Nobody should have a nose that long. It just shouldn't be possible. There was obviously no bone in it, or else it wouldn't bend that way. But if there was no bone, how was the nose able to stay stiff like that, without sagging? It was- it was…just…SO COOL!

Leroy had been sitting in homeroom for the past half hour, listening to the teacher drone on and on about the importance of writing in the school provided agendas, or was he talking about the evilness of cell phones. Whatever, it didn't really matter. What mattered, was that Leroy was bored and on the verge of screaming at the teacher if the man didn't shut up already. Luckily for the teacher, and the surrounding classmates (Leroy's shout was very loud and very high pitched) the teenager found something to occupy his mind.

That something happened to be the boy who was sitting across from him. The boy, who was obviously of African descent judging by his dark skin colour, was idly flicking at his impossibly long nose. Now, this usually wouldn't be such a big deal, but the boy's nose really was long and it would bend up so high that the tip would touch the boy's forehead, when pushed. So obviously Leroy was amazed.


Finally! There was the bell signalling that homeroom was over. The teacher was yelling over the students' voices, something about no dawdling in the hallways, but Leroy paid him no mind. Instead he quickly stationed himself in front of the long nosed boy with a newfound determination.

Leroy reached his hand out and…that nose truly was INCREDIBLE! It really was as bendy as it looked! And turned out, it did have a bone since it was slightly hard in the middle. But further investigations proved that the bone was bendy too! Unfortunately for Leroy his examinations of the long nosed boy's nose were quickly cut to an end.

"What the heck are you doing?" The boy exclaimed, swatting Leroy's hand away from his nose.

Leroy could only reply with a wide adoration filled eyes, and a gushing compliment, "Your nose is so cool!"

With a gigantic grin Leroy slammed both hands, face down onto the table and continued, "Let's be friends!"

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