Omega Boy once again went after Superboy and the two took there fight high into the sky. Every attack they unleashed on each other made a loud boom like a massive thunder storm overhead.

Mammoth launched after Wonder Girl and Starfire. The girls easily moved to safety keeping a short distance between themselves and there enemy. Mammoth viciously smashed his fist into the ground shattering the floor into giant pieces of rubble. The ground trembled but the girls were unaffected since the were levitating. Mammoth began to throw the rubble he created at two Titan's. Wonder Girl smashed the giant rocks Mammoth flung at her with ease, while Starfire used her starbolt's to destroy the rubble headed towards her. Starfire missed one and was struck in the chest. She yelled in pain as she spiraled to the ground.

"Starfire!" Wonder Girl wrapped Mammoth in her lasso. Puzzled he examined her lasso more closely.

"Hmm... Wonder Girl make Mammoth tell the truth?"

"Something like that." Wonder Girl let her anger take over causing her lasso to shock Mammoth. Almost instantly he was out cold. Wonder Girl retracted her lasso then went off to help Starfire.

Ravager chose The Marauder as her opponent. She rushed him with her two katana's but he easily stopped her assault with his sword. Ravager tried to over power him but The Marauder was not phased. Instead he just pushed her back with his strength. Irritated Ravager once again charged The Marauder and once again failed. He could see every muscle in her body struggle to keep her stance.

"This is pathetic." Ravagers face grew with rage.

"What did you say pretty boy?" The Marauder sliced through both of her katanna's like butter. Stunned Ravager stepped back dropping her broken swords. He then swung his blade at Ravager generating dark flames that exploded upon impact with her. Immediately she was out.

"What a shame." Knowing Ravager would no longer be a problem The Marauder left to help his fellow Titan's.

Shimmer targeted Green Angel. She began transmuting the ground underneath her into lightning and shooting it in his direction. Green Angel easily avoided the lightning barrage and kept his distance. Wonderboy told him about Shimmer, and the first thing he mentioned was her transmutation limit. She can only use her powers within a three foot radius of herself, so as long as Green Angel stayed a safe distance from her she would not be able to transmute him.

Green Angel casually dodged each one of her lightning bolts quickly frustrating her. She began to transmute the objects around her into massive amounts of fire. Instantly Green Angel's eyes began to glow while he used his psionic energy to create an orb, trapping Shimmer in her own fire. In a matter of seconds Shimmer was knocked out unable to breathe since the fire she created burned up all the air inside the small dome. Green Angel was thankful to be able to end his match quickly. After being certain Shimmer was down for the count he rejoined the others.

Jinx sent out a series of hex bolts at Wonderboy who effortlessly dodged them with his speed. As soon as Jinx got Wonderboy within her sight she tried to attack with more hex bolts, but to her surprise nothing happened. She tried once again but still nothing came out.

"What the hell? What's wrong with my powers?" Wonderboy pointed to her ankle which was tightly wrapped in his lasso. "Oh crap." He yanked her by her leg within punching range and knocked her out cold. Before Wonderboy got a chance to regroup with the other Titan's he spotted Superboy plummeting to the ground leaving a trail of smoke behind. His landing shook the entire carnival and Superboy was laying lifeless in the center of a large crater. The Titan's hurried to his side.

Superboy was in horrible condition, his body covered in injuries and his clothes nearly non-existent. Wonderboy gazed into the sky to examine Omega Boy. He was checking for any injuries Superboy might have caused but from the looks of it Omega Boy was unharmed. Wonder Girl sat by his side taking his hand.

"Connor, please talk to me. Tell me your okay." Superboy remained lifeless his chest barely moving. Wonder Girl's eyes began to water.

"You've got to be kidding. If this boy is the best you've got then taking over your planet will be a lot easier then I anticipated." Omega Boy was slowly descending from the sky with his arms crossed. "So who's next? Or would you all like to take me on at once. I'm more then up for the challenge." He menacingly smiled at the group of heroes. Everyone prepared for him to attack. Wonder Girl became very serious.

"Titus stay here and heal Conner."

"Understood!" Right away Wonderboy called on the god Serqets healing abilities, generating a silver ankh that engulfed Superboy's body in white light. Immediately his wounds began to fade.

"Everyone else, hold Omega Boy off until I can get some info on him from Robin." The Marauder, Green Angel, and Starfire all nodded then shot off into the sky after Omega boy.

Wonder Girl got in contact with Robin and sent him a scan of there knew enemy. Robin assured her he would call her back as soon as he found any information that would be useful to the team.

"Titus keep him safe. I'm going to join the fight."

"I will, be careful." Wonder Girl soared into the sky joining the other Titan's in there battle with Omega boy.

