Okay, so I'm back. And yes, I realise that this hasn't been updated for over six months, and I apologise. A lot of people seemed to be enjoying this and hopefully I can get back into this and continue. I'm afraid I reached a bit of a dead end and couldn't figure out where to go next, but now that I've finally returned my attention to this story, the one I should have paid the most attention to as it is undoubtedly the most popular, things should start picking up I'll also be keeping chapters small(ish) so it'll be easier to update.

This felt different. By now Flaky had become used to the pain that Fliqpy brought her but now it felt like a punishment. For trusting the one who had tried to kill her over and over again. The cowardly, pathetic Flaky. Always willing to do anything to avoid harm to herself, even to the point of hurting or even killing her friends. It didn't matter that they weren't real, the images burned into her mind and stayed there. Like scars, they never healed. They stayed in her head, a reminder of what she'd done for herself. Flippy loved her. Was this the person he loved? A shaky, useless wreck that never helped her friends, preferring to hide at every opportunity. At the beginning when Flippy turned, she's run straight to Petunia and Toothy for help, drawing Fliqpy right to them. It was her fault and her fault alone. There wasn't a single part of Flaky that didn't feel betrayed. She'd lost sense of what was true and what wasn't a long time ago. These mind games that Fliqpy had pulled her into were working. Flaky had slowly become more and more attached to Fliqpy. She didn't know if this was all part of his plan but one thing she did know was that part of his plan would be to kill her. But why not kill her straight away rather than playing all these mind games? Perhaps Flippy would be made weaker if he knew she didn't love him, than if she died still loving him. Whatever the case, it wouldn't end well for her. She knew that. And yet she felt ashamed with herself for going back to thinking about herself.

Flaky was curled up in a ball, shivering. She felt cold. But not from the wind, which felt strangely warm. All it did was bounce off her, not affecting her temperature at all. The ground she lay on felt hard, like wood. It was freezing but she didn't feel motivated to move at all. Only to curl up tighter into her little red ball of fur and hope she'd get warmer. She didn't. After what felt like an eternity one of her eyelids slowly peeled open. A dilated pupil scanned the surrounding environment but it was all blurry. Slowly the second eye opened and Flaky looked around, confused and feeling dizzy. She looked down at her feet and saw that they were covered by sand. The wind was blowing sand all over her. Flaky's vision slowly cleared and she began to scan the environment. It was a desert. Surrounding her on all sides were rolling dunes that looked more like something she'd seen in paintings than real things. Layers of sand were slowly sliding down them, pushed off by the powerful wind. It was night, if it wasn't for the thousands of twinkling stars illuminating the black sky she'd be effectively blind. Slowly uncurling from the ball she'd made herself into Flaky tipped herself onto her back and lay against the freezing ground. She now realised that it only felt like wood because the sand was so concentrated it felt as hard as stone. Lying on her back, she stared up at the stars and could feel her eyes watering. She was quick to wipe them before tears started coming down her cheek but when she looked at her hands she saw her hands had been smeared red. It was blood, not tears.

Whimpering, Flaky wiped her eye with her arm and another smear of blood covered her forearm, like a paintbrush had wiped crimson paint across it in a single flick.
Just ignore it and it'll go away. It's just Fliqpy trying to mess with me again Flaky thought to herself. But she wondered if it was a good idea to even have those thoughts. Fliqpy was in control of everything, even her imagination. This was how he was creating these horrible worlds, so did that mean he could control her mind if he wanted to? Flaky dreaded to think.
Looking around the seemingly endless desert that stretched from horizon to horizon, all Flaky could think of now was what Fliqpy wanted her to do. He clearly had his own agenda, to force her to stop loving Flippy.
I won't let you do this...
Flaky thought, not to herself but to Fliqpy, who was surely watching. Then, feeling strangely more confident than she was used to, Flaky got to her feet and screamed at the sky as loud as she could.
"I won't do what you want! You can't pull me away Fliqpy! You'll fail!" she yelled into the sky. Her voice was carried across the vast desert, becoming quieter and quieter. She'd expected something to happen after yelling that, but there was no sound except for the wind. And streaks of blood were still leaking from her eyes in place of tears, before they dropped off her face and landed on the sand like red raindrops. The sound of her voice being carried across the bleak landscape finally disappeared and Flaky was left in silence once again.

Flaky sat in the sand, cold and tired. Her eyes felt heavy but she didn't want to sleep, terrified of what would happen if she did. Sand was slowly rolling down a nearby dune, being pushed by the wind. Flaky ignored it, but still listened to the sound. She began to realise it was becoming louder and louder, and she snapped her eyes shut. I won't, I won't! He wants me to look, I won't! she screamed internally. The feeling of the blood still running down her face was unbearable, making a tickling sensation that almost made her want to laugh. Then it started to seep through the gaps in her eyelids, making her eyes burn with pain. Flaky fell backwards, her eyes becoming more painful by the second. She tried to rub the blood out but couldn't. She had to open her eyes.

At first everything was different shades of red from the blood that covered her eyes. As she rubbed them, everything came into focus. She was no longer in the desert. She was in her hometown. It looked unchanged, but Flaky refused to believe it was real. She knew it was yet another illusion. She could feel her body trembling, like it knew exactly what was coming and was preparing itself. Her heart was racing, beating so hard it hurt. As Flaky slowly walked down the deserted street, she saw an object lying in the road. As she approached it, she realised it was a bowie knife. A single shaking hand picked it up and she looked at her reflection in the shiny blade. She was utterly drenched in blood which stuck to her like glue, and wet tears had left lines down her otherwise crimson cheeks.
"Do you know why you are here?" came an all too familiar voice. Flaky froze. Not again. Why won't you just kill me? she thought.

"That is why you're here" came the reply.