If I remember correctly I promised to write more Dong Yi fanfics. So now I intend to fulfil that promise. This is just a short humorous piece featuring Dong Yi, Joo Shik and Dal.

Dong Yi sat on the stone steps holding her head in her hands. One might wonder why a girl such as her, young and healthy, looked so worried. The expression she wore was fit for the world's ending. She looked absolutely terrified. Yet fear was not the only emotion engraved on her face, shame and horror joined in. The disturbing visage was accompanied by soft mutters of 'I had no idea…' or 'How could I?' and occasional sharp whines. The arrival of Hwang Joo Shik and Young Dal seemed to send her even further in a spiral of pure despair.

Yet nothing could compare to the sudden white colour her face took as she was announced that His Majesty, King Sukjong, wanted to see her. How could she face him now? Dare she be in his presence after the horrible, horrible thing she did? She had after all stepped on the king's back. His back! And he gasped, she heard him. 'Dong Yi, you stupid girl, you've done it this time!' Her mind proceeded to mentally kick the girl while she was led away. Hwang Joo Shik and Young Dal remained rooted to the ground; twin shocked and horrified expressions marring their faces as they held out their hands in her direction.

I plan to add some more chapters to this fic, each a short drabble like this one.

You can suggest prompts or certain scenes from an episode.

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