Obviously, this is not a chapter, this is just a note telling you that the next chapter is done. You can either go to my live journal to read it (and please leave a comment because it would make me so unbelievably happy) or you can send me a PM with your email and I'll send it to you as soon as I can.

The reason I'm not posting it is first of all because of the amount of sex it contains but also for another reason that's linked to the first one. As you might have heard, there is a witch hunt for adult content going on right now on and I don't really feel like being banned because of prudes. Basically, the people behind this hunt are extremely rude and just plain mean to authors they decide to attack and the is only encouraging this group. I can honestly not bring myself to post anything on a page that encourage bulling. So for now, I will most likely not post anything on unless this changes.

Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope to hear from you anyway.

Lots of love /In2lalaland