The night was fark and cold. The Collie limped, her left front and right back legs were broken, her body was bloody and abused. Other dogs were luckier than her at that moment, being all cozy, warm, and loved by their owners. She was abandoned and seperated from her beloved brothers. They were her family and not some human kid or grown up.

What made things worse, was that it was drizling, a sign it would rain hard soon.

"Great, just great," she hissed.

A grey scarf was around her neck, but it didn't help her with the warmth she needed. Her vision was starting to blur and she shook her head hard.

"C'mon Shane, you can't black out now. Not when you're halfway there," she told herself.

Her destination was the docks. The only dog she knew who could help her was there with a couple of friends he knew. It had been a long time since she last saw him. A small chuckle escaoed her lips, until a sharp pain shot through her body and fell forward.

A crack, she tripped on a stupid, tiny crack. She mentally slapped herself, but now that she was on the ground, her vision started blurring again and she was slowly falling into unconsciousness.

"No," was her last word before completely blacking out.