Saturday Night, August 6th

Smoke hangs in the air of the small bar. It's thick and sweet like the bourbon I'm sipping. I can still feel his hand on the back of my neck…even though his touch has been gone for a few minutes. I still shiver and when I look up, I notice that in the dark corner where he's sitting, his gaze still lingers.

On me.

My heart races even more when I hear him speak into the microphone. I don't even know what he's saying. I can only hear the velvet sound of his voice. I can only see his green eyes holding mine.

Just like today in his apartment…in his bed.

Just like the all days before.

The screeching sound of another microphone hitting the floor pulls my eyes from his. I look to the front of the bar to find the woman picking it up as she stumbles a bit to the left and then to the right.

"Before I sing a song, tell me, right the fuck now," the pretty, but obviously drunk woman exclaims. "How many women in this bar have fucked Edward Cullen?"





The room spins.

The world stops.

And then, looking around, I want to die.





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