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Chapter 17.

"Sh-Shikamaru." Temari stuttered slightly. To say she was in shock was an understatement. Quickly her face adopted a cold, carefully blank expression. "What are you doing here?" She demanded rudely.

The genius raised an eyebrow. "I just told you. Weren't you listening? Besides, I have a lot to say to you."

Temari grit her teeth in anger and stood up abruptly, her chair sliding out behind her a way. "Well I have nothing to say to you, so leave me alone." She spat, turning on her heel and running across the hall, out of the door and into the fresh night air.

For a second, she didn't know where to run, so it was the blinding need to just 'run' that set her off down the streets, away from the school and sprinting down the entire length of the 'Konoha Tea Avenue*'. As she ran, angry, self-pitying thoughts ran through her mind, making her bite down hard on her lip to prevent her from hissing anything out loud in response to them.

'Why is he here? Why couldn't he just leave me alone? He's probably just here to humiliate me. Perhaps he sent Shikari to me in the first place, just to mess with me.'

Some part of her, a voice so quiet, told her that she was being unreasonable, but it was so quiet that she didn't hear it. Or perhaps it was just that she didn't want to hear it.

Suddenly a hand nearly grabbed her own, making her realise two things. One, he was following her. Two, she had slowed down. Wrenching her hand away, she sped up into a flat out sprint, determined to lose him by taking as many twists and turns down as many streets as she could, not daring to look back as she bolted past Ichiraku Ramen's, zipped past the movie theatre and Naruto's place, and dashed by the Hokage Residence.

Putting on a final burst of speed, she reached the base of the Hokage mountain and mounted the stairs as quickly as possible, reaching the top in what should have been a record time. She took a moment to regain her breath, stumbling forwards until she was stood upon Minato's - The fourth Hokage - head that had been carved into the rockface.

Stood near the edge, she took in the lights of the village before she convulsed once with a sob that nearly managed to escape her and slowly sank to the floor, her head in her hands and her knees drawn up to her chest as she held back from crying out loud, instead letting small tears escape the corners of her eyes as she gently rocked back and forth a little.

"This isn't the Kura-Taka I know." Shikamaru's voice sounded out from behind her.

Surprise that he had managed to follow her turn to fury as she whipped round to face him from where she was sat on the floor. "YOU KNOW NOTHING. YOU NEVER LET ME EXPLAIN, SO HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW? AND I CAST THAT NAME OUT. I AM NO LONGER KURA-TAKA." She screamed, the wind whipping away at her words.

"Then who are you?" He asked.

Temari's previous fury dimmed a little as she retreated into herself. "I don't know." She whispered, burying her head back into her knees as she turned away from him.

"And as to your other point. I do know." He continued, coming to sit down beside her as she raised her head, both of them looking out over the glow of the village. "I found out from your brothers about three years after."

Her body went rigid. "But you never said anything." Suddenly she shivered, the cold night air getting to her. Taking off his ninja jacket, he put it over her shoulders, to which she flinched away from at first, but he determinedly managed to put it over her so that she wasn't quite so cold.

He nodded. "I guess I was too afraid to come after you until now, when our daughter managed to take matters into her own hands. She takes after you in that sense."

Temari laughed shortly. "Yeah, I guess she does. But this doesn't make up for it." She hissed suddenly. "You finally knowing the truth of why I had to leave. For months on end so that my father didn't come and kill both you and Shikari. Why I nearly sacrificed everything. You cast me away, so don't think I'll just coming running back at your call."

Shikamaru watched as she stood up, his jacket sliding to the floor as he picked it up and put it back on.

"I was the best friend, the best woman, the best hug, the best kiss, and the best fuck you have ever had. Sweetie, you had me." She spat, turning and starting to run away again back the way she'd come.

"I know." He called out, making her stop abruptly. "And that's why I loved you...no, why I love you. And why I always will."

Temari's shoulders shook once.

"So...As troublesome as it is, would there be any harm in asking for one last kiss?" Shikamaru asked, standing up and gazing at her.

Her shoulders shook twice more. And again.

Suddenly she turned and raced back towards him, the droplets of her tears flying off of her cheeks as she did so. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she brought her lips to his in a fierce kiss, to which he responded in kind and deepened the kiss so that she nearly melted into his arms which were slowly sliding around to meet around her waist, drawing her to him as they pressed together.

As they broke apart breathlessly, Temari sniffed and choked on a sob, to which Shikamaru laughed once and wiped away her tears with his index finger. "I n-never stopped l-lh-loving you." She cried as she buried her face in his shoulder, allowing him to hug her close to him, wanting him to never let go for fear of losing him.

"Neither did I." He responded, gently rubbing her shoulder. "Neither did I. When I heard about you renouncing your name as Kura-Taka, I figured you needed me, no matter the past. Promise me something, Temari."

"W-Wh-What?" She hiccuped.

