When I woke up I found myself on the ground. Unfortunately I wasn't in the hot pool anymore. I sighed and remembered the nice feeling of the warm water. Above me I saw various leaves, so I took it I was somewhere on the forest floor.

I sighed again and turned my head. I quickly withdrew my head when I saw some kind of weird creature very close to my head. It took a few seconds to realize what they really were; feet.

"What the…?" The feet were covered in brown fur and also kind of smelly, so it wasn't that hard to figure out that they must have belonged to Buck.

"Sorry about that," Buck said and withdrew his feet. I then sat up, supporting myself with my shoulders.

"Where are we?" I asked and looked around. As mentioned, we were in the forest. The vegetation above us had a few holes and the sunlight shone down through it, so it was obviously daytime. The thick vegetation around us formed walls that seemed to completely isolate us from the rest of the world.

"Don't know," Buck simply answered and waved it off, obviously not caring about our location.

"You don't know?" I asked, being back to my worrywart self again.

"Hah, maybe I should have left you in that pool," Buck chuckled, obviously not caring about my question – at all.

"Maybe you should have," I muttered. I got to my feet and looked around. I had no idea about how long I had been sleeping, but I felt all refreshed and ready for anything that could possibly happen.

"Anyways, what do you want for breakfast?" Buck asked me, and then I noticed just how hungry I actually was. My stomach suddenly growled and I then told Buck that just about anything would do… as long as it was edible.

Soon Buck got to his feet. He then took his knife and slashed the vegetation in front of him a few times and soon the forest behind it was visible. It looked like most of the dinosaur world from what I knew. There wasn't really anything special about it.

"Come on. I know a good place to look for breakfast," Buck told me as we strolled down a forest path. The forest around us was pretty much silent, and there were no signs of life at all. It was actually pretty nice. On the surface I would usually feel lonely, but down here, it felt nice when there were no living beings too close… especially the carnivorous ones.

"So what do you have in mind?" I asked him as we continued.

"Hmm… what about some fruit?" Buck asked after thinking for a second.

"Sounds good to me," I replied with a little smile.

"We can go find a Killer-Vine…"

"No," I simply replied. Killer-Vine is the name that Buck had given to the plants with long vines that almost killed us some days ago. I still didn't want to get near that plant again. Well, sure its fruits were very tasty, but still… I didn't want to risk my life for one little fruit; each plant only had one fruit and getting that fruit was very hard.

"Uh… okay… then what about…?"

"What about a normal fruit that hangs on a tree that doesn't try to kill us?" I interrupted Buck. I'm not usually a person who interrupts people, but I wanted to get some breakfast and have a chance of surviving for once.

"Or that," Buck replied and led me into the thicket of the forest. Soon we were out of path, and I could barely see my feet between all the vegetation. It was actually just like standing in water. I just hoped that nothing would grab me by the feet from under the vegetation and eat me or something. But down in this world, you'd never know.

Soon enough we came to a clearing. It was pretty big, and seemingly full of flowers. There was also a pond in the middle of the clearing, and a few small dinosaurs were drinking water from it. They weren't much bigger than us, had brown and green scales and had something that looked liked beaks. They seemed to live in a big pack – around ten of fifteen animals. But the most important part was that they didn't seem to be carnivorous.

When we got closer, they seemed to turn more cautious and looked over at us with insecure faces, but as soon as they realized that we weren't up to eating them – let alone harming them – they turned back to their drinking. Some of them even seemed to eat some of the plants growing on the ground.

I looked around for anything edible that Buck would consider our breakfast, and my eyes fell on a tree a little away from the pond. Some sphere-shaped, orange fruits grew on the tree, and I had never seen such fruits before.

"Right this way, 'Coon," Buck told me and led me towards the tree with the orange fruits.

Soon Buck had climbed into the tree and thrown down around ten fruits. It looked like much, but maybe that was just me. I still wasn't used to eating more than just enough to survive, but maybe I just had to get used to it.

"So how do you eat these?" I asked Buck as I turned one of the orange fruits in my hands. It was fairly big, almost as big as my head, and it had a nice weight to it. The surface was like any other fruit I had tried to eat down here, but it was still a little harder feeling.

"Like this," Buck told me and suddenly used his knife to make a hole in the fruit. He then slid the blade along the fruit, revealing that it was covered in orange peel. The fruit-meat under the peel seemed to be orange too, but also kind of white, as if it was fur or something.

Buck then cut it in half and gave me the one half. Now that it was cut in half, it seemed to be more fruit-like, and juicy. I looked over at buck who took a bite of the fruit, then back at mine.

