Later that night, Charlie and Lucy lay looking at the stars through a hole in the warehouse roof.

"What you gonna do when you grow up Chucky?" she asked

"I'm gonna be just like Cole is. I'm gonna find a gang o kids and I'm gonna help um. Then I'm gonna grow up and I'm gonna get big and strong and I'll be real smart. So when I'm all grown up I will tell people that they need to keep their kids cause its not fair that we have to live out here starvin' on the streets. Plus I know that some people probably want t' keep their kids but they die so the kids don't have nowhere to go. Then those kids can all find some gangs that are good. Like me. My mom wanted to keep me, I know she did. She pro'lly just died is all. I don't blame her none for it."

"I don't blame my mom none for what she did neither." Lucy replied "she always took good care o me an' Reef fore she got sick.

Listening to the children talk in the dark Cole let his mind wander. He let images come to mind that he repressed at all other times. He saw his mother laying still in her bed, his father looking at her and walking away out of the house and into the night. Cole trying desperately to wake his mother up, he knew she was fine she was just sleeping is all, just sleeping. He saw his little brother in the cradle beside his mother's bed waving his arms, and then he started to cry, his tears splashing onto his baby brother's face. Cole picked his brother up and took him out into the night, following his father. But when he got outside his father had disappeared into the thick blackness. That was the last time he saw his father, but it wasn't the last time he had reason to cry. The next night as he lay freezing in a gutter, curled around the still, dead form of his brother his tears flowed down his face, once more to land on his brother's. That was the last time he cried.

Lying on a rough blanket Cole thought of Charlie. He wouldn't let the same thing happen to him, no matter what. He was older now, older, smarter and more experienced. He would take care of Charlie in a way he was never able to care for his brother. They were a family now, Charlie and Cole Brewster. As Cole slowly let the soft velvet of darkness take him to the land of dreams he promised himself that he wouldn't let anything happen to his brother. He would keep Charlie safe.