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I have only a few things left on my check-list to get the cottage ready to be closed up for the winter. It's a cozy little house by the lake, only big enough for what we need - kitchen, living room with fireplace and a loft above to sleep. Pausing in my work, I look up through the giant picture windows and am reminded why we fell in love with this place. The view is magnificent. Through the cedars and white pine, you can glimpse the sun flashing over the lake like a dream, the somewhat rocky beach and our small dock with our sailboat.

This is our place. The first major thing we bought together, although the sailboat is technically a gift from me.

I sigh and get back to work, knowing Jasper will arrive within a few hours, having had to wait until after work to leave. I drove up a couple days early to try to get the bulk of the work done so we could enjoy the rest of the weekend together. We'll still need to dry dock the boat and cover the windows, but the rest should be finished before he gets here.

There are a few other things I've prepared for, but they have nothing to do with the house and everything to do with us being completely alone and isolated in our parcel of woods and lake. I can't wait to greet him as enthusiastically as I want and let him take me in the doorway should he be so inclined.

Just thinking about him makes my cock fill, the weight pressing against my jeans. I shift to change the pressure, and the friction makes me clench around the plug in my ass. I stifle a moan and then huff to myself. Standing here won't get anything done before he arrives. Grabbing the ladder and toolbox, I climb the stairs to the loft, determined to finally change the light bulbs that burned out over the summer and to fix that one stubborn window.

The afternoon sun is already waning by the time I can finally move the window freely within its frame. With that painful job done, I focus on the last remaining task on my list. I unfold the ladder and climb to the top, replacing the bulb in the ceiling fixture within seconds.

Smiling, I wipe my hands on my jeans and bend over to grab the ladder and climb down. My breath catches in my throat when I come face to face with deep blue eyes and a devilish smirk.

"Don't mind me," Jasper says, peering up at me through long lashes. "I'm just admiring the view."

I smile and pull him to me as soon as my feet hit the carpet. I press my lips to his briefly. "You're here early."

"Are you complaining?"

I pull back and look at him, raising my hands so I can cup his face, and then I kiss him soundly. His groan fills my mouth as his hands dig into my sides, and he returns the kiss with as much vigor. When we finally break apart, both panting, I can't stop my wide smile. "No. I'm definitely not complaining."

"Good." He takes a step back but keeps his hand on my waist. "So, what have you been up to?"

"Just getting a few things in order. The marina guys are coming by to deal with the boat tomorrow, and we'll cover the windows on Sunday." I look around the loft and mentally recall my list. "I actually think we've got nothing more to do today."

"A whole evening with no plans?" he asks, a playful smirk on his lips. "What ever shall we do?"

"Oh, I didn't say I didn't have plans." I grab his hand and run it over my ass, closing my eyes when he squeezes.

"Now, Edward. Do you have a surprise for me?"

I nod and bite my lip, knowing it won't actually be much of a surprise.

"Did you find my present for you?"

I nod again, and his eyes close briefly. When he opens them again there's a dark fire burning there, his desire for me evident.

"Do you like it?"

I shift my hips, feeling the new plug move inside me. My moan is cut off by his lips crashing into mine.

"Oh, fuck babe. You're wearing it now? That's so fucking hot."

I suppress my chuckle because I know him so well. Wearing any kind of gear while doing normal, domestic type activities has always been a huge turn on for him.

I nip at his lower lip, but lower my eyes to the floor. "I thought sir might like it."

He immediately switches roles, and I can feel the difference in him, the command rising in him. "I am definitely pleased, boy." He squeezes my ass again. "Let's see if it's done a good job."

I keep my eyes on the floor, but I hear the rustle of fabric as he takes off his jacket and throws it on the bed. I watch him kneel beside the toolbox, and then he turns to me and winks.

"Eyes closed. And strip."

There's something to be said about my standard working-from-home outfit - very little clothing to deal with in these situations. Just a few tugs to remove my t-shirt and jeans, and I am standing there, blind and naked. There's a strange ripping and peeling noise, but I turn my focus inward, calming my breathing and centering my mind. I hear clothing shift as he moves, and then I feel his warmth in front of me, almost touching but not quite.

"Excellent." His breath brushes my cheek and I feel a whisper of his hair against my shoulder. "Kneel, boy."

I fall to my knees in front of him, and I hear the tell-tale sound of a zipper being lowered. I am instantly assaulted by the scent of him, warm and musky and just Jasper.

"Open," he commands, and I part my lips, eager to serve and taste him after so many days apart, eager to be everything he could want or need.

He slides the head of his cock around my mouth, and I feel the wet stickiness of his pre-come coat my lips. I follow the trail with my tongue, and he taps my cheek with his cock. "Ah ah. I didn't say you could taste just yet."

I force myself to relax, force my mouth to wait patiently for him to enter it.

His fingers caress my jaw before his thumb slides into my mouth and forces it wider. I relax completely, and he pulls to the edge of pain before thrusting his hard length into my mouth and down my throat. The teasing from him had already mentally prepared me for this scenario, so I take him deep easily, my nose hitting the cloth of his pants before he pulls back and pushes forward again.

He removes his hand from my face and cradles the back of my head, fucking my mouth in a steady rhythm. He pulls at my hair and tilts my face up, changing the angle. "Look at me."

My eyes instantly snap open, and I see him staring at me intently, his blond hair framing his face and his lips slightly parted. He pushes further into my mouth, his zipper touching my lips, before pulling out completely. His rock hard cock glistens with my saliva, and I lick my lips with the memory of his taste.

