I suppose I should've updated sooner. I do hope you enjoy this, late as it is. Set around the time of episode 32.

Awkward was the word to describe their first night together, in reality.

Dong Yi was unsure of what to do. Shyness and inexperience, along with nervousness make a trembling mess out of the courageous palace maid. She wanted something she could not name, didn't know how.

King Sukjong let his eyes rove her delicate shape. He noted with amusement that she was flushed and bashful, which in turn troubled him. Not in a bad way, his heart sped up. The though of being with her twisted him in pleasure. A mischievous smile, marked only by raindrops, lit his visage. He wanted her.

He got that, and so much more. She was all hills and valleys, round shapes and soft curves. It was a perfect match to his sharpness and straight lines. The pieces of the puzzle fit. The world was perfect.

The rhythmic pitter-patter of the pouring rain was the witness of it all.

Did'ja have fun? Yes my mind is full of 'pampampam'! Lol.