Author's Note: I don't own Call of Duty or Halo. Now this isn't exactly much to do with CoD but it is modern day and it is a military story so that game seemed to suit it best. I've been fascinated with the idea of the Covenant coming to 21st century Earth and I decided to try and explore that idea in this fanfic. So I hope you like, and PLEASE review it! Keeps me going

Just another normal day in Hawaii. Just like every other day so far this July the sun was out and the volcanic islands once again basked in their paradise. The biggest waves in the Pacific this year were being recorded on the beaches and surfers were taking to the water in huge crowds. But of course like any other place in the world, some people still had work to do. At the Gemini Observatory, Dan Baker was trying to stay awake after spending all night monitoring the sky as blips appeared over and over again. Naturally Dan thought little of it, just another screw-up by the tech boys he thought. But as he got up from his computer screen to get a third cup of coffee, he heard a bleeping sound from his laptop. He stopped and turned slowly, his expression not changing as he checked the computer. An electrical storm was developing over California. Strange. California had been bathed in sunlight constantly for two months; it was in the middle of a huge drought. And for an electrical storm to just appear without warning was very strange. At any rate, Dan sat back down and picked up the phone, which was surrounded by coffee rings on the table. Once Dan's boss picked up the phone he could tell that his boss was tired and he became terrified that he'd woke him up.

"What?" asked his boss grumpily.

"Sir, you might wanna turn on the weather channel. We've got huge electrical storm readings all over California" said the jumpy Dan but his boss just groaned.

"You woke me up for an electrical storm?" he asked, holding back yawns.

"Sir this actually seems pretty big, it's covering the entire of California" Dan warned and his boss sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes.

"Alright Dan, you got my attention. Where's the storm centred?" he asked.

"Um, it formed directly over Los Angeles and its... holy shit" he suddenly said as his eyes widened at the sight of what his computer was showing him.

"Try to watch your language Dan" chuckled his boss but Dan interrupted him.

"Sir, you won't believe what I'm seeing!" shouted Dan as he ran a check on his computer to find out if he really was seeing it.

"Try me" said his boss.

"Sir, this storm is releasing 45 terajoules every five seconds!" shouted Dan, his eyes widening as the system check showed the exact same results. His boss bolted upright in shock.

"Double check!" he ordered.

"I have sir, no change! The news is saying that Cali is being ravaged by a massive storm right now. They're saying that there are fifty lightning bolts on the ground at all times!" said the wide-eyed Dan as he kept checking the data. His boss, whose name was Philip Smith, jumped out of bed with the phone still to his ear.

"Hang on, I'm on my way now!" he shouted and he ran to get dressed.

Once Philip arrived at the observatory twenty minutes later, seven other people were with Dan, all of them talking as they tried to figure out what was happening. Philips walked in and shouted over the commotion to try and calm everyone down.

"Can everyone just shut it and tell me what's happening?" he yelled and everyone looked at him.

"All our satellites are saying the same thing sir, and that storm sure as hell is happening" said July Goddard, who had put on spectacles to study the laptop screen better.

"We have hundreds of weather satellites up there, can someone please tell me why we didn't see the biggest thunderstorm in history until it just appeared half an hour ago?" he called out unnecessarily loud across the room.

"Working on it sir!" said Dan and Philip raised his hands in frustration.

"Alright screw it, I'm calling Jacob. He's in San Jose yes? Let's find out what the hell is going on" he said and he dialled the number of Jacob.

Jacob was sat in the front seat of his parked car when his iPhone rang. He cursed as he fumbled through his coat pockets for it; it was difficult to hear over the sound of the rain lashing down on the car from what seemed to be all directions. The fog was incredibly thick, making it impossible to see further than a few feet away. Jacob finally got his phone and answered.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Jacob, it's Philip. What the hell is going on over there?" came the panicked voice of Philip.

"Nothing's happening over here, by which I mean literally nothing. I had to leave San Jose, I'm somewhere outside LA. I needed to see my daughter, but I can't drive in conditions like this. I've never seen a thunderstorm like it. Why so panicky?" he asked.

"Jacob, no-one has ever seen a thunderstorm like it, it's the biggest in recorded history!" came shouts from Philip just as the sound of a lightning strike sounded not far away.

"What the hell are you talking about Philip? Try calming down and then I'll call you back. The weather can't last this long anyway, too much rain for the Pacific to hold, let alone clouds. Call you back" he said before turning off his phone. Back in Hawaii, Philip cursed several times before announcing that Jacob had decided to be a retard for the day. Back in his car, Jacob was shaking his head at the rain outside. It was pounding so strongly against his car he felt that it might break through the roof. But slowly, the rain began to slow down.

"Finally!" he said to himself and he watched as the fog began to clear. But something was different. In the sky he could make out the outline of a shape dangling in the air, which couldn't possibly be a cloud. As the rain went down into occasional drips from the sky, Jacob lifted his waterproof hood over his head and got out of the car. The wind had died down a little now but Jacob was interested by the shape. The fog made it almost impossible to see but the basic outline could just be made out. As the fog cleared, Jacob realised what it was and his heart stopped for a few seconds before pounding back to life so strongly it felt like it would rip itself out of his chest. There, hovering over the city of Los Angeles was a Covenant Corvette starship. It hovered silently and alone over Downtown Los Angeles, emerging from behind the clouds. Suddenly, a great blue flash of light went off near the Corvette and a massive slipspace portal opened a couple of miles away from the Corvette. In Hawaii, the sensors were screaming as a massive electronic spike appeared where the portal was opening. And out from the portal emerged a second Corvette over the outskirts of Los Angeles. Then a third portal opened and another Corvette emerged from the blinding blue light that bathed the entire city and almost blinded Jacob. The three portals stayed open behind the three ships, before they closed in an instant and the three ships hovered over the city.

Jacob stood rooted to the spot as he stared at the three huge ships that now dominated the space over the city. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, and he could hear emergency sirens all over the city. He ran back to his car and started up the engine. Once it roared to life he sped down the road making a beeline for Los Angeles. The entire way he couldn't take his eyes off the 800 meter long, purple streamlined ships that hovered gracefully. They were hundreds of meters in the air and yet still seemed so huge. Jacob turned on the radio, which was playing a news bulletin.

"Breaking news, as we prepare to go live to Los Angeles. Mixed reports are coming through of a situation taking place in the area. We are going live to our affiliate live in Los Angeles" said the anchorman of the news show and as he spoke, Jacob watched as a small red helicopter buzzed overhead, clearly a news helicopter. In fact, it seemed to be the very helicopter the news channel was using.

"We have live coverage from News Chopper 3. Are you there?"

"Yes I'm here. I'm looking at something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. There are three huge... alien ships hovering over Los Angeles. They just appeared there a few minutes ago and they are huge, I can only predict their size but they must be around 1000 meters long and 400 meters wide. There are people on the streets, thousands of them, and they are gathering underneath the ships taking pictures! I'm getting word that the military is deploying forces into the city" and as the reporter said that, Jacob turned off the radio. He didn't need to hear about what was happening, he had seen it himself and could still see it. Cars were leaving the city in droves as he entered the highway and kept going, still not taking his eyes off the ships. Cars had pulled over in the highway and people had abandoned them, instead taking pictures and just staring at the massive ships that now hovered over Los Angeles. Jacob finally took his eyes off the ships and focused on the road.

"God help us all" he said to himself.