Chapter 1


This is my first story! Hope you like it. Please be kind. Helpful criticism is welcome but please no flames. I own nothing! (although I wish I did) Enjoy! :)


My life was great. Honestly. I couldn't think of a time when things were ever better for me. As a child it was always tough, especially when growing up in a small town. Everyone knew everything about you and rumors spread like wildfire. They were rarely ever told with even a little truth to them. It was always about who had the best gossip. The town's biggest gossipers, you ask? Who could it be other than the Stanleys. Mrs. Stanley was the worst, and I guess that's where her daughter Jessica got her amazing talent to eavesdrop and lie about anything.

To make matters worse, my family became the most listened to station where everyone could get the best and juiciest gossip. It all started when I was three. My mom, renee, just disappeared from our lives one day. She vanished. Gone. Left in her place, on our kitchen table, was a single letter explaining that she didn't want to be stuck in a town where her life could go nowhere and telling us how suffocated she felt here in Forks. So, of course, as soon as anyone realized she was gone, the crazy stories started. It was just like her, always wanting to try different things, never able to stay in one place. From what I know now, she has lived in 8 different states since she first left. At the time I was too young to notice the pity everyone felt for me. Of course, half of the town thought she was dead, not knowing that she just left. But the way charlie, my father, was acting you would think someone had died.

Charlie is the chief of police, and was well loved in the town. So when Renee left everyone felt the need to talk to him about the divorce. It only made him feel worse. As for me, I've decided that she wasn't worth my time. I wasn't going to spend my life thinking of what we could have been, and not what we are.

Anyways, two years after that I started school. I was so exited to go. I've always been a little different than other kids my age. Firstly, because they all had two parents and I only had one. I was also smarter than most kids in my grade. I skipped kindergarden, and soon after I skipped the first grade. So being five and in second grade I got bullied. I was made fun of for being the freak among the other kids, and for being so small compared to them. The only person who ever stuck up for me was Alice Brandon. Ever since the day she stuck up for me when Victoria called me names we have been inseperable. She was my best and only friend.

When I finally started high school I had gotten used to being the nerd and even managed to make my own group of friends. It was Alice, Ben, Angela, Eric, Jake and me. We did everything together. We went to games together, and even dances. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Me, Bella Swan, klutz extrordinaire, dancing. Crazy right? But I didn't dance. I was always on the side sitting out and watching my friends. Most times Jake would sit out with me. We would take about anything and everything. He was my best friend next to Alice.

However, high school was also when I began to understand the dangers behind my father's job. It was when I got called down to the office on my second week of high school that my world came crashing down. Charlie was in the hospital after he took a bullet to the chest. Luckily he survived, but only just. My heart had never beat as fast as it did when I heard the words his partner spoke. "Bells," He said, "your father is in the hospital. He was shot in the line of duty. Chances are he won't make it. The doctors are doing everything they can but his chances are slim. But I'll pray for you. If there's one thing I've learned from my job it's that miracle do happen. I learned that today when charlie saved that woman and her baby." I have never been so proud yet so angry with charlie for being a cop.

But back to the present. Now I have the life I've always dreamed of. I was a publisher at Cullen Inc. located in New York, NY. Cullen Inc. is the largest publishing company in the US. But that's not all. They also have a branch dedicated to signing musicians, one for signing actors, and yet another branch for artists. Esme, one of the owners, runs the interior design branch. In fact, she decorated my home. But the thing I love most about this company is its medical branch. Yeah, it doesn't really fit with all the other work in this company, but at the same time it does. The founder and co-owner of Cullen Inc., Carlisle Cullen, is a doctor who helps kids with diseases to become what they aspire to be. Carlisle is a great man. His family runs all sections of the company and it couldn't be more successful. I've been here for six months and I've never felt happier with the way things are.

So along with my amazing job at this amazing company was my beautiful apartment which I mentioned earlier. I'm always amazed at the way it looks, every time I walk in is like the first time I saw it. I lived on the fifteenth floor in a twenty story builing. When you walked in the door the first thing you saw was the floor to ceiling windows in front of the building. In the evening the sun sets and shines through them. The apartment has beige walls on one side and black walls opposite from it. The living room is complete with a light gray couch and beige coffee table. The carpet is striped vertically in black and white. There is a lamp in the corner next to a beige reading chair, and white curtains that cover the windows. Connected to the living room is the dining room. There is a small table that seats four with a beige top and black chairs. It's very cozy. I have a picture of the city at night hanging above my couch and pictures of friends and my dad all around. The apartment also has an office so I can work at home, with a bookshelf holding all my favorites. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, one being connected to the master bedroom. The master bedroom also has a large walk in closet, not that I need it. It's kind of pricey to live here, but what can I say? It's worth every penny and I wouldn't give it up for anything. It's too bad that I won't be living here much longer. If I knew the dangers that awaited me the next day, I would never have left my dream home.