Control and trust

That were the founding pillars on which their relationship was built and every single day, every single encounter was a reminder of that.

Mostly on Santana's behalf, control was vital; lose that control and it could mean death for Quinn because she was a mere human, but that was what attracted Santana in the first place.

From the moment Quinn had pointed out that her mom wasn't home, Santana had known it was a bad idea, but her reason had been too weak to fight as the blonde's fingers hovered over her cold skin, spreading a warmth that was so addicting, so exhilarating.

And that's why, at this exact moment, she found herself in a very dangerous situation..

Quinn was beneath her, stomach flush against stomach, legs a tangled mess and thighs pressed in all the right, though dangerously wrong, places.

The blonde was groaning from deep down her throat, arching herself more into Santana as she tugged almost violently at the brunette's lower lip before sucking it back between her own.

A growl rumbled from deep within the vampire, reverberating through her entire body, eliciting a moan from the girl beneath her.

"I missed you," Quinn mumbled against her lips, barely disconnecting from the Latina as her hands slid from her neck to her shoulder blades, her nails raking over the exposed skin there – thank god for her love of wife beaters.

The feel of those perfectly manicured nails scratching her roughly awakened something primal within Santana, a roaring beast that wanted nothing more than to take this puny human and drain her dry, marvel in the helplessness of this weak being beneath her.

Santana tried to focus as she shook her heads lightly, taking a few deep breath; first mistake because the scent of Quinn's arousal and her want hit the vampire like a bomb.

Her second mistake followed swiftly after as she placed feather-light kisses along the blonde's jaw line, trying to distract herself and succeeding until Quinn turned her head sideways, wishing to grant more access and in the process fully exposing her neck.

Before the brunette could stop herself, her fangs grew to full size and her lips hovered over the pulse point of the jugular vein, the taste of blood pumping beneath a thin layer of skin tangible in the air.

She tensed as the urge to sink her fangs into porcelain skin grew to the verge of painful.

"Santana?" Quinn said softly as she turned her head back, worrying eyes looking at her pain-contorted face.

Santana opened her mouth to respond, to reassure but found herself unable to do so, her fangs gleaming in the dim light of the bedside lamp.

Quinn gasped at the sight, knowing how dangerous the situation had just become but still she could not contain the excitement racing through her as well.

"Everything's fine," she whispered, laying as still as possible, trying to even out her breathing and get her heart to beat slower: "It's fine.."

She locked eyes with Santana and slowly brought her hand to the vampire's cold cheek: "I trust you.. Completely.."

Santana's eyes widened as the blonde turned her neck again, what the hell was she doing?

This was wrong, Quinn shouldn't offer herself so willingly, she knew that; they had talked about it enough, they had talked about it too much..

"Quinn," Santana growled warningly, pleadingly, her lips twitching as she desperately battled for control of herself.

"It's fine," the blonde whispered those dammed words again, arching her head further backwards into the pillow and closing her eyes, accepting her fate whatever it may be.

Santana's eyes snapped toward the blonde's neck, zeroing in onto the spot where the vein pulsated along with the blonde's heart, making the skin make the littlest jumps and slowly that vital control slipped away, burying itself deeper and deeper beneath the lust for blood.

The vampire knew she had little time left to save this girl, who she loved more than her own undead life and so with the last ounce of willpower left, she redirected her bite before she surged forward.

Quinn gasped loudly as Santana's body collided with her own, her eyes snapping open and she was certain her heart stopped for a single moment before picking up speed again.

It took another five seconds for the blonde to realize something was amiss, there was no pain, no pleasure, nothing and she frowned deeply, turning her head to see Santana's buried deep into her pillow.


The vampire tensed before de-tensing completely against her body.

"That was too close," the brunette mumbled to herself as she sat up again, puffing the last feathers out of her mouth.

"You ruined my pillow," Quinn stated, seemingly shocked as she looked up at the Latina.

Santana rolled her eyes: "I'll buy you a new one," she muttered as she got off the blonde and sat on the edge of the bed: "You should be thankful that it was the pillow and not your neck."

The blonde sat up hastily, a scowl etched in her features: "I was ready! I was offering myself to you!"

"I noticed," the vampire bit back: "How could you be so stupid.."

"I trust you," Quinn said softly, reaching out for Santana only to have her pull away from the touch: "I thought that's what you wanted?"

"You thought wrong apparently," Santana muttered as she started to search for her shoes, socks and any other clothes she had discarded around the blonde's room.

"What are you doing?" the blonde asked confused at the other's actions.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Santana retorted irritated as she didn't find her second shoe before throwing the first away in anger: "I mean, Goddamit, Q! Do you have any idea how close that was, for fuck sake, we talked about it! We fucking talked about it all the time! You knew, you fucking knew!"

"I was ready!" Quinn shouted back, sitting on the edge of the bed and rising to her knees.

"No, You weren't!"

"Yes I was! I was ready!"

"No, you were not!" Santana said sternly, getting right up into Quinn's face, locking with fierce hazel eyes, burning with anger and sadness: "You think that you were but it wasn't real; you saw me in pain and your instinct told you to something about it which your brain translated as you being ready so that you could help me get rid of the pain!"

Realization dawned upon the blonde, hitting her like a ton of bricks and her shoulders sagged in defeat.

Santana smiled at the bitter victory and pushed even further, not because she wanted but because she knew that this was the best, the safest for Quinn: "Oh you didn't know? Did I pop your little pink bubble there?" she sneered, forcing herself to look at the damage she was inflicting: "The little Christian girl saving the lost vampire?" she snorted darkly: "You're no better than your father.."

Santana knew the slap was coming, knew she could easily evade it if she wanted to but she didn't even though it would hurt Quinn more than it did her because hitting a vampire was like hitting a concrete wall, still, she just needed to feel the blonde's warmth one last time before fully pushing her away.

"Get out!" Quinn hissed, tears stinging her eyes and her hand hurting like hell but she did her best to hide it behind a hard façade: "Now!" she added as Santana just stared at her.

The vampire seemed to got the message, slowly bowing her head before stepping towards the window and jumping out, disappearing in the black of night.

Bringing up Quinn's father had been a low blow but necessary to ensure her safety so Santana kept running, as fast as she could, ignoring the urge to go back and soothe the now crying blonde.

Quinn's tears were making wet circle on her ripped pillow but she couldn't care less about that fact nor about the feathers that were scattered all over her bed, all she could think about, all she could feel, was the pain in her heart.

Why would Santana say such a thing?

She was nothing like her father, she and her mother had both worked hard to purify the name Fabray, to disconnect them from that Tiran that dared once call himself loving father and husband.

"Quinnie? I'm home!" her mother called as she climbed the stairs and Quinn desperately tried to dry her tears before the door opened, unfortunately she could not hide it from her mother: "Oh dear, what happened?"

"It's nothing," she responded weakly and she tried to smile reassuringly but also failed.

When Judy saw the ripped pillow and the solemn look in her daughter's eyes, she made the link: "Did something happen with Santana?" she asked softly, sitting down next to her daughter.

Quinn had been able to keep strong, but now she just let go and cried her heart out, telling her mom everything that had happened and was said between them.

"It's going to be fine, everything's going to be fine," the oldest Fabray said, rubbing her daughter's back soothingly while rocking them both softly and she looked at the open window where a soft breeze was playing with the curtains, hoping and praying that it would indeed be fine.