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Konoha Hell High - When Hell Froze Over.

Chapter 1.

The Average Monday Morning.

Temari groaned and rolled over, looking at her bedroom door and narrowing her eyes, giving it the best evil glare she could muster at eight thirty in the morning.

This was due to the phone ringing rather loudly from where it was perched on a small coffee table in her living room.

She dragged herself out of her bed with a sigh and grabbed her dressing gown, muttering to herself in annoyance as the phone suddenly cut out, having rung for too long.

Suddenly a flash of white bounded in to her room and leapt at her, knocking her back onto the bed. The rather large white dog yapped at her and nosed her chin, trying to smother her face with it's rough tongue, licking her cheek thoroughly. She laughed hoarsely, coughing slightly to get rid of the croakiness, petting the dog's head and ruffling its ears fondly.

"Good Morning to you too Urushi. By chance I think you want breakfast." Temari smiled, her tiredness rapidly disappearing despite it being an early Monday morning. She frowned suddenly as another thought occurred to her.

"And Urushi, I swear to god if you've tried to bring me another present of a dead rabbit and have left it in the middle of the kitchen floor again, there is going to be hell to pay." She added, glaring at the dog.

Urushi's ears suddenly went flat and he bolted out of her room with the speed of a miniature rocket. Temari rubbed the side of her face with a small sigh of annoyance.


The phone started to ring again, it's insane ringing bringing a small tick of a vein to Temari forehead. She moaned to herself as she tied her purple silky dressing gown on properly on her way to the phone, muttering to herself about psychotic idiots who called at eight thirty on a Monday.

"Hello, Sabaku Residence." She answered tiredly, rubbing her face again wearily.

"Ah, Temari! Thank goodness you're awake!" The voice on the other end greeted her brightly, a little too cheerily for a Monday, which seemed suspicious.

'No thanks to you.' Temari thought. Suddenly she stopped her thoughts abruptly and stood with the phone to her ear in shock as she realised who she was talking to on the other end of the line.

"Kakashi-Sensei? Is that you?" She asked incredulously, narrowing her eyes at nothing in particular.

"Uhh, yeah. Last time I checked."

"Ok two things. Firstly, how did you get my number, you stalker. And secondly, why the sodding hell are you calling me so early in the flipping morning?" She asked him sharply, putting one hand on her hip as she held the cordless phone to her ear with the other.

"Temari! I'm not a stalker." He replied indignantly.

"Closet pervert." She reminded him calmly.

"Tch. Well. In answer to your first question, I tried your old house that you used to share with your brothers, and Gaara answered. He is on his own now, correct?" He queried.

"Yeah, Kankuro moved out soon after I did, leaving Gaara with the house." Temari confirmed, nodding her head in agreement.

"I thought so. Well Gaara, after having ranted at me about calling so early in the morning-" Kakashi started to explain.

"I totally agree with him, and if I get my hands on you-" Temari muttered over the top of him.

"and kindly gave me your number before rudely hanging up on me." He finished.

"Oh, good boy. I taught him well." Temari said happily.

There was a silence from the other end of the line and she frowned slightly. "Uhh, hello?" She asked, wondering if he had hung up on her or something of the sort.

"…I should have known." Kakashi muttered. Temari rolled her eyes skyward, or rather, ceiling-ward.

"And my second question?" She asked him.

"To be frank, I need you to come back to Konoha High." He stated.

"You mean Konoha Hell High. It earned that title because of me and the girls you know." Temari said proudly, totally missing the main point of what he had just said to her. Kakashi sighed from the other end of the phone.

"I remember…unfortunately."

What Kakashi had said seconds before suddenly registered in Temari's mind, and it set her into panic mode, not thinking it through properly.

"Hang on, you want me back as a student? Why? I'm telling you now, I got excellent grades-" She blurted out, gesturing wildly, and then remembering that she was on the phone and that he couldn't see her, making stop the wild gesturing rather quickly.

"Temari-" Kakashi tried to interrupt.

