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Why? Why did something like this have to happen to me?

Hi. My name's Akiza Izinski, but everyone calls me "The Black Rose."

They call me that, because of my powers. I got them when I was young. However, they are psychic powers, and they are not a good thing. When I duel, the monster that I play are real. You can feel them. Touch them. But worst of all, they can hurt you.

It's not that I enjoy hurting people. When I am Akiza, I don't want to injure them. Seeing them grab their legs, arms, or chest in pain hurts me inside.

However, when I duel, Akiza is gone. That half of me that stays deep down inside where it belongs. "The Black Rose" doesn't feel sympathy and pity for these duelists, because they know what they're getting into. They know I'm the girl with the powers and one of the best duelists that they have ever seen.

However, despite everyone saying I'm a great duelist and having psychic powers, I don't have one the most basic necessaries. I do not have a home.

My parents and I realized my powers when I was young, as I noted before. I was dueling my father, when he got a call for an important government meeting. When I didn't want him to leave, my powers appeared, and slammed him into the wall behind him. After that, my parents didn't want anything to do with me.

My father was never around and it was probably due to him not wanting me as a daughter. My mother was always afraid of me when I would enter the room. My own mother was afraid of me! Her own daughter!

Finally, when my father came home one day, he asked me to pack up my things. My parents and I arrived in a black limo, at another house, and I was told to get out. A butler had gotten my things from the limo's trunk and set it on the curb. A woman came out of the house and greeted me. Before I knew it, my parents and the limo, that they were riding in, was gone.

They had left me in foster care. I was 16 years old.

I was then shipped from family to family. At first things would start off well. I would meet the family and then they'd do something to celebrate.

They would take me out to eat and let me buy anything I wanted. Of course, they weren't too excited about buying one thing.

You see my chest is...well...quite large. In fact, I have to get custom fitted bras to fit them. The problem with this, is that they have to be shipped through the mail and the shipping charge is really high, probably due to them being made in China or some other Asian country. However, despite the charge, my foster families would insist that it was all right, especially now that I was part of their family.

However, the fun wouldn't last. You see, I use to go to Duel Academy. As the name shows, the school prides itself on dueling. It wasn't long before people knew about my powers and became afraid of me. When they found out, word spread like wildfire. The teachers started having me duel without my duel disk, the source of my powers, and instead had me duel the "old fashioned way" on a dueling mat. No matter though, as I still got very good grades.

However, the word about my powers still remained. Somehow, the word from school somehow always made it home. Out of nowhere, my foster family would confront me about my powers. Despite not saying a word about them, they found out, and I was stuck. I would then admit my powers to them and that I had caused injuries to duelists.

They would send me back to the foster care organization, as they did not want a girl with psychic powers that could hurt them.

This would normally be over about 4 months period and the cycle repeated, with me being sent to a new family, after one would send me back.

Finally, when I was 18 and had graduated Duel Academy, they put me in adoption. Yes, they can do that and the foster care wanted me to. I don't blame for doing this though. This way, they wouldn't have foster families that suddenly get stuck with a psychic person that could hurt them. Instead, someone would willingly have to adopt me.

As I sit downstairs in the play area, where many orphans are waiting to be picked, all I can do is sit in a corner on my laptop. I got it a few years ago and it's still in good condition. I bring it with me everywhere, because I honestly have nothing better do. Being online is great, because no one can truly know who you are. They can't judge you on what you look like or what powers you might have. As I surf the web, looking for nothing in particular, all the little kids run around during play time. Many of them are taught school by a teacher and they have all levels of grades from K-12 here at the orphanage. The ones that are too young stay here and play all day.

To be honest, I don't like kids. They can be annoying, loud, and obnoxious. Many of the kids here talk about getting excited when adults come to adopt someone. However, I can't feel the same way they do. No one wants to adopt me and no one will.

Later, I lay in my bed, which was a blue cot and a blanket. I toss and turn. I do the only thing that can make me forget where I am and all my problems. I imagine being with a handsome man, about my age, and I do this every night. While he looks similar every time, the same feeling I get does not. He makes me feel loved and special. He doesn't worry about my powers and sees the real me.

However, once I'm finished, I realize that it's just a fantasy. After all, there's no one out that feels the same way I do. No one would want to be with me, let alone date, or even marry me.

I sighed and try to get some sleep.

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A little ways away, on the top level of a large building, a young man sat on his laptop. He has spiky black hair with yellow streaks and was deeply into what was on the screen.

Soon, two children, both with light green hair, walked up to him. They looked very similar, since they are twins, and one's a boy and one's a girl.

"Hey Yusei," the boy said, "Whatcha doing?"

Yusei quickly closed the screen before the younger man could see what he was doing.

"Uh...it's nothing important Leo. What are you two doing up anyways?"

"Well...Luna and I have just found a big check in the mail, from our parents, and we wanted to put it to good use."

Yusei chuckled. "Let me guess. You want a new video game or something with electronics."

Luna shook her head. "No, we want to use it for something else."

"Well what can you use it for?" Yusei asked, "You own everything you ever could want."

"But we thought maybe you could give us some ideas Yusei. After all, you're very smart."

