Moving On
by Sophia Prince
translation: Montagh

The Express' stillness, the students' movimentation, the Slytherin green mixing with the colors of the Hufflepuffs, Griffindors and Ravenclaws. Nostalgia. His mind was suddenly invaded by memories he tried to leave in the past, where they should be. But it was impossible to avoid.

Then he remembered her scent, her heat, the taste of her. He remembered everything she had taught him. Not things about Transfiguration, Herbology... None of that. She had taught him what love was, she had taught him to believe that second chances exist. It had been her who had taught him that trusting people was something good and necessary.

And because of her he could move on after so much suffering, for it had been her who had shown him that, after every storm, you could always see the sunbeams at the end of the tunnel.

Until a sea of ginger hair flooded his vision and, among all red, the brown attracted him like a magnet. It was her. Holding hands with the little Weasley boy, followed by Saint Potter and the little Weasley girl. He had read about their wedding in several newspapers, but he hadn't bothered, because he knew it was "possible", after all, the others accepted them more and his family already considered her a part of the family, everything was easier and acceptable. Different from what they would be, completely wrong to the world and extremely hard for them. He knew he would need to face a storm for her and she, in turn, would not be able to face the storm which would come because of him. And he understood her. Malfoy and Granger. Two parallel worlds.

He felt the brown irises staring at him briefly. He stared back. And then abruptly he had that same sensation to be sucked into another dimension. At that moment, it all came down to their looks and to the accumulated amount of love which had been forgotten over the years. The glow printed on Hermione's brown eyes. There was emotion, and nostalgia. His heart seemed to have rediscovered that intense joy, it beat fast, it pounded. But soon the stupor ceased, when she broke eye contact, forcing him to get back to reality. His heart was hurt, but out of anguish. The beating was weak, he was dying from within.

And finaly he perceived what that anguish was. He missed her. He had never realized how much he really missed her, until he saw her after so many years at King's Cross.

He missed her, he felt that that flame was still lit up, he felt he still loved her. Much.

A weak smile appeared on the lips of his Hermione. She also missed him and was completely sure that that love still existed. But they needed to move on apart, but, still, together.

N/A: First DHr that I write and I'll be sincere, I loved to write with this ship. Really! Finally a plot that worked out and was concluded in the same day. Yay! Thank you, Puri, for betareading the fanfic. You're so kind.

N/T: Translation of "Seguindo em frente", by Sophia Prince, to the Ancient Runes OWL, in the Desafio de Hogwarts of 6v forum.