"you know? Five A's, two A*'s and the other four were B's!-" She continued to exclaim.

"TEMARI!" He finally yelled, nearly busting her eardrum even as she held the phone away from her ear, and still being able to hear her shouting her name.

"Ow! What? You don't need to shout down the phone at me." She grumbled irately.

"You won't be coming back as a student." He said, sighing heavily.

"Huh?" She said smartly.

"We need an English teacher." He said as calmly as he possibly could.

"…Are you joking? Because joking with me early on a Monday morning isn't a good idea as it could result in a death worthy of Gaara's AND Aranya's approval." She said earnestly, knowing that together Gaara and Aranya could most likely do a lot of damage when annoyed or angry with something.

"Indeed, and surprisingly enough, no. I'm not joking." Kakashi sad dryly.

"Why me?" Temari suddenly questioned, leaning back against the hallway's wall and tiredly running a hand through her loose hair which fell down to her shoulders.

"Because, as you said yourself a minute ago, you had mostly A's and A*'s. And I do remember, having been your English teacher, that one of those A*'s was in English, and you had the highest grade of your year for English, passing with 99%, which was better than a certain Nara genius who fell behind you with 97%." Kakashi clarified for her, making her uneasy as she shifted against the wall.

"…Yeah…But…Hang on a second. English is your subject…Are you leaving?" Temari asked in a panicked confusion.

"Wow, for a second it sounded like you care Temari." Kakashi joked.

"Harr. Harr." Temari said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Actually, I'm becoming the head teacher for a two weeks whilst Iruka is possibly going to become head teacher in another school for younger students. He's trying it out for half a month before he decides."

"And if he does accept it?"

"Then he becomes head teacher at said school, and I've agreed to become head teacher here, and it would be within my authority to offer you the place of English teacher for a full time job." Kakashi continued.

"…Hah. Good one. No really. Why?" Temari said, laughing shortly.

"I'm serious. School starts today, and I shall be seeing you within an hour. School starts at-"

"Nine thirty. I remember."

"Excellent. I'll meet you in your old English room." Kakashi said cheerily, hanging up on her.

Temari set the phone down and stroked Urushi's pelt as he brushed up against her, leaving her slightly stupefied at the rather odd call from her old English Sensei.

Temari glanced at the clock which hung on the wall in the rather wide hallway, which read nine o'clock.

"Ah hell." She said to herself, patting Urushi's head twice and rushing to the bathroom, for what would be known as the fastest shower in the history of the world.

Temari had decided not to take anything in to her new temporary workplace, apart from her keys and mobile phone.


Because she used to go to Konoha Hell High herself, and if her example of how she was as a student was anything to go by from three years ago, then she couldn't really see how anything would have changed by much.

She was dressed in a black shirt and skirt with a red ribbon tied around the middle, her hair tied back in it's signature four pony-tails as she walked in to her old English room, wiping a stray strand of her side fringe behind her ear.

She was considerably taller than three years ago, and her fan was strapped to her back, as she never left it alone unless it was at home and locked up safely in a box long black box which was usually kept safe under her king size four poster bed. There was one place that she had got the idea of that from, as a four poster bed, in her opinion, was just that much more comfy than a regular bed.

To her surprise, Kakashi was already waiting in the classroom for her, which just seemed odd and…almost wrong.

"You're early. You on drugs or something?" She asked him with a smile as she walked in.

Kakashi grimaced and face palmed. There was a whole class seated before them and were staring at her.

"Actually you're late. I'll introduce you to your new form class, and then the lesson plan is taped to the desk and it's over to you. " He said to her quietly enough that the students wouldn't hear them. Temari blushed slightly.

"Uhh, what are drugs?" One kid with small spiky hair asked.

"I heard that you can eat them and you get special powers." His mate beside him spoke up with a grin.

"I heard that they kill you." A girl with two ginger upright bunches said superiorly.

"But I heard that-" Another started to say.

