If there was one thing Charles refused to cook, it was insects. It didn't matter how many times Laith begged him to make chocolate dipped beetles because they sounded interesting and so must be tasty, Charles would not go near the little monsters. His relationship with bugs was a long distance one, and both parties were perfectly fine with the arrangment. Therefore there should be no reason as to why Charles was being attacked by the horrifying demons at the moment.

"Get the hell away from me you filthy evil disgusting piece of soulless trash!"

It was a cockroack.

"I will kill you." Charles seethed.

The cockroach scuttled a little closer to where Charles was clutching the edge of the table. He screamed. It was a very manly scream.

The cockroach moved closer still and the door to the cafeteria's kitchen swung wide open. And lo behold it was Charles saviour! His superman! His very own knight in shining armour! His...marimo?

Shit, Charles thought to himself.

Greg guffawed loudly as he said, "Bugs. Really."

"Shut the hell up you stupid marimo!" Charles yelled.

"I ain't no marimo shitty cook!" Greg retaliated.

"You're hair is green and spiky. It looks like a ball of seaweed. Like. A. Marimo."

"AAAGHGH! Shut up you freaking bitchy fairy!"

Charles was furious, "You take that back shithead!"

Charles jumped from where he stood and landed a kick on the swordsman's chest. Greg easily recovered after a moments confusion and quickly drew his sword. He muttered darkly, "Oh you'll pay for that..."

The poor cockroach was completely forgotten while the two boys had their fun. It felt lonely and so crawled away into a hole in the wall. Some of his friends were playing poker, hopefully he'd be allowed to join in too.

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