Surprise Visit

Despite the fact that it was Hell Week and Kisa was completely and utterly drained, he still had the energy to throw his copy of the last issue of Emerald on the floor in frustration and storm towards the door. As he was putting on his shoes, Yukina opened the door, his art supplies bag over his shoulder and a look of confusion on his face.

"Kisa-san? What's the matter?" he asked as Kisa continued to stomp through.

The older man didn't even bother to put on a hat or coat, despite the somewhat cold weather that was waiting for him outside. "I need to go see Takano-san. He should be home right now. Don't wait up."

Yukina was left with nothing to do but look confused. Well, that and pick up the magazine Kisa had thrown to the floor.

One train ride later, Kisa was standing outside of Takano's apartment complex, staring up at it. All the editors knew Takano's address and had been told that if they couldn't reach him by phone, they were free to go over and discuss edits with him in person. He hadn't been over much, though. He was perfectly content with keeping work at work.

This time, however, he was sick and tired of his authors, and he was going to sic Takano on them. Not a single one of them had even tried to placate him by saying they were almost done with their pages. He would've preferred that they lied to him at that point, honestly.

By the time he got out of the elevator at the twelfth floor and reached Takano's apartment, he had the distinct feeling that something was off. He pressed the buzzer and waited, but no one answered. It was quite possible that he was mistaken when he thought he heard Takano say he was heading home. It was rather strange that the editor-in-chief would even leave the office at that point in the cycle.

Just to make sure, though, he rang the buzzer again. There was noise coming from the apartment beside Kisa's, but he had no idea who lived there. The few times he'd been over, he'd never seen anyone going in or out.

His ears perked up when he heard a voice, though.

"Takano-san, it sounds like someone is at your apartment."

"They can wait."

"What if it's Kisa-san or Mino-san?"

There was a long, drawn-out, and dramatic sigh as there was more moving, and then the door to the apartment opened. Kisa had been about to knock on the door, but he stopped and looked over to Takano. He was coming out of the apartment, the top buttons on his shirt undone and his hair looking ruffled.

"Takano-san?" Kisa asked, raising his eyebrows in surprise. He looked at the numbers: Takano's apartment was 1201, he was pretty sure, but Takano was coming out of 1202. "I'm sorry, were you busy?"

"Just having a meeting with Onodera," he said, nodding towards the door. Ritsu frowned at them both before closing his door, and a click that sounded suspiciously like a deadbolt being put in place sounded.

Takano, who still had his suitcase from work, reached into his pocket and produced his key so he could unlock the door. Kisa just stood there as Takano did so, staring at the door.

"Ricchan is your neighbor?" he asked, cocking his head in deep thought. Takano just nodded. A sudden smile came over Kisa's face, and he completely forgot the fact that he had almost fallen asleep on the train on the way over there. Takano wasn't someone that you wanted to tease, but when Kisa left, he'd have to drop-in on Ritsu. And maybe the editors from Sapphire would be willing to pay for a round of drinks at the end of the cycle.