Author's Note: Remember last chapter when I said I was a dick? Well I was again and I shelved this story for about a week. But now I'm back baby, and good thing too. At the beginning this story was supposed to be a short one-shot but now it's got 18 reviews and I've realised that I need to feed the fangirls and continue this damn story! Not that I'm calling all my readers fangirls of course, but there's always at least one of them there. Which is good. They usually give the most self-esteem raising reviews. Anyway, time for me to stop babbling and get back to the cliff-hanger we left off at! Although right now I'm very tired and it's 22:46 so this'll be another short episode but tomorrow I'll get to writing a longer one.

Flaky stood rooted to the spot, covered from head to toe in warm, fresh blood that dripped to the ground and formed a pretty puddle at her feet. But Flaky was focused on something else. On the other side of the room facing her was a sight that frightened her so much that she couldn't even scream. Her pupils had shrunk and her very skin was pale, although you couldn't see it under all the blood. What she saw was a massive, seven foot tall rat. It towered over her as its long worm-like tail whipped around, smashing objects like it was a maniac with a baseball bat. Flaky began to slowly back away but the rat's eyes followed her. Every part of Flaky wanted to turn and ran away screaming but as she considered that, she remembered something. Her twin back in the mental realm had told her that she needed to save Flippy. She needed to be brave. Heroes don't run away. Flaky gritted her teeth and took a step towards the giant rat.

Flaky's fear of rats seemed to be pulling her away. Trying to pull her away. But Flaky wouldn't allow it, not anymore. Not ever. Things were going to change. The moment she thought of that, her eyes widened. Of course! How could she not have realised it earlier? She was inside her own mind so therefore she must be able to change things to her own will like magic right?
"Wrong" said a voice inside her. Flaky looked around wildly but the voice was inside her head, and it sounded just like Evil Flippy.
"Didn't your twin also tell you that I have dominion over this place? So long as I'm in control, you're not doing anything I don't want you to. But I'll allow a little freedom. Complete these trials and you just might win back your precious Flippy! Enjoy."
As soon as Flippy had finished talking, Flaky gasped in horror as the rat pounced, heading right for her.

To Be Continued Because I'm An Asshole