Wonderboy spent a few minutes repairing Superboy before his concentration was interrupted by Starfire's scream. He looked up in time to see her being frozen in a block of ice by Omega Boy's arctic breathe. Helplessly she began to fall but The Marauder used his black flame to quickly release her. Omega Boy caught Wonder Girl off guard with a super clap sending her crashing into the ground not to far from Wonderboy and Superboy. The three remaining heroes continued fighting while Wonder Girl got a call on her communicator.

Wonderboy continued healing Superboy while Wonder Girl relayed the information Robin gave to her to the entire team through there communicators.

"Okay listen up team, Robin's pretty sure were dealing with a Daxamite. They have all the same abilities as krpytonians under a yellow sun."

"So how do we defeat him?" The Marauder's voice was stern and sober.

"That's were you come in. Your our most efficient traveler so I need you too find some lead. It's deadly to the Daxamite species."

"Be back in three." The Marauder disappeared in a plume of black smoke and reappeared three seconds later instead of minutes like Wonder Girl assumed with a giant chunk of lead in his hand. He held the piece of lead right to Omega Boy's face but it did not effect him. A little confused The Marauder threw the lead at Omega Boy but he caught it and took a bite out of it like he was eating a fruit.

Wonder Girl was stunned. Robin couldn't be wrong so it had to be something else.

"In case your wondering why lead doesn't work on me, I took the anti-lead serum. Now I have NO WEAKNESS!" Omega Boy sinisterly laughed as he threw the remaining chunk of lead down to the ground. Starfire began to speak through her communicator.

"Do we have a plan B perhaps?"

"Yeah... We hit him until he breaks. The only way he can be harmed is if someone with equal or greater

strength strikes him. If we hit him all together we might be able to put him out." The Titan's understood.

"Titus... go help the other Titan's." Superboy was finally coming too.

"But your still not better I should h..." Superboy raised his hand signaling Wonderboy to stop.

"I'm well enough. Just fix me up when you take out that cocky $$hole." Superboy winked at Wonderboy, then turned to Wonder Girl. "Give him a good punch in the gut for me babe." Wonder Girl leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

"I will, just stay safe. Lets go Wonderboy." The two Wonder's flew into the sky and joined there friends.

Green Angel was breathing heavily as well as The Marauder, both glazing with sweat. Starfire was in the worst condition. Her clothes were ripped and torched in various spots and her beautiful hair was beginning to friz.

"So I get to take on the rest of the team. This should be entertaining. I was getting bored." Omega Boy wasn't at all fatigued but his costume had a few slashes revealing some thin cuts. Wonderboy figured that must have been The Marauder's doing.

"Who would we be if all our enemies were bored with us." Wonder Girl signaled Starfire to make the first move. She understood, her eyes blazing green as starbolts formed around her fist.

"All right Titan's TOGETHER!" Starfire unleashed a massive barrage of starbolts on Omega Boy who just stood there confident the attack would do no harm. When the smoke from the starbolts dispersed Omega Boy found himself entangled in Wonder Girls golden lasso.

"What the hell are you trying to pull?" Omega Boy still didn't seem at all distressed. In a flash lightning soared from her lasso, striking him. Immediately after Wonderboy shouted out...

"CELESTIAL!" Silver fire like energy burst from his gauntlet into the shape of a bow. Wonderboy drew back his string then cried out... "ARROW!" Wonderboy's arrow struck Omega Boy right in the chest causing him to howl in pain.

Green Angel created numerous psionic daggers surrounding Omega Boy. With a single command he launched them all simultaneously into Omega Boy. He once again screeched in pain.

The Marauder then delivered the final blow with a monumental amount of dark flames exploding from his blade rocketing Omega Boy to the ground.

The Titan's gathered around his smoking body. He twitched a few times before finally passing out. The team took a breathe of relief. Thankful to have ended the battle the team helped clean up the carnival before taking the Fearsome Five to the holding cells at Titan's tower.

Titus decided to return to his house instead of the tower, and Tommy accompanied him home. The sun was beginning to set and the street lights slowly started flickering on. They flew discreetly into Titus' back yard to not be seen by any residents.

"Well... today didn't quite go as planned." Tommy almost sound ashamed about what happened like it was his fault.

"Things like this happen when your a super hero I suppose." Titus began fiddling with his fingers nervously. "You know since we didn't get to really spend the day together like we wanted... would you like to stay the night. Maybe watch a couple of bad movies?" Tommy's psionic wings dispersed and his eyes reverted to there natural soft brown color.

"That's sounds wonderful." Tommy smiled brightly at Titus and he smiled back feeling his heartbeat speed up. The two friends entered Titus' home and finally got a chance to relax. During the movie Titus fell asleep on Tommy's shoulder. Tommy gently kissed Titus on the forehead before falling asleep next to him.