"Class, you shall learn about drugs in your biology lesson with Jiraiya-Sensei in approximately three weeks time. In the meantime, if anyone takes drugs of ANY kind, then they shall be immediately reported to my office to suffer the consequences." Kakashi interrupted them all, glaring around the class as they fell silent.

"You really like this role don't you." Temari muttered sarcastically, making him glance sidelong at her.

"And you haven't changed." He muttered back dryly.

"I'm twenty-eight I'll have you know." Temari hissed at him.

"Ok class. This is your new form tutor, Temari-Sensei, and she will be teaching your English classes too. So be on your best behaviour for her and absolutely NO pranks this year. Ok?"

"Yes Kakashi-Sensei." The class chorused.

"Ok then, over to you Kura-Taka." Kakashi winked at her, marching out of the room briskly with a wicked grin as she discreetly shot him the one fingered salute, making sure that he saw, but the class didn't.

The class silently stared at her, waiting expectantly. She faced them and took a deep breath, drinking in the uneasy silence.

A hand went up, belonging to a boy who had brown hair and a blue scarf tied around his neck. Next to him was a very familiar face. Temari's nephew, Masa Sabaku, Gaara and Aranya's kid. She smirked and nodded at him in recognition before turning her attention to the blue scarf-ed boy, signalling for him to speak.

"Why did he call you Kura-Taka?" The boy asked.

"Uhh…Well…"Temari stumbled slightly, wondering about how she was going to be able to handle a whole class, looking around nervously.

"You can answer Konohamaru you know. It's ok, you can tell us. We're your form from now on." A girl with long brown hair said kindly, trying to be friendly.

"Yeah Coraru's right, better get used to us." Another boy with spiky blonde hair sniggered.

"Shut up Minato. Please tell us a bit about you Sensei! It'll help us to get to know you better!" A girl with shoulder length violet hair and milky white eyes said eagerly.

"Well…Alright, then…?" Temari answered, gesturing to show that she was slightly lost on the girl's name.

"Nayuri." The violet haired girl answered.

"Nayuri. And please, call me Temari. I can't get used to you guys all calling me Sensei. " She said, smiling slightly.

"Sure thing Temari." A boy with familiar red triangles on his face said.

"Yeah, what Ichiro said." Coraru agreed with an affirmative nod.

"Ok, well. I left this school about three years ago-"

"You used to go here?" Another student called out. Temari nodded, allowing herself a small smirk as the class gaped at her in astonishment.

"What was it like? Did you still have all the same teachers?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Are there any new teachers?"

"Uhh, a few I think."

"What were you like when you were here?" A rather stoic boy with black hair and onyx eyes asked in a calm monotone. Temari couldn't help but think that he bore a close resemblance to her friend Sakura's boyfriend, Sasuke Uchiha.

"To be honest? I was awful." Temari grinned as the class's face lit up in delight, expecting some good stories.

"You can't have been that bad." A girl spoke up, her clear green eyes clashing against her black hair slightly as she blinked at her.

"Oh I was. I had a pretty bad reputation. I was the leader of a small group called the Perilous Four." Temari said sagely.

"Hang on, YOU are THE Kura-Taka?" Someone asked excitedly.

Temari looked at them in shock as they all gasped in excitement.

"You guys have heard of me?" She blinked, wondering how she was still remembered even after three years.

"Yeah! There was four of your right? I mean, obviously, from the name-"

"Yeah! Kura-Taka, Naitokesutoreru, Akatobi and Itazura-Farukon! They were the most renown pranksters of the whole school!"

"Apparently it was them who made Kakashi-Sensei's hair go grey early."

"Haha! That's brilliant!" Temari laughed delightedly. "Ahh, good old Kakashi-Sensei." She sighed.

"Are you joking? He's the worst! Have you HEARD him when he shouts?" Minato asked incredulously.

"I used to be the brunt of it Minato." Temari grinned. "And after having been punished by living with him for a month and a week-"

"WHAT?" Nayuri burst out, blushing as she did so and poking her fingers together slightly.

