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Warnings: extreme angst, non-consensual sex, and language

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"Dude, chill out," James said from his seat on the couch as he leaned over the back to give Logan a reassuring smile. The shorter brunet chose not to spare a glance at his friend. Instead, he kept his focus on the small cell phone on the table. James sighed at the lack of response just as the front door opened. He turned to see Kendall closing the door behind him. The blond was wearing a pair of swimming trunks and an orange tank top with a soaking green towel draped over his shoulders. It was obvious he had just come back from the pool. He stopped and raised a thick, blond eyebrow when he spotted Logan chewing on his thumbnail as he stared at his phone. He rolled his eyes and continued on to the kitchen.


"He won't listen to me. I think his brain is fried."

Kendall laughed goodheartedly as he opened the fridge to get out a water bottle.


The brunet blinked. Kendall was unimpressed. He chugged down half the bottle of water before bringing his attention back to the nonresponsive genius. He frowned deeply.

"Logan?" he tried again.

But again, the shorter boy refused to respond. By this point, Kendall had acquired an annoyed expression, but James couldn't hold back the amused smile from splitting his face. The blond's body straightened out and James actually laughed at the fact that their blond leader looked as if he was about to stomp his foot down to get attention. Instead, Kendall slammed his half-empty water bottle right next to Logan's phone. The plastic crinkled loudly enough to get the brunet's attention for a short second before he dutifully turned back to his mobile phone. Kendall seethed.

"Logan! Calm down and j-"

"Bitches ain't shit a-"

Logan's eyes widened and his breath hitched loudly. He practically fell out of his seat despite the fact his phone was less than a small foot away from him. He answered the call eagerly, nearly poking a hole right through the device. The phone practically smacked the side of his head as he shouted out a nervous "hello?".

Kendall stepped back. His face scrunched up at Logan before he turned back to look at James. The muscular brunet shrugged his broad shoulders as he stood up. He stretched his thick arms high over his head and reveled in the sounds that were elicited from his body. He slowly made his way over to his two friends, closely listening into Logan's half of the conversation as he did so.

"Uh-huh…yes…and are you sure you checked his-"

Kendall's face was now contorted into a new look of worry. His toxic, green eyes couldn't choose between staring at the phone or the genius talking into it. His orange flip-flops squeaked irritably against the floor of the kitchen due to his nervous twitch.

"N-no, sir…yes, of co- what?...why do-…alright. Yes, I'll make sure to inform him. Thank you. Bye," with that, Logan hung up the phone. His head bowed down, allowing his gel-free hair to completely shadow his eyes. His right hand rose to hold the phone against his chest and his left hand gripped the edge of the table tightly.

Kendall and James shared a terrified look. The blond swallowed, his mouth suddenly very dry. He opened his mouth to speak, to offer any words of comfort like he was expected to. But instead, all that came out was a long, shaky whimper. The sound was so vulnerable, so not Kendall that James just had to pull the shorter male into his chiseled chest. The pale blond melted into the embrace, effortlessly finding reassurance between the familiar layers of muscle around him.

James shut his eyes tightly as he held on. The hug was just as much of an anchor for him as it was for Kendall. It felt like his world had just shattered around him. To be honest, it practically did. Poor Carlos. Poor, innocent, happy, little Carlos. Why did he deserve all this? What did he do? James could only hope that Logan would help Carlos through this now that they were together.


The tall heartthrob reluctantly pulled his face away from where he had apparently dug it into Kendall's hair. He looked through the strands of hair that fell over his eyes to see Logan shaking in the same, frozen spot. The pale boy's knuckles were turning white on the table under the force of his grasp. His shoulders were barely shaking, vibrating almost. James reached an arm from around Kendall to reach over and place his strong hand on his tense shoulder. The touch went completely unnoticed by Logan as his legs seemed to give way beneath him. His knees wobbled furiously before he tumbled forward onto the table. He supported himself on his elbows and placed the phone down.

"I can't believe this…," he muttered to himself.

"Logan, we nee-"

"Please…please let this be real," Logan interrupted.