It seemed edible enough, since Buck was eating it, so I carefully brought it up to my mouth and impaled the fruit with my teeth. Just as I did so, a sour, yet very sweet juice steamed into my mouth. I was a little hesitant at first as I got used to the taste, but eventually drank the fruit juice. Soon I took a bite of the fruit and it tasted almost just like the juice.

"It's actually pretty good," I told Buck as we ate. I had never tasted these kinds of fruits before, but they were so good that I knew this wasn't the last time I would.

"I know," Buck chuckled as we ate. Soon we had finished our halves of the fruit, and soon Buck had peeled some more. This time we got a whole fruit each. These orange fruits were just about the best thing I had ever tasted, and I just wished that Buck had showed me them earlier.

Later we were headed off to find Rudy… again. I had been very protesting at first, but Buck had just dragged me along until I finally agreed – don't ask. The main two reasons why I didn't want to find Rudy was because he was a giant killer-machine and we had already been close to dying. The second reason was that I wanted more of the orange fruits; they were good, even though I didn't know what to call them.

"So now what?" I asked Buck as we continued down the forest. I was a little nervous about finding Rudy again, but I tried my best to keep my cool and look relaxed.

"I'm pretty sure Rudy should be somewhere around the Plates of Woe," Buck said in a tone that sounded like he was speculating something, or discussing with himself and tried to make up his mind.

"So we'll just go look there for now," Buck said and threw his knife into the air and caught it again. He seemed to be very determined and mad. And by mad I don't mean angry-mad; I mean like insane, which I guess is what Buck is.

I just rolled my eyes at my friend and followed him as he took the lead. Soon the forest parted and we came into some kind of lowland with no vegetation at all – almost. There seemed to be some small bushes here and there, but that was pretty much it.

"Do we have to cross this field?" I asked worried. If we did, we'd be visible to all predators and if one chased us, we'd have a hard time hiding; unless Buck could fly somehow… it wouldn't actually surprise me if he could.

"Of course, Ring Tail," Buck chuckled and headed for the bare field. I followed shortly and soon we had abandoned the safety of the dense jungle. Buck walked in a kind of careless way, while I looked around for danger with every step. There was no danger in sight but you could never be too careful if you'd ask me.

"Aren't you worried at all?" I asked Buck when I had reached him and walked beside him. "Like, what if we were jumped by some kind of dinosaur?"

"Have you already forgotten rule number one?" Buck asked me in a serious tone. Of course, who could forget it? Always listen to Buck! Hardly anyone I guess. But who would have an easy time following it? No one in the entire world could that – not even me. Buck was crazy, insane, wild, brave, and a daredevil. He was the complete opposite of me, but maybe that was why I stayed with him; because I was the sanity and he was… well, everything else. I know it doesn't make any sense, but it sounded so much better in my head.

"No," I told him with a sigh. "I'm just worried about you… actually I'm more worried about the both of us."

"Is that so?" Buck chuckled. Obviously he and his weird, twisted humor found it funny for whatever reason. "You shouldn't. I know pretty much everything about survival down here, so we'll be fine."

His words comforted me a little – just a little. The only thing that did leave me a little worried was the fact that this knowledge seemed to overwrite any kind of logic… at least in my book… Maybe it was best to just do as Buck told me… I guess.

"Now, where were we?" Buck muttered and looked around at the bare fields. I just stood behind him and looked backwards instead… you know, just to make sure that we weren't ambushed, since Buck seemed to forget that direction.

"Eh… I guess we were looking for Rudy, right?" I asked him, feeling a little uncertain. Why? Well, because, to be honest, I'd rather be starving for a week than look for that giant monster… probably.

"Aye, let's get going!" Buck said in a very upbeat voice, sounding very, very confident.

"But do you even know what direction to…?"

"I have absolutely no idea, mate," Buck said in a very careless tone. I was about to protest, but he just headed off to a random direction. I stood there and looked at the ground, grumbling to myself. It was one of those moments where I regret ever following Buck in the first place. I looked up again, but the angered expression disappeared from my face and was replaced by a terrifying one when I realized just how far ahead Buck was. Suddenly I heard a dinosaur growl in the distance – sounded like a predator. I wasted no time and dashed after Buck, not wanting to end up like dinner.

Buck was just walking around, talking to me – he hadn't even realized that I hadn't followed him all along! He was telling one of his weird stories, and getting into one of them in the middle was even more confusing! None the less I knew that I was safe now – at least more safe.

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