Wednesday Afternoon, October 12th

"Spread your legs for me, baby," he tells me, his voice a rough whisper in my ear as his body hovers over me. "Wider."

I do as he asks, opening my legs, pressing them out against the bed until my thighs touch the sheet. And it's so fucking hard because all I want to do is wrap them around him and pull his body down onto mine.

"Fuck yeah," he rasps. "Just like that baby…"

I look between our bodies and watch as he takes his cock in his hand, stroking it. The head brushes my clit with each and every pass of his hand. And I watch, completely absorbed as his tip begins to glisten with the evidence of how much I want him.

"Just…like…that," he says, all hot, wet breath in my ear. His voice is like silk over sandpaper, causing a shiver to run all the way down my spine. "Tell me what you look like right now…tell me what you see."

"Baby, please…" I whimper. I don't know if I can take much more of his teasing. "Oh, god…please…"

"Tell me," he says, his breath louder, labored. "Is your pussy wet? All pink and ripe…and ready for me for me to eat?"

My legs are shaking now, stretching with a deep red burn I can feel in every muscle.

And it's so, so good.

He is so, so good.

"I see you," I tell him and then he slowly and deliberately runs his cock between my lips. "Fuuuck…can't you feel how I'm so fucking…oh, god…wet…"

My words are senseless and lose all meaning the moment I feel him at my neck…kissing, biting and sucking my flesh into his mouth. And I can't hold it anymore. I can't stay here like this and not be wrapped around him. Not hold onto him while he pushes inside and fills me like only he can. I feel the tears, hot and stinging my eyes as he licks me.

"Oh, sweet girl," he purrs. "My sweet and beautiful girl…tell me what you want."

His hands reach out grabbing my hips and running down and up my legs before pulling them in and around him. My arms reach out and I cling to him…clutching and pulling him close. And there's so much relief in this moment… so fucking much that it leaves me breathless.

"You," I tell him. "I want you."


"Over me," I whisper. "Inside me…everything…"

"Then take me, Bella," he says, pulling back to look into my eyes. "It's all yours…everything I have is yours."

He presses in and plunges deep and I gasp because even with all the times we've done this, it's never less-consuming.

"Edward," I cry. "Oh…oh, Edward…"

"I love you," he says as he pushes in again. "God…I fucking love you."

And he does.

He always has.





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