"Loga-," James froze, confused by the other's choice of words, "wait, what?"

Logan tilted his head up, revealing a bright smile. The brunet's eyes were narrowed by the voltage of his smile. He let out a dizzy chuckle as his hand combed through his untouched hair.

"He's clean. He's clean. That bastard didn't win this one. We won one. Carlos won one."

James' eyes widened as he released a loud, surprised gasp. He retracted his arm, bringing it back around Kendall and tightening his grip without even knowing it. His body was rigid as he attempted to truly understand the meaning behind Logan's words. Meanwhile, Kendall had already realized what was going on. He slid his hands between James' body and his own and pushed gently, but James refused to let go. The blond began to struggle to free himself from the embrace, but the towering brunet seemed to be too distracted to even notice his futile attempts. He wriggled around helplessly.

"James, get off!" Kendall yelled abruptly. The muscular teen jumped and let go of the shorter.

"Uh…my bad," he smiled sheepishly.

Kendall offered a short smile and shrugged to show he wasn't mad. The indifferent look dropped instantly to be replaced by an angry expression as he snapped his head in Logan's direction. His expression dropped once again when he caught sight of Logan's. Despite himself, Kendall found himself smiling at the goofy-looking brunet. He rolled his eyes and coughed.

"Gosh, Logan. You've been spending too much time around Carlos. You're so sensitive now," Kendall joked in an attempt to lighten the situation. The teasing managed a laugh out of Logan. The genius stood up straight and ran his palm down his face as if doing so would wipe the stupid, crooked smile off.

"Yeah, you're right. I guess I got a little carried away," he explained, suddenly embarrassed by his earlier show of emotion. He smiled widely at Kendall and James. They were his best friends, his brothers. They were the closest people to him, other than Carlos, of course. It's been a couple weeks since the incident with Carlos, which means it's also been a couple weeks since Kendall and James have known and even more important…a couple weeks since Logan and Carlos have been together. Logan's cheeks flushed at that thought; however, he wasn't allowed any more time to blush because the subject of his thoughts came walking in to the living room.

"Hey…guys…," Carlos forced through a loud yawn as he closed the door to his and Logan's bedroom behind him. His mouth opened wide as he stretched his arms high over his head. Logan forced himself to keep his eyes away from the sliver of smooth skin that tempted him as Carlos' shirt rode up. He felt a small push on his shoulder that caused him to tip a little and looked to see Kendall grinning at him. He raised his eyebrow and was answered by the blond's own, thicker eyebrows wriggling up and down suggestively. Logan immediately felt the same heat from earlier travelling up his neck with a vengeance.

"Shut up," he whispered to the blond just before Carlos reached him and wrapped his arms around his shoulders.

"What, Logie?"

"Nothing, Carlitos," Logan said as he wrapped his own, slightly thicker arms around the Hispanic's waist. He leaned down and settled his lips against his new boyfriend's disheveled, black hair. His eyes closed on their own accord as soon as Carlos' sweet aroma reached his nostrils. He delivered a small kiss to the top of the Latino's head and smiled softly.

Carlos' smile was miles wider than Logan's, but lucky for him the genius' chest was covering it up. He hadn't bothered combing his hair after waking up just twenty minutes ago. He knew Logan found it cute when it looked like this. Carlos was only a little embarrassed by the fact he deliberately strayed away from his morning routine to please Logan. After all, for the past month and a half it's been about nothing but him. It's about time Logan started getting attention in return.

"I don't know how we never noticed how gay you two are."

Logan lifted his head and Carlos turned his head to the side. They both rolled their eyes, annoyed by their friend's joking comment. Surprisingly, Carlos was the one to respond.

"What's really hard to believe is how you still haven't noticed how gay you are, Mr. Eyeliner."

Kendall and Logan's mouths opened in surprise. There was a second of short-lived silence right before the blond and brunet busted out laughing uncontrollably. James' tan skin was tinted a familiar rosy color as he scowled down at the grinning Latino in Logan's arms.

