Chapter 24!

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Yusei sighed. It was a month since they had re-started school. Yusei had somehow made it through his women's body class without seeing a single bare breast or groin. Plus, if he ever had the opportunity, Akiza made sure that he didn't see one. Yusei didn't quite understand why she was doing it, but he had a feeling she might be afraid. 'Maybe, if I see one, then Akiza will be afraid that I'll have the same standards for her," Yusei thought, "Or maybe Akiza is afraid I'll pressure her into taking off her clothes or something.'

Yusei shook his head, as he ate his lunch at work. He would never do that to Akiza and he most certainly didn't want to see her naked. Yusei finished his sandwich, when he remembered something.

"Oh snap," he said, "I need to get my paycheck!" Yusei quickly got up and went to customer service.

Yusei quickly wen to the desk. "Liddy! I need my checks!"

"Checks?" she asked, "Don't mean check?" Yusei growled. "I forgot which week was pay week! Okay?" he asked as he tried to hold his anger in, "Now can I please have them?"

"Okay," she said as she slid a binder over to him, "Last name?"

"Fudo," Yusei said, "F-u-d-o."

She picked it up and three checks were stapled to one another. "3?" she asked, "3 checks?" Yusei snapped them from her grasp and quickly ran off.

"Thank you," he called as he went back to the break room. He quickly sat down and opened the checks. "Is this enough money?" he wondered. He shook his head. "No. It's not enough."

When Yusei got home, Akiza and the twins were already waiting for him. They were all set to visit Akiza's parents. They had started visiting them once a week and they were all enjoying it. Akiza, of course, visited them almost everyday, and she was more than happy to come over to their house.

Yusei got changed into his regular clothes. At their first meeting, Yusei insisted that they all wear formal wear and Mr. Izinski was surprised. He then insisted that they didn't have to wear anything formal or anything of that matter. "I told you so," Leo said as Yusei drove them home.

They all headed over to their house. Ms. Izinski had made apple pie for desert and they were all welcomed into the house with it's aroma. They all sat down on the couch and smiled.

"So Yusei, how's school been going?" Mr. Izinski asked. "It's been going good," he replied, "We're doing well in most of our classes. The history one's a bit harder, but we're grinding it out."

"How about you two?" Ms. Izinski asked. Leo was already bouncing off the ceiling.

"On Monday, we get to learn what the square root of 4 is! We put our answers into a hat and whoever is right and gets picked first gets extra credit," Leo said excitedly, "I know the answer is 4!" Luna turned to him. "It's 2 Leo." Leo slammed his fists into the couch. "Dang it! I thought it was a trick question!" Everyone laughed.

Later they all sat down for pie. "Can I get an extra big piece?" Leo asked and Akiza's mother smiled. "Of course you can," she said. "Can I have it with ice cream?" Leo asked again. Akiza, who was helping her mom, turned to him. "Leo," Akiza whispered, "My mother's not a restaurant." Ms. Izinski had heard the whole thing.

"Oh it's fine," Akiza's mother said, "Besides, that's how my mother served me growing up."

"It's also in all those commercials leading up to the 4th of July," Leo noted and Akiza's mother went to get the ice cream. Akiza continued serving pie and soon everyone was enjoying their apple pie and ice cream. "Can I get some milk?" Yusei asked and Mr. Izinski stood up. "I'll get it," he said as he went over to his wife. "I wouldn't want you doing all the work," he said and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Akiza's mother blushed as Hideo went to get the milk.

"I hope you're like that when you and Akiza get married," Luna said as she turned to Yusei. The two of them blushed. "Well, it is nice to think about," Akiza admitted. Yusei took notice of her comment. "I...I enjoy that thought too," Yusei admitted and Akiza looked towards him. She gave him a shy smile back and Yusei gave her one in response. Suddenly, Mr. Izinski came back, without hearing what they had just said.

"Who wants milk?" Mr. Izinski asked. "I would," Yusei admitted and raised his hand. Mr. Izinski came over and poured him a glass of skim milk. As Yusei drank, Mr. Izinski sat down.

"I'm going to the living room," Leo yelled, "There's a show on TV that has this girl with really big boobs." Akiza looked at him. "Don't worry Akiza. They're not as big as yours. Heck no one's chest is as big as yours." Akiza rolled her eyes, as Leo didn't get it. "Me too," Luna said. "I'll go too," Akiza said, "I'd like to see that show too." Ms. Izinski got up. "I'll join them as well," she said. That left Yusei and Mr. Izinski in the room. by Yusei

"Oh Yusei," Mr. Izinski started, "Didn't you want to talk to me about something a week or so ago?" Yusei nodded. "Yes sir, but I think I'll wait until better a better time." Mr. Izinski was a bit surprised by Yusei's response, but nodded. "I understand," he said and they finished up their pie. When they were done, they went to the living room, to join the others.

A few days later, Yusei went to a jewelry shop. He had lied and said that he was picking up some part for his runner. In honest, his runner was in perfect shape and nothing was wrong with it. To be honest, nothing had been wrong with it for a very long time. However, Yusei understood that the twins and Akiza weren't into Duel Runners. He didn't blame them at all for that and, to be honest, it was something that he could have as his private hobby. So, when he told them that a configuration valve was broken, they all shrugged and told him to go buy a new one.

