Flippy sat on the edge of his bed, staring at his phone half in fear, half in anxiety. Flaky had given him her number at school the day before and he was desperate to ask her out but he was terrified of the response. He'd gone over the conversation a million times in his head but it wouldn't be how he planned, conversations with Flaky never turned out how he expected.

"But I like Flaky don't I?" pondered Flippy as he stared at his phone.

"Wanna hear my opinion?" came a voice from inside Flippy's head.

"No! Stop interrupting my thoughts!" Flippy shouted in his head to Evil Flippy, who snorted and kept taunting him, chuckling the whole time.

"You really are pathetic! I honestly can't believe that you're so scared of picking up the phone!" Evil continued, knowing exactly what to say to aggravate Flippy.

"Shut up! You don't understand, I bet you don't even know what love is like..." Flippy stopped speaking the moment he realised what he'd just said and Evil was silent for a few seconds before repeating what Flippy had said.

"Love? Love! Wow Flippy, of all the millions of girls you could fall for you go for that stupid fucking coward! Wow, just wow!" Evil laughed uncontrollably as he spoke and Flippy looked down at his feet, trying not to get angry. If he got angry he knew that Evil would take over.

"Stop it, stop it now! You don't know her like I do, I don't let you know everything! There are plenty of things I see that you don't!" he tried to retort but Evil quickly responded, still laughing.

"I see the things you dream, and it's always her! Always her! The funniest bit is that it's always you two talking! Not even kissing? How hopeless are you that the most romantic thing you can conjure up in your own dreams is talking? Am I seriously stuck in the head of you or is this just a dream itself?"

"I wish it was a dream!" shouted Flippy out loud. "Then I'd be rid of you!"

"I'm here to stay and I'm getting stronger by the minute! And don't you worry, I'm not even gonna try to break out. At least not until you're near her. Then I'll be free to do with her as I wish and she will know pain beyond her worst nightmares, which isn't surprising since she's such a fucking coward that her nightmares probably involve chicks and the dark!" Evil bellowed out in triumph. Flippy stayed silent and Evil didn't make another noise. He'd gone for now.

Flippy exhaled deeply and thought over what Evil had said. Was he really pathetic? He was getting anxious over calling Flaky after all and that did seem a bit strange, but he just let the thought go.

"No forget it, I'm calling her right now!" he said to himself, and he picked up the phone.

Flaky was sat on her blue sofa watching TV when her phone rang. She jumped when she heard it but laughed at herself when she realised that it was just her phone. She picked it up and saw that it had listed whoever was calling as Unknown Caller.

"It must be Flippy!" she gasped to herself and she quickly answered the phone.

"Hello?" she asked excitedly.

"Hey... uh is that Flaky? It's Flippy" came the nervous voice of one of her closest friends.

"Hey Flippy, I was hoping you'd call! What's up?" she asked, beaming as she spoke.

"I wanted to know if you're okay to do something later. Go to the park, I mean it's okay if you're busy-" Flippy began but he was interrupted by Flaky.

"I'd love to!" she said so loud she was almost shouting.

"Oh great!" said Flippy, his tone far more positive now. "When do you wanna meet up?"

"How about right now?" asked Flaky hopefully, her hands shaking slightly in excitement.

"Brilliant, I'm on my way now!" said Flippy happily.

"I'll see you there Flippy, I live right next to the park!" laughed Flaky.

"Okay bye" said Flippy and Flaky responded with a single goodbye. Flaky listened to the sound of the no signal tone as Flippy disconnected. Neither of them knew it, but at the exact same time they said to the phone "I love you."

Flaky skipped down the road to the park, excited beyond belief that she was finally going on what she hoped would become a date with Flippy. As she skipped she ran into Giggles, who was picking flowers by the park gate. Flaky stopped and greeted her.

"Hey Giggles" said Flaky, giggling a little herself.

"Hi Flaky, what's with the laughing?" asked Giggles, holding a bunch of daffodils in one hand.

"Oh nothing..." said Flaky, her arms behind her back, deliberately hinting that there was something going on.

"What's going on?" asked Giggles, a hint of laughter in her voice. Flaky couldn't contain herself anymore; she just had to tell someone else.

"I'm going on a date with Flippy!" she blurted out, before grinning happily at Giggles, who looked worried.

"Good for you Flaky, but is that a good idea? I mean, if he flips out he's gonna do stuff to you that... I can't even bring myself to imagine" warned Giggles, shuddering slightly.

"Giggles! I thought you'd be happy for me!" complained Flaky.

"I am happy, but also very worried. It's incredibly difficult to convey those two emotions at the same time" said Giggles. Flaky just shrugged.

"Well wish me luck" said Flaky happily and she walked on into the park.

"Good luck, you're gonna need it" muttered Giggles under her breath, before going back to the flowers.

Flippy walked along the pathway past an ice cream truck which was serving Nutty, who was obsessing over all the ice creams on sale. Flippy kept walking and saw Flaky on the other side. He walked quickly towards her and as she saw him she couldn't help but smile. As Flippy approached her, he held up a hand in greeting which Flaky misunderstood the gesture and instead went to hug him. The moment she wrapped her arms around him, Flippy was confused but this certainly made him happier. As Flaky wrapped her arms around Flippy, she rested her head on his shoulder and sighed happily. Flippy looked down at his own arms and slowly put them on Flaky's back, not entirely sure if he was hugging her right. Flaky stroked Flippy's shoulder gently, feeling his soft fur and wondering why she'd never tried to hug him before. After a few seconds they let go of each other and looked at each other, feeling awkward with neither knowing entirely what to say to the other, both hoping that the other would start a conversation. It became clear to Flippy that someone as shy as Flaky wasn't going to speak up easily, so he decided to speak first.