Yusei blushed. "I'm not that smart," he said, "Just like I'm not as strong as I look."

"That's not true," Leo said, "Except the strong part. You couldn't even lift that new chair we got last fall, so Luna and I had to help."

The twins laughed as Yusei rolled his eyes.

"You two know I'm not a body builder," he said, "Besides, what are you going to do with the money anyways?"

The twins stopped laughing and Leo walked up to Yusei. "Here, why don't I tell you the amount and we can go from there."

He motioned with his hand and whispered the amount to Yusei in his ear. Yusei's eyes became huge.

"Whoa! That's a lot of money!" Yusei said and Leo nodded.

Yusei rested his hand to his head. "Jeesh! You could have another kid live here with that kind of money!"

Leo and Luna's eyes widened.

"Yusei! That's a great idea," Luna said, "We'll adopt a kid!"

Yusei quickly tried to shake off the idea. To be honest, Yusei didn't like kids. After growing up in an orphanage most of his life, he was tired of having to deal with crying, loud, and obnoxious kids.

"It's okay you guys. We don't have to do that. Besides where are they going to sleep?"

"We have an extra room next to yours," Leo said.

"Next to my room?" Yusei said, "What about one of your rooms?"

"No," Luna said quickly, "We'll need them for when we want our own rooms."

"But you're 12 years old and still sleep in the same room," Yusei noted.

"So?" Leo said in defense.

Yusei sighed. 'I guess there's no way around it,' he thought.

"Before we start looking, are you sure that you want to adopt someone?" Yusei asked in a concerned tone.

"Yes!" the twins said in unison without hesitation.

Yusei sighed and quickly opened his laptop. He deleted the windows he was looking at.

"Why'd you close out of them?" Leo asked. "Because," Yusei said and quickly opened a new one.

They soon found a local orphanage, which was the one that Akiza was at.

"Lets get a cute new baby!" Luna said.

"No!" Yusei said.

"Please!" the twins said while trying to give him the puppy dog look.

"No!" Yusei said firmly, "Because I'll be the one taking care of it. Plus, then we gotta take care of it for the next 20 years."

"Oh, right," Leo said, "I don't wanna take care of a kid when I'm 30!" Luna nodded. "Good point Yusei."

"Lets make sure they're at least your age," Yusei said.

After filtering out many of the younger ones, not many kids were left. Leo and Luna then spotted Akiza.

"What about her?" Luna asked and Yusei clicked on her picture. Akiza had a straight face and looked a little upset.

"Why is her picture zoomed in so much?" Leo noted as the picture only showed Akiza's face, "Everyone else has almost a full body shot."

"Maybe they had a rush or something," Luna said, "Anyways, what does it say about her?"

"Well, she's very quiet," Yusei read.

"Just like you Yusei!" Leo noted.

Yusei smiled. "It also says she's online a lot."

"Just like Yusei," Luna noted.

"What?" Yusei asked, "I am not! I mean...I'm on it a little."

"What are you talking about?" Leo said, "You're on it like 24/7!"

Yusei sighed. "Well, I do have work, my runner, video games, and you guys to occupy my time, so I think you're exaggerating Leo."

Yusei worked as at Cashier at a local retail store., to help pay for college Although the twins offered him money to help pay for school, Yusei, being the stubborn person that he is, said he wanted to do it on his own. He soon got hired and had worked their for about a year.

"What else does it say about her?" Luna asked. Yusei turned to the screen, "It says that she's fantastic duelist, is very smart, and wants to go to college when she can afford it! She sounds like a great match!"

"She also sound perfect for you Yusei!" the twins said in unison.

Yusei rolled his eyes. "You guys are worse than Jack and Crow."

"Hey! It's not our fault that you've never had a girlfriend!"

"Well...I'm just too busy," Yusei said, "Besides, now we know what person we want. Tomorrow morning, before work, we'll call the orphanage."

The twins smiled and soon, a clock struck 12. "It's getting late you two. Off to bed," Yusei said.

The twins moaned and made their way to their room. Yusei tucked them in and said good night.

"It's too late to do what I wanted to do," Yusei said to himself, "I guess I'll have to do it in bed."

He then got ready for bed and brushed his teeth. As he laid in bed, he couldn't help but remember what the twins had said.

Yusei was always a serious guy on the outside, but deep down inside, he was a real nice guy. However, he would admit, only to himself, that he was a little shy when it came to the ladies. Not to mention the fact that he was clueless as far as romance.

As Yusei rolled from one side to the other, he imagined being with a attractive young woman, about his age. Yusei was able to hold her, comfort her, and he gave her a rare smile. He did this every night, because it helped him get away from him problems. Someone was almost always bothering him about never having a date. Not to mention, even his orphan mother Martha bothered him about the subject as well.

When Yusei was done, he remembered that it was just a fantasy. No woman wanted to be with him, especially due to the mark on his cheek. Even though entering New Domino without a permit was abolished many years ago, people still got the wrong impression of him. Despite it, Yusei didn't blame them. After all, it was an easy thing to notice.

No girl would marry him or date him, because they never have seen the side of Yusei that remains hidden. Besides, he wasn't the most attractive guy out there either.

Yusei sighed as he tried to get some sleep.

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