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Chapter 11

We arrived at the cabin around seven p.m. I couldn't tell exactly but based on the sun's position I knew it was getting late into the evening. Edward had covered the Radio because the stations could give away the area we were in.

Heaven forbid that happens.

The place was gorgeous. It was a lot smaller than his house, I could see that just by standing outside, but huge nonetheless. It looked to be about two stories with huge glass windows in the front and a deck that wrapped around the entire house. It was deep into the woods surrounded by tall evergreen trees. I could hear woodpeckers in the distance and the quiet chirps of birds calling to their mates. It was a serene environment, very different from the city life, although I hadn't been in the city for a while. It was a nice change.

The air was so fresh, it smelled of pine and dirt. That may sound gross but it was so refreshing after having been cooped up for so long. I turned slowly in a circle taking in my surroundings. I haven't seen something so beautiful in such a long time.

"Our bags are inside. Come on before it gets too cold. The temperatures tend to drop pretty low really quick out here." I didn't even realize Edward had left my side. I was so caught up in the beauty of it all that I missed my one moment alone.

I walked towards the house on a narrow path. There were large round stones surrounded by smaller pebbles. It looked a little out of place in the forest. I expected a dirt path to the door, but of course that wasn't extravagant enough. The steps were made of stone with a wooden railing on one side. The deck was all wood, oak I think. The house had french style doors leading to a big opening in the front room.

There was a staircase on one side the led up to the second floor. It was also open. There was a railing all the way from one wall to the other. It was a really wide room, at least fifty feet across. Edward grabbed my hand and led me to the next room.

"Here's the kitchen. If you're good I might let you use it one day."

"Oh, thanks. Yet for some reason I think that's a lie."

He just gave me that look like he thought I was acting like a child again. Maybe I was. But you couldn't blame me. He was an instigator.

"Well, if you aren't in the mood for a tour, I guess I'll just have to show you what I meant by white." He suddenly smiled, large with all his teeth showing. His overly white inhuman teeth. They just looked to bright to be real.

I had completely forgotten what he said earlier. What on Earth could he possibly expect me to think when all he said was white? That's not a clue, it's a freakin' color. Did he have a new set of plates he needed washed? Maybe some laundry?

"It's just down these stairs. I have a special room set up down here. You're going to love it!" At that statement he let out some kind of snort laugh sound. It was weird.

"I can barely hold my excitement." My monotone voice greatly contradicted that. Oh well.

We walked past the kitchen into a dining room, then turned a corner and went down an impossibly long hallway. I swear it went on for miles. At the very end on the right was a door. He opened it to reveal another set of stairs, this one carpeted.

He flipped a switch and quickly pulled me down the steps. At the very bottom we turned right into yet another extremely long hallway. When I finally thought we reached the end, I stopped, only to realize that it split to the left and right. We took a left, then another door was opened leading to another hallway, this one was thankfullyl short. About halfway down we reached a door on the right and entered a small room.

"How about some lights in this place? I like being able to see."

"Give me a chance and I'll turn them on. Jeez you're impatient."

"Eh, whatever. And what's with the maze back there? There is really no point to it."

"At first, no there wasn't a point. But now, I think it should be able to stop you from going anywhere."

"Oh goody."

Once he flipped the switch, I went into hysterics. Deep down I must have known but not wanted to acknowledge. There, on the far wall, was a huge white dress. The dress. The one dress that every girl dreamed of wearing. I couldn't believe my eyes. White. That's what he meant by white. I started laughing. I laughed at my stupidity and his. There's no way he thought I would wear this without a fight. I wouldn't go through with it. It was too much. I laughed, then I cried. Edward watched it all with a look of concern on his face, which only made me laugh harder. I was so scared. My usually laughed when nervous. He must think I'm crazy. But then I'd be right there with him. I stopped suddenly, stood up straight, took a deep breath, and fainted. The last thing I remember was falling on my ass before Edward caught my upper body in his arms.


"You're insane! You're fucking insane!"

I was shaking. I woke up in this huge bed in a room I had yet to see. I had no idea where this room was. Was it upstairs, downstairs, on the first floor? I was currently screaming my lungs out at Edward. He actually bought me a wedding dress. I still can't believe it.

"No, I just love you. This is the best way to show you. This way we can be together forever. It will be perfect. Our lives will finally be perfect."

"There is no way in heaven, hell, or on earth that our lives will be perfect! Why can't you see that? Look at how this started! I was kidnapped! That can never lead to a perfect ending!"

"Of course it can," He spoke slowly. I think he was getting angry. Well, so was I. Actually, I've been angry. For a long time now. "We just have to try. And you are going to try." His eyes were getting darker with anger.

I really didn't want to deal with a moody Edward right now. I also just remembered something. What better time to try and get on his good side. If I cooperate with this, maybe he will trust me. This is one of the biggest steps in a relationship. It is the most important time to show your love for the other person. If I can convince Edward that I'm falling in love with him, I could finally get out. All I have to do is drag this out as long as possible and gain his trust in the process. Although something tells me I don't have much time.

"I'm sorry. I'm just nervous. This is a big step for us." I hope this works.

"Yes, it is. And it will be the final step for us before we can really start our lives. I can't wait until you're wearing that beautiful gown. " He seemed calmer, but I was never quite sure with him.

"Okay. But I want to plan it." He looked smug. This can't be good.

"Don't worry, love, it's already taken care of." His smile was huge again. Oh no, it can't be planned already!


"No buts, you don't have to worry a single hair on your pretty little head."

"I-I'm not worried. I just-I wanted to help with the planning. I wanted to add some ideas. After all, we only get married once." I choked the word out.

He looked like he was considering it. After I gain his trust I'll finally be out of here.

"Fine. But I'll have to cancel a few things then. We'll talk about it some more tomorrow. It's late now. Let's go to bed."

I really wanted to fight him for my own room. God knows he has plenty here, but I also knew this was the perfect spot to start gaining his trust. Hopefully I won't have any more strange dreams. The last one freaked me out more than I wanted to admit. It was strange, it made me feel almost longing. Like there was something I had and was now missing.

"Okay. Let's go." He seemed surprised by my easy acceptance, a little suspicious even, but I grabbed his hand a gave him a small tug and told him to lead the way. Tomorrow I officially start plan Use Him and Lose Him. Hopefully it all works out, my sanity is depending on it.


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