An annoying ringing sound shocked Quinn out of her wonderful dream and she silently cursed the maker of alarm clocks as she slammed the device from her nightstand.

"You really need another one," a sleepy voice mumbled behind her as an arm snaked around her waist: "I'll get you one of those IPod alarm clocks, then we'll wake up with music.."

Quinn smiled as she turned around in the embrace, pressing a sweet kiss on Santana's temple, nose, cheeks and then soft lips.

Santana was waking up pretty rapidly by the deliciously sweet smooches she was receiving so early in the morning and soon answered the ministrations with a soft nibble at Quinn's bottom lips, groaning as the blonde's tongue met her own.

After many seconds of sweet battling, Quinn pulled away, slightly out of breath: "Good morning."

"That made up for the annoying alarm," Santana stated, a mischievous smirk playing around her lips before she flipped them over and claiming top-position: "You still have to make up for waking me so early though."

"I would love to," Quinn purred, aching her back into her girlfriend, her fingers tracing random patterns on the brunette's neck and jaw: "But I really have to get up."

Santana frowned irritated, trapping Quinn by flattering her body against the blonde's, expressing her reluctance to let go, capturing soft lips with her own, trying to change Quinn's mind: "Or you could stay?"

"Oh, baby, you know I would if I could," Quinn whispered, soothingly sliding her hand up and down Santana's arm while lovingly looking the brunette in the eyes: "But I've missed too many classes these past weeks; I really need to go if I wish to graduate next year because not all of us are walking encyclopedias."

"Exactly," Santana beamed: "I can totally tutor you if you want," then she leaned forward, husking: "You can pay me in natura.."

"Tempting," the blonde purred teasingly: "But still no."

Santana sighed displeased, letting herself fall onto her side so that Quinn could get up.

The Latina watched very closely as her girlfriend undressed herself and stood practically naked in front of their shared closet, flashing a smile at the brunette's reflection in the built-in mirror.

Quinn dug through the piles of clothes for a moment longer before she settled for a simple jeans, white top and black blazer – elegant yet comfortable.

"You do realize that that's my blazer, right?" Santana question from her spot on the end of the bed.

Quinn smiled innocently, turning around and kneeling in between the brunette's legs, kissing her girlfriend's lips tenderly: "I like wearing your clothes, they smell like you and it makes me feel save."

Santana blushed slightly, clearing her throat: "Fine, I'll let it slide this one time.."

"Thank you," the blonde gave her another passionate kiss before going to the kitchen and searching the fridge for a good breakfast.

"I need coffee," Santana groaned as she sat down at the kitchen table, her head lazily laying on the counter.

On cue, Quinn switched on the coffee machine, spreading the sweet aroma of fresh coffee beans as she herself grabbed a slice of bread and threw it in the toaster.

"Oh god, I love you," Santana moaned as the hot cup of coffee was placed in front of her nose minutes later.

Quinn gave her a funny look: "Are you talking to me or the coffee?"

"The coffee, of course," Santana grinned widely before taking a sip of the beverage, then offering it to Quinn.

"You're lucky I find you so cute and amusing in the morning," the blonde grumbled, taking a large tug: "I have classes in the afternoon as well so I won't be home for lunch; will you be alright?"

"I'll be fine," the Latina reassured, pulling Quinn down by the blazer and kissing the blonde senseless; a promise for when she would get home.

"I'm off now," Quinn hummed contently, grabbing her toast and walking to the front door of their apartment, all the while waving and being waved at.

Santana sighed deeply as the door fell shut before taking a shaky breath; they had been hurting all night to the point of itchy and excruciating pain. That's why, as fast as she could, Santana's pulled of her shirt and took a sharp intake as her back muscles tensed for a second and they cut through her skin.

The brunette almost collapsed due to the extra weight but kept upright because it was unbecoming for an angel to fall to her knees, let alone an archangel.

Santana grimaced as she stretched the newly formed limbs, trying to get the cramps out.

After some flapping, the pain subsided and Santana began to dig through the cabinets cause the extortion of releasing her wings made her hungry.


She froze as Quinn called her name, her steps echoing loudly through the hall; in mere seconds she would enter the kitchen.

Santana yelled at herself to do something, retract those damme wings but she just stood there, an apple dangling in her hand lifelessly hanging besides her body.

"I forgot my keys-" the words died on Quinn's lips as she beheld the scene before her; her shocked eyes searching Santana's for any sign of explanation but all she got was embarrassment and guilt – not the best combo.

"How..?- What..?- You..?-" the blonde's throat was dry, she couldn't bring out full sentences.

The Latina said nothing, her head dropping in defeat, balling her hands into fists until her knuckles went white.

Hissing through gritted teeth, the brunette strained her muscles emotionally and physically and her wings were once more absorbed by her shoulder blades.

Quinn watched the whole ordeal, a sickening feeling making her head spin which forced her to grab onto the kitchen counter for some kind of link to the real world.

She shivered involuntarily at the cracking sound Santana's bones made as the wings completely disappeared within the flesh of Santana's back.

The next thing Quinn knew, she was falling down, the floor rapidly speeding up to her as everything else became the darkest black.