Summary: James has Logan. Logan as James. Kendall has any girl he wants. And they all had dreams. But what did Carlos have?

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A/N: Redo of 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong?'

Kendall Knight was any teenage girls' dream. Tall, blonde, and eyebrows. Who wouldn't want somebody with such confidence? He knew exactly who he was and what he wanted to be.

James Diamond was any teenage boys' and girls' dream. He had a charming attitude, loads of pride, and not to mention his all around complete talent and looks. What mainly attracted people was the fact that he was driven beyond belief.

Logan Mitchel was just straight up handsome. He may not be tall, but with the fact that he had dark hair and eyes, he was the complete package of looks. And he was also a rare case. How often do you get such good looks combined with brains? He was taking himself places.

Carlos Garcia was…adorable. Full of energy, kind, ready to give eyes of sympathy and words of comfort to anyone.

Kendall Knight. Born to be famous, whether it be singing or hockey.

James Diamond. Born to impress, whether he pursue singing, acting, or modeling.

Logan Mitchel. Born to achieve, and achieve he would, what with his medical school scholarships all lined up.

Carlos Garcia. Born to…amuse.

The Latino couldn't help but always feel like he got the short end of the four-sided stick his friend's shared. They all knew exactly who they were and who they would be when they got older. Carlos questioned his desires, he questioned his choices, he questioned his sexuality.

Kendall Knight. In love with a girl that flew out of his life.

James Diamond. In love with his boyfriend.

Logan Mitchel. In love with his boyfriend.

James and Logan. In love with each other.

Carlos Garcia. In love with his best friend.

Logan Mitchel.