"Are you kidding? It's really true? We always thought that Kakashi-Sensei was messing with us when he told us that." Konohamaru asked, his eyes wide with a new found respect, as were the rest of the class's.

"-Yeah, you heard me. And no, he wasn't messing. He gave me a black eye during training. Heard that one?" Temari giggled slightly.

More eyes widened at that.

"I hope you gave as good as you got back." Masa called out with a slight grin, sweeping back his short red and black streaked hair, the red parts of his hair being the only part of Gaara that he'd properly inherited as well as being moody when being told off. The rest of him mainly coming from his mother, Aranya.

"Hah! Yeah sure, I would of back then if I could of done. You do NOT want to get on his bad side, trust me." Temari warned. They all nodded back at her in serious agreement.

"So what kind of things did you do here. Did you play any tricks?" Minato asked curiously. Temari noted that Minato seemed quite friendly with Ichiro, and they both had the mischievous look about them that Temari herself had had when she was here.

"Well…I remember a few of them." Temari said after a few seconds of hard thinking.

"Oh do tell us!"


"I bet they were brilliant!"

"They must have been for you to have been talked about so often by nearly all of the teachers!"


"Ok! Ok! Well…As I said, I can remember a few. For instance, there was the sneezing pellet's incident." Temari said, grinning wickedly as she sat down on the edge of her teachers desk, looking at the sea of delighted faces which were lit up before her.

"I'll hazard a guess to say Ebisu-Sensei is still here, right?" She asked, met by a lot of nods.

She smiled, launching into her story, capturing the class as they pressed her for more stories about the legendary Perilous Four, laughing as she acted some of it out, engaging them as much as she could.

The lesson was full of chatter and laughter as they all got to know their new form tutor, taking her in bit by bit until they felt comfortable around her, feeling that they were able to talk freely around her.

"Miss! We have five minutes to go before the end of the lesson, when Kakashi-Sensei comes back, and you haven't taken the register on your desk!" A student called out as the lesson started to draw to a close.

"Oh shhhii-oot!" Temari said as she looked at the clock which read 10:55.

She darted for the register book and grabbed a pen from one of the drawers which was behind the desk.

"Ok…Uhh…When I call your name, answer and wave your hand up in the air so I can see where you are. Yeah?"

"Got it." Ichiro nodded, grinning.

"Ok, First up…Uhh…Ryu Aburame?" She called out, blinking at the second name slightly.

"Here." A boy with brown hair said tonelessly, his face covered by only his sunglasses.

"Setsuna Akimichi." Temari narrowed her eyes at the name on the register as she ticked it off.

"Here Temari-Sensei." The girl with long, bleach blonde hair answered.

"Akiri Hyūga." Temari said, looking out at the sea of faces to look for her.

"Right here!" The girl answered cheerily, her brown shoulder length hair whipping round as she stopped talking to the black haired girl beside her animatedly long enough to answer.

"Ichiro Inuzuka." Temari called, mentally gob smacked at the second names that she was calling out that she recognised.

"Yo! Yo!" The kid with the traditional red Inuzuka triangles on his face.

*"Moegi Rinasa."

"Here too!"

"Coraru Rock?"

"Over here Temari!" The brown haired girl said cheerily, waving her delicate hand up in the air from where she sat in the front row.

"Masa Sabaku."

"Over here bitch." He grinned.

"Watch it young man." Temari warned him as his grin only got wider. "Konohamaru Sarutobi."

"Yeah, I'm here Temari." The boy with the blue scarf affirmed for her, raising his hand from where he sat in-between Moegi and a kid named Udon who desperately needed a tissue.

Temari's mouth dropped in astonishment at the next name on the list.

"Izumi Uchiha." She stuttered slightly, staring at the long black haired girl who had been talking to Akira Hyūga.

"Kairi Uchiha." She called out the next name on the list.

The black haired boy who had looked a lot like Sasuke, now she realised that it was just the son of Sasuke, raised his hand in boredom.


