The plane landed with a thud, they had been in the air for so long. Mike watched Brittany awaken as the plane landed, and he held her hand. "We're finally here," Brittany said with a dopey smile. Mike nodded and squeezed her hand, "That we are my bumblebee." Brittany grinned as she undid her seatbelt and stretched a little. "How are you feeling?" Brittany was almost 4 months pregnant, and both her and Mike were still over the moon that they were going to be parents. Brittany looked up at Mike, "I'm good, belly is all good!" she smiled. Mike stood up, holding out his hand to help Brittany up, and they disembarked the plane, hand in hand, grinning at each other as they passed a sign that said 'Welcome to Honolulu.'

Brittany and Mike had wanted to go somewhere tropical for their honeymoon, but not too far from home. Mainly because after Brittany found out she was pregnant, she was worried about flying for too long, and so was Mike. That's when they decided on Hawaii. After they collected their bags, they got a taxi to their hotel.

Once they had checked in, Brittany and Mike headed up to their suite. "Wow," Brittany breathed as she walked in. They had the honeymoon suite, which had an ocean front view, private balcony, hot tub, wide open living/dining area, proper kitchen, and of course, the bedroom with a king sized bed and an ensuite. "You sit down, I'll put our bags in the bedroom," Mike said. Brittany smiled and nodded as Mike walked into the bedroom. But she didn't sit down. Instead, Brittany walked out onto the balcony, her hands on the railing as she took in the view. "You're not sitting down," Mike said, walking up behind Brittany, placing his hands over hers. "I know, but this view..." Brittany smiled. Mike kissed her cheek, "It is pretty amazing," he said. Brittany turned around, her back against the railing, as she pulled Mike in for a slow kiss.

Later on, while curled up on the couch, Mike asked, "Anything you want to do tonight?" "Besides you?" Brittany giggled, and Mike held her closer, "So feisty, but I love it. And yes." Mike stroked Brittany's belly while she thought about what she wanted to do. "After dinner, a walk along the beach? See what there is to do?" Mike kissed Brittany's neck, "Sounds perfect babe." Brittany grinned, and shuffled around so she was facing Mike, "Can I ask you a question?" she said as she brushed some hair from Mike's face. "Of course bumblebee." "Well, you know how after we get back we have the doctors appointment?" Mike nodded, "Mmm yeah." "Umm, well, did you... Did you want to find out if bubs is a boy or girl?" Brittany's gaze went down, not looking into Mike's eyes. She wanted to know. Mike kissed Brittany's head and replied, "I kinda do actually..." Brittany looked back up to Mike's face, "So do I... It would be kinda nice to know..." "So then we'll ask to know?" Brittany nodded. Mike pressed his lips to Brittany's, "Ok then," he mumbled as they shared a kiss, "Did you want to go for dinner yet?" "Mmm, I would," Brittany murmured against Mike's lips. "Lets go then," Mike said as he solely pulled away, "We'll get changed, then go eat?" Brittany sat up smiling, "Yep, sounds like the perfect plan to me!"

"It's so pretty here," Brittany said as they walked along the beach. "It is amazing hey?" Mike said as he looked around. He spotted some Hula dancers on the beach, "You'd look good doing that." Brittany raised her eyebrows, looking down at her belly then back up to Mike as she spoke, "Umm, with this belly? Doubt it babe!" she laughed. "Even so, you're still the most attractive and sexy girl I know," Mike then whispered in Brittany's ear, "Plus I know you can do more than that with your hips," and he kissed Brittany's cheek as she giggled. "Show me when we get back to our room later?" he asked. "Anything for you," Brittany winked as they kept walking.