"Hi" he said quietly, it being the only thing he could think of saying.

"Hi" she replied in a voice equally as quiet, but with a great smile on her face. This smile practically forced Flippy to say something better.

"So, what do you wanna do?" he asked and the two of them started walking along the path but he couldn't hear Flaky's response because the voice in his head spoke up again, sounding worryingly pleased.

"I think you should let me take over now" Evil said smoothly and Flippy's heart began to race as he looked at Flaky and thought over what Evil might do to her if he took control.

"Are you okay Flippy?" asked Flaky nervously, noticing that Flippy was breathing fast and his hands were shaking.

"I'm fine Flaky, don't worry" he responded without looking at her. Flaky kept watching him as he paid zero attention to her, before she started to worry. What if Giggles had been right, what if he did flip out? Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice behind her.

"Heya Flaky!" shouted the voice of Petunia behind her, which made Flaky jump. Petunia took a step back before laughing at Flaky.

"Hey, it's just me!" she laughed and Flaky laughed nervously with her, still keeping an eye on Flippy, who was trying to pay attention to Petunia and not seem rude in front of Flaky. Toothy was with Petunia and he greeted Flaky but the moment he saw Flippy and realised how he looked like he was having a panic-attack, he tired to back away but Petunia grabbed his arm and stopped him from leaving. Toothy stopped in his tracks and stared at Flippy.

"Um... so what's... what's going on?" asked Petunia, with her eyes on Flippy.

"We're on a date!" said Flaky proudly before she realised that actually they weren't. She covered her mouth in shock at what she'd said and Flippy attention snapped back to her. He looked at her confused, for now Evil had gone silent again.

"Are you?" asked Toothy, smiling.

"Are we?" asked Flippy in a sort of response, and the moment he said that both Toothy and Petunia stared at Flaky, who closed her eyes in embarrassment before looking down at her feet.

"Do you want us to go...?" asked Toothy, trailing off a bit, not wanting to make it seem like he actually wanted to go.

"No it's okay, you guys can hang around if you like-" began Flippy but he was making Toothy really anxious, so Toothy interrupted him.

"No I've got something, I mean we've got something we need to do right Petunia?" asked Toothy hastily and Petunia glared at Toothy.

"Sure..." said Petunia, starting to get creeped out by Flippy. As the two of them walked off, Flippy looked down at the ground sadly. Flaky put a hand on his shoulder and tried to talk to him but he ignored her. He was already being spoken to by the voice again.

"What were you saying about not being pathetic again?" it asked and Flippy didn't answer, he just listened to the sound of his own mind tormenting him.

"Flippy!" shouted Flaky, trying to get his attention, but he ignored her, staring off into the distance. Flaky gave up and turned around, looking around the park for something to do. She could see some kind of barbeque party going off in the distance, and when she squinted to get a better look she saw that they were lighting fireworks. Her eyes widened and she looked at Flippy, who had snapped out of it and was walking towards her.

"Flippy! Cover your ears and eyes!" Flaky screamed in fear and Flippy looked confused. It was too late. Flaky's blood ran cold as she heard the sound of a firework being launched behind her. Her eyes widened and she turned slowly to watch it launch. Flippy was transfixed, staring at the launching rocket without blinking. And then it exploded, creating an almighty bang that hit everyone hard. A bright flash of red lit up the sky and Flaky could feel her very body shaking. She heard a groaning behind her and turned slowly to see Flippy standing right behind her, his eyes were green and his teeth had gone sharp.

Flaky backed away as Flippy walked towards her, grinning to show a mouth full of dagger-like teeth. Flaky waved her hands around in front of her to try and defend herself from Flippy but she knew she'd have no chance. She turned and ran away as fast as she could, sprinting across the park towards Petunia and Toothy, hoping that they'd help her. Flippy gave chase, grinning the whole way as he brandished a bowie knife in his hand. Flaky ran right into Toothy and Petunia and stopped, trying to catch her breath but keeping her eyes out for Flippy, who had disappeared. She looked around wildly but couldn't see him anywhere.

"Flaky, what is going on!" shouted a half-angry Petunia and Flaky quickly responded.

"It's Flippy! He's flipped, help me!" and as she said that, Petunia and Toothy both shared a terrified expression.

"Where is he?" asked a panicking Toothy and Flaky shrugged as she kept looking around.

"Right behind you" said a voice and Toothy's eyes widened. He slowly turned his head and saw Flippy standing right behind him. Petunia saw too and screamed in fear, but Flippy was too fast for any of them to get away. He thrust the knife right into Petunia's chest and she fell back as blood spilled out of the wound onto the grass. Toothy screamed out in horror and ran to Petunia to try and save her. He knelt down at her side and started to cry as he realised she was dead, but Flippy then yanked the knife out and stabbed Toothy in the side of the neck. Toothy tried to resist but blood was pouring out and flowing all the way down his body in pints. It poured down onto the grass and Toothy's face went white, before he went limp and Flippy dropped him. Toothy lay on his back in the pool of blood as Flaky stood rooted to the spot in sheer terror. Flippy walked towards her, laughing.

"He won't save you this time!" shouted Flippy and at that he punched Flaky in the side of the head. Flaky fell backwards and lay unconscious as Flippy picked her up and carried her away to her house. He had plans for her.

To Be Continued