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Flaky's vision was blurred at first. She could only make out objects that were close by and even then they were almost formless as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Her eyelids were heavy but she tried to keep them open long enough to keep them open, but she couldn't. They kept closing and opening like in a dream where the sunlight blinds you constantly and you are forced to slam your eyelids shut tight, Flaky had little choice. Her head ached with a constant rumbling pain in her temple and although she wanted to stretch out a hand to stroke her head and relieve the pain somehow but she couldn't move her arms. She felt them both being held to her sides by something strong, probably rope. Flaky began to panic, still unsure of her location. She tried to kick out but like her arms, her legs were tied together. As she began to feel herself slowly losing consciousness, she felt her face go cold and wet as water was thrown over it. She snapped back to her senses and spluttered as some of the water went down her throat. As she coughed it up, she looked around. She was in her sitting room, but the place was trashed. Her TV was on the floor with torn wires sticking out like the ribs of a zombie attack victim, the curtains were all drawn to keep any light at bay (Flaky always made sure her curtains were in perfect condition, she had a morbid fear of burglars) and standing above her was Flippy.

Flippy still had the eyes of a snake, cold and calculating. His razor sharp teeth stuck out from under his lips and Flaky could see tiny traces of crimson blood dripping down onto the floor from his face. He smiled at her but his eyes did not show any of his smile, they were cold, unblinking and emotionless. Flaky tried to scream but there was a gag in her mouth. She twisted in a feeble attempt for escape her entrapment before trying to push the gag out with her tongue, but it was too far back and it made her come close to retching whenever she tried. Flippy looked down at her, obvious terror in her eyes as the reality began to set it for her. She finally stopped struggling and looked up at Flippy without moving, her entire body visibly shaking in fear. Her eyes were wide and her pupils larger than normal, filling with clear blue tears but it didn't sway Flippy in the slightest. He smiled at the sight of Flaky and took his time before he decided to talk, he wanted to make this last as long as possible.
"Welcome home Flaky" he said menacingly. It would have been better if he had shouted it, thought Flaky as a million escape plans went through her mind before all being dismissed or forgotten as Flippy spoke again.
"I trust you dreamed while you were... sleeping. I only hope your dreams of Flippy's protection and care were more satisfying than the dreams that he-" Flippy stopped talking abruptly as the muffled sound of Flaky trying to talk through the gag met his ears. Flippy cackled and crouched down in front of Flaky.

"Do you want me to get rid of this nasty gag huh? Do you wanna talk huh?" he asked with that crocodile smile still etched on his face and Flaky didn't move or try to speak, fearful of what would happen if she nodded. But Flippy took her silence for a yes.
"Tell you what sweetheart; I hope you'll be a good little girl because you try calling for help..." he flashed his bowie knife that was still stained with blood.
"...there might be a little accident here won't there?" he asked before grinning and slashing the bonds of the gag. It fell to the floor and Flaky spluttered freely before looking up at Flaky who grinned slyly. Flippy was waiting for Flaky to say something and she knew it. She drew a breath and despite her aching head, she talked to him.
"Wh-what d-did I d-do to you, you... y-you c-cold hearted b-b-bastard?" she stammered, tears flowing freely down her face. Flippy just laughed.
"I'm so insulted!" he laughed. "But you did ask a question of some sort, and I suppose I owe you an answer. What have you done to me you ask? Well... nothing. It's what you've done to the other Flippy. Let me make something perfectly clear to you. I fucking hate you. You mean absolutely nothing to me, you are a bottom-feeder. You are a worthless, cowardly, festering sack of shit. No wonder Flippy fell for you" he said. As he finished the last sentence, Flaky's heart began to race.
"What do you mean, F-Flippy fell for m-me?" she asked, trying to control her stammering over the tears.
"Oh you didn't know? Typical. Flippy fucking loves you. So he says at least, but I am inclined to believe him. It's only fitting that such a pathetic coward like him would fall for such a... well, a pathetic coward such as yourself" he said, clearly not enjoying himself as much as he was, and trying to bury that annoyance under a disguise comprised of insults directed at Flaky, but they bounced right off. Flaky couldn't help but keep asking questions now.
"Does he really love me?" she asked and Flippy snorted impatiently.
"For Christ's sake, yes! He sees you in his dreams every bloody night! Every. Bloody. Night. And guess what he dreams of. Not you two fucking, not you two kissing, not even fucking hugging! He dreams of you talking! He dreams of asking you out over and over again! Do you understand how pathetic that is?" screamed Flippy, infuriated by his own words. His anger went up as he saw that Flaky was smiling.
"And what do you have to smile about? Is this somehow making you feel better?" he yelled, before punching Flaky in the nose. She screamed out in pain and felt her nose break, before she could feel the warm blood flowing down from her nostrils and onto her top lip, slowly making its way into her mouth and landing on her tongue. Flippy watched the blood flow with interest, before reaching out a finger and stroking under her nose, picking up a trace of blood on his finger. He licked it off and Flaky squirmed uncomfortable, desperate to hold her nose but her arms were still tied. Flippy breathed out contently before looking back at the terrified Flaky and smiling again, her own blood staining her crocodile teeth.
"Did you know that whenever I take control, Flippy can always see exactly what I do? He's forced to watch it. And I intend to take full advantage of that. I have plans for you Flaky, and they are enacted now" he said with a smooth smile that made Flaky's heart beat faster than she'd ever felt it beat before.

End Of Chapter 2

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