." He said

"Hiram I don't want to go to my Aunts. Why I can't stay here I don't know." I said

"Kate I don't want you to get sick, I don't even want to chance it." He said "lets get you over there." He said as he closed my bag and crabbed my coat to help me put it on. Handing me my purse he grabbed the bag and we walked downstairs. He grabbed his hat and put it on. Helped me up into the buggy. When we got to my Aunts he helped me down and sat my bag on the ground. He kissed me goodbye and I hugged him.

"I love you Kate and I'll come and get you as soon as this is over." He kissed me again and I bent down to grab my bag.

"I love you Hiram, and I cant wait until this is all over." I said

"Neither can I Katie." He said and opened the gate for me. I walked up to the front door, and went in to the house.

6 ½ days later:

Every day I sat by this window and now the day that I know he will come to get me and take me home. That afternoon I was all packed and ready to go. One knock on the door and I opened it and walked right out before Auntie could say anything.

"Happy to be going home?" he asked as he grabbed my bag.

"Very much so" I laughed as we walked towards our temporary home.

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