"You look so completely fucked, boy. Your lips swollen from my cock, your hair a mess and your eyes filled with need." He beckons me to stand, and I do, finding his gaze still intense and fixed on me. "What is it that you need?"

I swallow, always wanting to please him but not wanting to change whatever he has planned for me. But most importantly, I know I need to answer honestly. "Please, I want you to fuck me, sir."

He smiles, and I smile in return that I have pleased him. "No other demands?"

"Not right now, sir."

"Excellent. Then let's attend to your needs then."

I want to protest, that I am here for his needs, but I know better than to disobey at this point. I answered his question, and I know it is his right to acquiesce or deny me. I take a deep breath and sink further into my headspace. My need is his need. We will both enjoy whatever he has planned.

He moves to the bed, carefully removing his dress slacks, tie and button-down shirt and picking up something from the side. "Follow me," he says and begins walking toward the door.

I'm confused for a moment, and become more so when he stops halfway down the stairs.

"Stand here and face the railing." He points to one of the steps, and I comply, my excitement increasing as I wonder what he has planned next. "Place your right foot firmly on that step, it will need to support you."

I do as he asks, even shifting so most of my weight is on my right foot.

He pats my ass with a smile. "Good. Now put your left foot up here." He pats the railing, and I tentatively raise my leg. "Then lay along the rail with your hands above your head."

I finally understand the position he's going for and eagerly move into position. I shift a little, getting the feel of putting my weight on the one leg with the rest of my body stretched along the railing, the cold wood a stripe along my overheated skin.

"That's good. Just a little closer together, bend your knee." This position makes my ass stick out toward him and he runs his hands over my back and down my crack, pushing lightly on the plug. "Beautiful."

Then I hear the ripping sound again and look back to see him unrolling the duct tape. He has obviously already unrolled and rerolled it, and as he tears off a large piece, he sticks it to the skin on his arm before wrapping it around my ankle. "Wouldn't want to damage the wood now would we?" he teases, but I know the precautions are all for me.

They're always for me.

He finishes wrapping duct tape around my thigh and hands and then leans back to admire his work. "You've been such a good boy for me. So kindly preparing myself without my even having to ask." I bask in his words and his touch as his hands wander over my body, skimming and squeezing, teasing and pressing.

I sigh as he pushes my ass cheeks apart and bends over me. "Make all the noise you want to, boy. Remember, we have no neighbors here."

Slowly, oh so slowly, he removes the plug from my ass, twisting and wiggling and hitting all my nerve endings.

"Please, sir. Please," I beg, laying my head on the railing.

"As my sweet boy wants." His cock is suddenly in my crack, rubbing against my lubed opening, the slick slide a welcome relief.

He pushes in slowly, cautiously. He knows that even with my careful preparations, he's still quite larger than any of my plugs. I moan as he fills me, as he owns me, as he shows me I am his.

"Still so tight and hot, even after wearing that plug." He pulls out and thrusts forward again. "Perhaps you need something bigger, something to have you loose for me. Is that what you want?"

All I can do is moan and press back into him, images of him stretching my hole with something bigger, something wider, pushing me closer to the edge I'm already teetering on.

"You cock slut. That's all you want is something stretching your ass. Doesn't matter if it's me or some piece of rubber."

I want to protest but then he changes his angle, driving every inch of himself against my prostate. The words are lost in my throat as he thrusts into me faster and faster, his hips pounding into my ass as the restraints hold me in place.

"But a piece of rubber can't fuck you like this. Can't make you pant and beg and scream. Can it?"

Words are no longer a thing I can muster, lost is all possibility of making comprehensible noises. I whimper, shaking my head, knowing he is the only one that can make me feel this good. He grips my ass, spreading me further, shoving himself impossibly deeper into me.

My whimpers become a steady moan accented by his grunts behind me, the slap of his skin on mine. He reaches one hand around and grips my swollen cock, jerking it roughly twice before I'm coming, my body clenching and pulsing and the world fading a bit at the edges. He thrusts through each one of my contractions.

"Oh fuck," he says through clenched teeth as he stills behind me, his fingers tightening on my hips.

He leans forward, his weight shifting onto me, and my knee collapses under the extra weight and the intensity of the whole scene. He wraps his arms around my waist, lifting me back against him.

He turns my face to his and searches my eyes. "No collapsing on me just yet, boy. Can you hold on for a few more seconds?"

I nod, though my limbs are beginning to feel like lead, all my muscles giving up at once. There's a quick movement by my head and my hands are suddenly free. When my left leg is released, my right completely gives out, and I feel that moment of weightlessness as I fall off the step.

But quick, sure hands hold me as I'm lifted into the air, his arms around me and my head against his shoulder.

"Just one more moment, love."

He climbs the stairs carefully, slowly, then I feel softness below me as he lowers me onto the bed. I hear him retreat to the bathroom, and a few seconds later there is a warm cloth cleaning me. As the bed shifts with his weight, I feel his lips against my skin as he gently peels the tape from my limbs.

"Almost done, love. Then you can sleep."

I didn't even realize my eyes were closed until he spoke again, but now that he has I force myself to open them.

"Are you okay?" he asks, worry coloring his words. "Did I push you too hard?"

"No, it was perfect. Thank you."

He stretches out next to me and wraps his arms around me, pulling me onto his chest. I close my eyes, snuggled and safe in his embrace. The world begins to fade, but I feel the cool comfort of the duvet slide over my body as he pulls it over us.

He places a single kiss on the top of my head. "No, darling. As always, thank you."


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