There he was looking at the rings. To be honest, he felt a bit out of place, as he was wearing his usual attire. The employees were wearing much more formal wear, but Yusei knew of course that he wasn't going to buy something on the spot. He then looked over the rings. At first, he didn't really know what to get. He then asked an employee for help. "Daniel" it read on his name-tag and Yusei smiled at how friendly Daniel was. Finally, Yusei was guided to something he wanted.

A few months later, Yusei had cashed in his checks. He looked at his balance and knew he now had plenty of money to buy a ring. School was almost over, so he didn't have to worry about his studies getting in the way as much. Yusei then decided to withdraw the amount of money he needed. As the bank teller counted all of the $20 bills, Yusei couldn't believe just how much he was spending on Akiza. By the end, he had a wad of green money. However, for Akiza, it was worth it.

A few days later, it was time for Yusei, Akiza and the twins to visit the Izinski's. Yusei was more nervous than he was the previous few times. They made their way inside and Ms. Izinski had bought some chocolate chip cookies and milk to eat. As soon as they were done, Mr. Izinski was heading towards the living room. "Sir? May I speak with you alone?" Yusei asked. The senator nodded and he lead Yusei to another room.

"What is it Yusei?" Mr. Izinski asked. Yusei looked down nervously and then back at the senator. Yusei fumbled with his pocket, but managed to get the small box out. Mr. Izinski gasped. "Is that for me?" he asked. Yusei shook his head. "No. It''s for your daughter," he said.

""But Yusei, you haven't known her for a year yet. Are you sure you're ready?" Yusei looked up at him and nodded.

"Mr. Izinski, I have helped you and and your daughter reunite. I've helped her go from a person with no self confidence or control of her powers and turned her in a normal college student with dreams. I helped her so much and I know she'll make an excellent wife." Mr. Izinski smiled.

A week later, Yusei was taking Akiza out. He had gotten someone to take his shift at work, as he wanted the night all to themselves. He then took Akiza out to the fanciest place they had been to so far. Akiza smiled as Yusei had helped her to her seat and they talked about finishing their year of college together. Yusei said he will continue going with Akiza, even following her to whatever college she was going to transfer to. Akiza smiled and got up to kiss Yusei on the cheek.

After supper, instead of going home, Yusei started going in another direction. "Yusei, where are we going?" Akiza asked. "You'll see," he said. Yusei soon parked in a parking lot and Yusei walked Akiza over to a house. Akiza didn't understand why he had stopped here, until she looked at the house a second time.

"This is the orphanage where I was adopted from," Akiza said with a smile. Yusei then lead her up to the door. He knocked and a woman answered it. "Hello Akiza," she said sweetly.

"Ms. Johnson!" Akiza cried and she gave her a hug. They then talked about the orphans and a bunch had found new homes since Akiza had left. Akiza smiled as she looked inside. All of the orphans waved to them as they decided to make their way inside. After getting to meet some of the orphans and talking with Ms. Johnson some more, Yusei and Akiza had to say goodbye. They waved as they exited the house.

"Oh Yusei! That was fun! How did you know Ms. Johnson and the location?" Akiza asked.

"I looked it up and figured you'd like to see her again," Yusei said, "After talking with her, you were the orphan she cared about the most." Akiza blushed. "Oh Yusei." She leaned in and gave Yusei a kiss on his mark. However, as much as Yusei wanted to dive into another make-out session, there was something he had to do first.

He lead Akiza a short ways away. Yusei then found an opening that he knew was the perfect time to ask.

They stopped walking and Yusei steeped in front of her. They were all alone, with just the two of them. "Akiza," he said a little bit hesitantly. Akiza looked up to him. "I...I..."

Yusei quickly got out the box and down onto one knee. As soon as he showed Akiza the box, she knew what was next. "Akiza, I love you. I know it's been such a short time, but I know that you're the one for me. Seeing you happy and smiling, especially when your around me makes me heart race. I...just want you to be with me forever Akiza." He opened the box, to show her the ring.

"I love you Akiza. So...Akiza Izinski, will you marry me?" Akiza put a hand by her mouth and nodded. Yusei was right that it was such a short time, but she felt as though they were making the right decision. After all he had done for her, it would only be right to end up with him. Not to mention that she loved him more than anyone else. "Yes," she finally said and she stuck out her hand. Yusei took the ring and slipped it onto her finger. Akiza brought it up to her face and smiled as it shined in the light. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed.

Flash Forward

Akiza and Yusei were kissing on the alter. Yusei had Jack, Crow, and Leo behind him. Akiza had Luna behind her. As they leaned back, Yusei could sense Crow looking over his shoulder, trying to see Akiza's dress in a certain area (as if he couldn't see her during the entire ceremony). It was completely covered, but Crow was still fascinated none the less. Jack elbowed him in the stomach and Crow leaned back, holding his gut. Jack just closed his eyes and chuckled to himself.

As everyone cheered, Yusei and Akiza grabbed hands and made their way back down the aisle, with wide grins on their faces.

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