Temari found herself quickly making a mental note owing to the thought that the two were obviously brother and sister. As were the next two on the list, she supposed.

"Nayuri Uzumaki."

"Here and kickin'! Kickin' BUTT that is!" Nayuri said happily, pumping her fist in the air as she then joined in with Izumi and Akira's conversation.

"Minato Uzumaki."

"I'm here too bitch." He answered, making Temari mock scowl at him as he shrugged at her with a huge grin on his face.

"Udon Yenari."

"Uh huh." He answered, adjusting his glasses which sat lopsidedly on his nose slightly.

"Ok then! Thank god we're just in time! That poxy Kakashi-Sensei can stuff that incredible timing up his closet pervert ass." Temari breathed a sigh of relief. She grinned at them all as she fixed her pony-tails, frowning at their horrified look on all of their frozen faces. Akiri Hyūga snorted slightly as she tried to hold in her laughter, her face indicating that she was threatening to let loose an explosive laugh.

"Kura-Taka?" A voice asked her dangerously from the doorway.

She squeezed her eyes shut and grimaced.

"That's him isn't it." She asked the class, her eyes still closed and grimace still in place.

"Yeah…Kinda." Nayuri whispered.

She opened her eyes and glanced over to the doorway to see…Nothing. It was just an empty open doorway. She narrowed her eyes and suddenly ducked instinctively, hearing the swish of wind passing over head as the class started to giggle slightly.

She smirked as she straightened up again and moved to the left slightly. He wasn't going to catch her out that easily.

Suddenly pain exploded from her left ear and she yelped as Kakashi raised an eyebrow at her in warning as she turned to look at him, his arms folded over his chest.

"Even past students don't get away with it that easily I'll have you know Kura-Taka." Kakashi reprimanded her as the class dissolved into bouts of barely contained laughter. "And certainly not you."

The class was having a hard time of not laughing now, and even Kakashi was smirking slightly, which you could only tell by how his mask was lifting slightly where the mouth was.

"Yeah, yeah. Class dismissed." She said waved it off, nodding her head in the direction of the door to her personal tutor class. There was a scraping of seats and hushed chatter, and as the last student got out the door and closed it, Temari could hear laughter ringing in the corridor outside and a lot of loud conversation.

"So." Kakashi said as he raised an eyebrow at her. "How do you like your new class?"

"They…They're great. And I got two rather big surprises from them all." Temari said, putting a hand on her hip as she stood up straight. He cocked his head to the left questioningly, indicating for her to continue as his grey hair followed the movement.

"One, most of them have the second names of those that I used to be in the same class as, and one has the second name of a teacher. So this indicated to me that a lot of my classmates have had kids, and I didn't know about it…So that came as a surprise."

Kakashi nodded with a smile. "I thought you might have noticed that, well, you best do your classmates a favour in teaching them well then."

"Mmm. And two…How is it…That they, and from what they were telling me, most of the school, know about the Perilous Four. About Kura-Taka, Naitokesutoreru, Akatobi and Itazura-Farukon and our mischievous doings…Of which I kindly gave them a full on update about." Temari said, smirking triumphantly as Kakashi groaned at the last sentence.

"Well, it seems that you four, as you told me earlier, made Konoha High into Konoha Hell High. There were also students who were in the younger years when you were there, who passed down the stories of your atrocious behaviour in classes-"

"I think you mean 'fun'-"

"And from there, the four of you became the legend of Konoha Hell High. When it was put to me in one of the math classes, asking if I had really been your form tutor, I could only answer the truth."

"…Great." She muttered, resisting the urge to roll her eyes.

"Now then, why not come and meet your colleagues in the staff room?" He asked chirpily, adjusting his Hitate so that it sat more comfortably over his hidden Sharingan eye.

"What." She asked in a dead voice.

"You're a teacher now Temari. You didn't honestly think you were going to be eating with the students now…did you?" He grinned mischievously at her as she groaned inwardly.

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