Quinn wrapped her jacket closer to her body, momentarily cursing her mother for kicking her out on this particular and very cold night.

Judy wasn't a foolish woman, far from that even, she saw through her daughter like she was made of glass and so after two weeks of seeing her daughter do nothing but cry and mope around, she forced her out of the house, to see that one person who could make her eat and sleep like a regular person again.

Sure, it was dangerous, which Quinn had pointed out loud and clear, they were after all still some vampires who did not like them very much after what Russel Fabray had done so sending her daughter out into vampire territory was reckless, right?

Nope, Judy just shrugged it off and shooed Quinn out on her way..

That's why Quinn was now walking alone, on one of the darkest roads leading to vampire territory, clutching at her clothes as the wind tore over the asphalt.

She was constantly looking over her shoulders, stopping and listening carefully and peering into the shadows for any sign of .. danger.

She wasn't even sure if she was going the right way or not, sure Santana had showed her the way on a map but still she hadn't actually gone to the vampire's house and most certainly not when it was pitch black outside – because vampires could see in the dark, there were very little lights on these roads.

Quinn pulled out her cell phone into a shaky hand, she would call her mom and berate her on what a stupid idea this had been but of course there was no signal out there.

She sighed deeply and turned around to head back home because seriously, who was she kidding?

"Hello, beautiful…" a dark voice scared her and she actually jumped back, clutching her phone into a white knuckled hand: "Look boys, we got ourselves a little treat to play with tonight," he continued and there were some whistles and catcalls.

Vaguely Quinn made out around half a dozen shadows against the black night sky and she started to panic, trying to think of a way to get out of here: "You can't, I'm already taken.."

There was roaring laughter coming from all around her and she snapped at all direction, trying to see them.

"You're not Marked, love, you have no protector," the same voice said, the smirk evident in his voice: "But don't worry we'll take care of you, won't we?"

Quinn felt extremely cold and she tried to remember what Santana had once told her about Marking but it was difficult because Quinn had stared at her lips the entire time, nodding dumbly but not hearing a thing.

A pair of hands grabbed her wrist while a filthy tongue licked up her neck.

She tried to break free, tried to run, but she was powerless against a vampire's strength: "Please let me go," she begged desperately as more hand began to tear at her clothes.

"Don't worry, babe, you'll enjoy it… eventually."

Again there was a wave of laughter and there was a ripping sound, her shirt flew off her body and again there was a tongue where she didn't want one and she cried out at the top of her lungs in a desperate attempt to alert someone for which she was awarded by being roughly pushed to the ground, her head met the ground hard which made the world around her spin a little.

"What is going on here?" a stern voice made them all stop.

"None of your business, Lopez," one of the assaulters spat.

"Help me..," Quinn whimpered helplessly, on the verge of crying, before a hand was clasped around her mouth very hard.

"You are messing with my human," Santana said through gritted teeth, her hands balling to fists.

"She's not Marked so she's not yours!"

All hell broke loose around Quinn, she felt how those hands were ripped off her with force, there was yelling and shouting in the dark and after a few cracks everything went deadly silent except for her labored breathing.

It seemed like forever until the pair of hands was back and with her last strength Quinn lashed out at her assaulter with all her might but her wrist was caught before it could reach its target.

"It's not very nice to hit the person who just saved you," Santana let out a humorless laugh as she scooped the girl before her in her arms.

"Santana..?" the blonde croaked out in the tiniest voice before she clutched her arms around the vampire's neck and sobbing into it as she held on for dear life.


Quinn was laying on a comfy couch, surrounded by three pair of very interested eyes.

Santana's mother was currently tending to her wounds, which weren't so bad but she had insisted, and her little brother and sister kept touching her and marveling at the warmth, Quinn didn't mind because they were cute.

"Miguel! Maria! Will you stop touching her?" Santana gritted out irritated at her younger siblings, but the message didn't get through.

"But she's warm," the young boy exclaimed in utter wonder, softly placing his hand upon Quinn's abdomen for what must be the thirtieth time.

"I know she's warm," the older Latina sighed, pinching the bride of her nose in frustration: "That doesn't mean that you should touch her!"

"I don't mind," Quinn said softly, craning her neck so she could see Santana leaning against the doorframe and smile at the vampire.

"Well, you're stupid," the brunette mumbled, avoiding Quinn's gaze.

"Santana!" her mother admonished when she saw the hurt look in the blonde's eyes.

"Well, she is!" Santana defended: "She walked into vampire territory at night with no protection whatsoever when she knew that she wasn't Marked!"

"And whose fault is that?" Quinn retorted coldly.

Santana's mouth snapped shut and any response she had laying on her tongue died as she just stared at the blonde who was helped to sit upright by her mom, who found that it was time to leave them two alone so she hurriedly picked up the younger children and dragged them out, giving them the privacy they needed.

The silence stretched on and on as neither spoke or even looked at the other, it was deafening and absolutely killing Santana which was funny because she was already dead or at least undead or something.

"You're blaming me for what happened?"

"Well, if you would've just bitten me and gotten it over with two weeks ago, this would have been avoided," Quinn grumbled, trying to hold on to her anger but hearing the broken voice of the vampire made it especially difficult.

Santana sighed again: "I explained it to you.. That night when your mom was in New York, I told you all about Marking.."

Quinn's gaze fell to her fumbling hand in her lap: "I might've been a little distracted that night.." her eyes flicked to the vampire for the slightest second: "I don't quite grasp the concept."

Santana's features softened as she walked over to the blonde and knelt down between the porcelain legs, her hands resting on creamy thighs as she looked up into beautiful hazel eyes: "You want me to explain again?"

Quinn silently nodded, this time making sure her eyes were nowhere near the brunette's mouth.

"Marking a human is all about owning a human-"

"That's just rude," Quinn interrupted offended: "We are not property that can be owned!"

"Some vampires think that you are, that humans are mere vessels that keep their drinks fresh and flowing," Santana continued gently.

"Are you one of them?" the blonde asked in the softest voice, not meeting the vampire's eyes.

"I declined you when you freely offered yourself to me… I think that makes me one of the good guys."

"Sorry, I shouldn't have assumed," Quinn whispered, slightly ashamed but when she looked up she was met by a lopsided grin which in turn made her smile: "Please, continue."

"Well, when a human is Marked by a particular vampire, he will bite this human and inject some kind of hormone with a crazy-long name which I always forget," that earned her a chuckle: "The point is, other vampires feel this and know to stay away, it's an unwritten rule."

"Then why did you not Mark me?"

The million-dollar-question which had been haunting her for the past two weeks: Why had Santana rejected her?

Santana swallowed a few times, buying herself some time as she tried to come up with the right words: "It's.. not pleasant to be Marked, it is anything but pleasant plus we were doing.. stuff," her eyes pleaded with Quinn's to understand: "I had this.. urge, a bad one, if I had bitten you in that state of mind, I doubt that I would have been able to stop.."

It remained silent for a few moment where they just stared at each other as Quinn processed this new information.

"What is your state of mind now?"

"Quinn, no..-"

Santana removed her hands from warms thighs but as the blonde wrapped her hands around her neck, forcing her to stay in place.

"You cannot run from this forever, I need to get home safely which means I have to Marked," Quinn pointed out as calm as possible.

"I can take you to the border, there's no need for me to Mark you," Santana implored desperately, standing up and in turn pulling Quinn up with her, body clad against body.

"I love you," Quinn whispered, barely audible, as she pressed her forehead against the brunette's, momentarily closing her eyes: "And I trust you so why can't you..?"