"Why don't you come over here and say that to my face, shorty?" James offered with a frown on his face, though they all knew he was playing around. Carlos squared his shoulders and extracted himself from Logan's grasp. James grinned and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Well? What are you waiting for, Garcia?"

Carlos revealed his own, playful grin right before bolting forward and crashing full force into the tall brunet. Logan and Kendall's eyes widened at the same time James' grunt of pain reached their ears. Their jaws were practically hovering right over their feet as they watched James and Carlos roll around the floor while trying to gain the upper hand in their wrestling match.

The two teens watching on were wearing matching looks of shock for different reasons. Kendall was stunned by how easily Carlos was overpowering James on the floor. The tall teen was the strongest of the group. For Carlos, the shortest of the group, to take him down like that…wow. On the other end, Logan wasn't thinking about Carlos' strength at all. His swift mind was overwhelmingly stumped over his…boyfriend's behavior. Even with all the small wins he had been totaling up over the past weeks, for the short band member to just tackle the strongest of the group with a smile on his face…it was just unbelievable. Strange as it may be, Logan counted this little interaction today as another win. Another sign that things could only get better from here.

"Uh…maybe we should break them up. They're getting kind of-"

"James, wait!"


Logan and Kendall let out matching sets of groans as they hung their heads back in annoyance. The two on the floor seemed ignorant of the fact that they weren't just rolling around on the floor, but now they were rolling around the floor littered with small, sharp pieces of Mama Knight's favorite vase. Kendall's face pinched in frustration as he quickly made his way to the two, looking like a parent about to discipline their children. The smart brunet watched curiously as the blond attempted to yell over the pair of forceful voices without much success. Logan sighed.

"Carlos!" he shouted just loud enough for the Hispanic to hear over his own battle cries. The pair on the ground froze. Carlos turned his head quizzically to the side, light brown eyes staring down Logan's darker ones. The spiky-haired genius found the gesture insanely adorable for some reason. Never mind the fact that the Latino was straddling the towering member's stomach with both his hands fisted in his collar threateningly.


"The hospital called."

The reply was quick and to the point. Everyone in the room knew what Logan was talking about, but only Carlos himself was unaware of where this was going. His body seemed to wilt like an overlooked sunflower as his eyes suddenly found his fist over James' chest more interesting. A tint of red blanketed his face as a wave of shame hit him full on.


Logan flashed a quick, sympathetic smile. He knew exactly why the Latino felt embarrassed. He was the only one to accompany him at the hospital and he witnessed firsthand how much of a mess the Latino was. They had arrived at the hospital an hour after having breakfast, but hadn't left until around six in the afternoon. It took hours of convincing, but the doctors had finally allowed Logan to be in the room while Carlos was getting checked. Even now, just thinking about Carlos' trembling hand in his and the fat tears rolling down his red, heated face made Logan want to curl in on himself.

"Carlos, get off of me," James coughed out of nowhere.

"You're fine."

The expected response was a joyous Latino running around and bouncing off the walls yelling out chants of "Really, Logie?" and "I can't believe this!". Instead, Carlos slowly got up off of James stuck his hand out for the other to pull himself up as well.

"Good," he mentioned quietly with a genuine smile adorning his face. Although not as big of a reaction as initially expected, Logan could read the relief behind the Hispanic's mild features. His own, crooked smile made itself known, resulting in a simultaneous laugh from James and Kendall.

"I think this call for a celebration!"

"Smoothies!" James yelled decisively, getting everyone's attention. "On Kendall!"

"Wait, wh-"

James was off, making out of the door before anyone was able to register what was happening. Kendall glared at no one in particular.

"There is no way! All of you guys owe me money already!"

"Woo! Smoothies on Kendall!" Carlos screamed annoyingly as he followed James' lead and dashed out, making sure the slam the door behind him loudly. That left Logan and Kendall alone in the apartment. The blond raised a thick eyebrow, just daring the other to say something else. Logan had the decency to look embarrassed as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and smiled softly.

"I could go for a smoothie…"

With a roll of his eyes and an exaggerated sigh, the lanky teen walked away and motioned for the other to follow.

"You guys suck."

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