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A/N: Some of you have asked if Daniel from my God of death and the lightning child is Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1 so I decided to write this as an answer so: YES! Hope you like it.

Dr. Daniel Jackson was in his office trying to find out where the lost city was when Jack walked in. Daniel smiled at him though he loved Jack like a brother he didn't hold a candle to his brother Jack Potter. He would visit them as much as he could but he work kept him away from my family for a long time and he had been thinking about quiting multipul times but all he would need to do was think about the talk with Ash when she found out about his thoughts the first time.

'Your work his important. And no I don't need to know what it is to know it's important. And I know you're happy working there. We will not stand for you quiting something that makes you happy for our sake. So you go back to work mister and I will see you when I see you. I love you little brother.'

After that talk he would just think about Ash face to change his mind about quiting. The seer was scary when angry. He would rather fight with an army of jaffa than an angry Ashley Potter.

"-son. Earth to Daniel Jackson." Daniel shook himself out of his thoughts and saw that the rest of SG-1 was standing in his office looking at him weirdly.

"Hey guys, what can I do for you?" He asked and Sma shook her head.

"You could start with telling us what got you head in the clouds." Daniel shrugged.

"Family." He said simply. Jack frowned.

"You don't have any family remember?" Daniel sighed and took out a photo of the gang before Jack's first child was born.

"Yes I do. These are my brothers and sisters. Ashley and Duo Maxwell, Jack Potter with his wife Daphne. Tyler and Caleb are doing their second year of collage. Ally just finished Law School. Micheal or Timothy as he is called now is an NCIS agent while Marcus and Henry are doing their last year of MIT." Jack frowned when he saw Ashley.

"Wait I know her. She is one of the suvivors of the Maxwell Massacure." Daniel nodded.

"We all are." With that he left his office for some coffee. He really missed them all and couldn't wait for the family picnic this weekend. It was the annivercry of the massacure and like every year they would spend it together.

-The End-