"Never lose your will of fire." He stated, resting his chin on the top of her head.

She laughed as her crying started to slow down gradually. "Y-You mean, what Guy-Sensei c-called my 'flame of youth'?"

Shikamaru chuckled. "I believe so." Then he got a more serious look. "Temari...Would...Would you like to get back together and...and come and live with me again?"

The sand kunoichi laughed once into his chest, her breathing now sounding as though she was back to normal. "Sounds good to me. Besides, it's about time Shikari got the full blown family deal."

He grinned as he glanced up to the stars. 'Thank you for being kind so kind to the both of us' He thought. "What are you going to do now then? You troublesome woman." Shikamaru inquired.

Temari drew back from his hug and took a deep breath before she smirked dangerously.

"I'm going to go and find my identity."

The next day, the students filed in to their empty classrooms, waiting for their teachers to arrive. However, they were...just slightlyconfused. I mean, could you call a classroom a classroom if there are no desks and chairs?

The students and Sensei's were baffled as they found that said objects were absent from every single classroom. Students and Sensei's alike were found heading towards the reception to report the missing items, and soon, Kakashi was on his way to the reception after a frantic call from the staff in there.

Upon turning up, apparently half of the school were there and as he arrived, they parted to let him through.

"What's going on?" He demanded.

"All of the desks and chairs have been removed from all of the classrooms." Asuma informed him. Kakashi narrowed his one visible eye, but as he drew breath behind his mask, a student called out and pointed to one of the windows.

"Hey, why are all the desks on the field?" They asked innocently.

Everyone turned to look. Indeed, the student was right. The desks had been laid out in neat lines on the field, even managing to look somewhat orderly as they had been aranged almost perfectly, the teacher desk and chair at the head of each line.

Kakashi fumed. "Everyone. On the field. Now. Get your desks, get them inside and start working. Be warned, when I find the person who did this, they are going to be in for a months worth of detention."

As everyone filed past with a grumble, one particular mutter caught his ear. "You've gone way too soft." He whipped around, trying to find who had said it, but there was no chance. Frowning, he followed them all out onto the field.

Izumi picked up her desk and carried it to her form room alongside her classmates, sidling up to them as she did so. "Hey guys, any idea who did this?" She questioned.

They shook their heads. "I'd love to know who did though, they have my respect." Ichiro sniggered, taking his seat on their trip back to the field and heading inside with it.

"Doesn't it feel slightly...weird, though? I mean, seeing as it wasn't us?" Shikari asked, biting her lip as she followed behind him.

Ichiro shrugged, but Minato nodded slightly. "Kind of...Hey look, Temari-Sensei left us a note." He pointed out, gesturing to the board.

'Sit down and take your books out, we will be writing down a few notes.'

As Minato sat down and looked up at these instructions, he glanced over to Masa, who also looked back at him with the same wary expression before glancing up at Temari who had just placed her teachers desk down from having fetched it in. They rarely ever used their books…it all seemed a little bit suspicious.

Nevertheless, Minato rolled his eyes and lifted his desk lid.

Or rather, he tried to.

He frowned, wondering why he was unable to lift it. It seemed as though it was weighted down, or stuck. Panicking slightly, he looked around the class to see whether or not they were having the same problem. To his astonishment, they were. No one was able to lift their desks, and they were having the very same thought as they looked around at one another in bewilderment.

Nayuri raised her hand, gulping as she did so. "Uhh…Temari-Sensei…I can't open my desk." She admitted, showing that she couldn't in a futile attempt to lift the cemented lid.

Temari narrowed her eyes. "Very funny Nayuri, just open the desk." She said, a thin smile on her lips.

"I…I mean it…It's impossible to open. It's like it's been stuck down." Nayuri said, a little shocked at the response.

"Nayuri. We've wasted enough time from having to get all the equipment back in here. Stop messing around and open the desk." Temari replied firmly, as though her patience was wearing thin.

Kairi decided to join in at that point. "Sensei. None of us can. It seems that the desk lids are unable to be opened." He said.

"Yeah, it's like they've been stuck down." Akiri agreed, tapping the desk a little, as though it was going to help.

"Or cemented or something…" Shikari added.

"Same here, it's impossible." Setsuna said.

"Enough!" Temari said, standing up and coming over to stand beside Nayuri's desk, silencing all of their protests of agreement. "This must be some kind of joke. One which I do not approve of. You are all playing some kind of trick on me, is that it? Well I don't find it funny."

There was a silence for a minute, broken by Akiri. She couldn't help it, the situation just seemed so funny, especially with the faces that everyone had frozen with. She snorted, unsuccessfully trying to muffle it into her hand.

"That's it. Stay here, I'm going to get Kakashi-Sensei." Temari snapped, flouncing out of the door angrily.

"Akiri! Why did you have to laugh! Now we're gonna get a bollocking!" Ichiro yelled to Akiri, who was still laughing.

"Hahaha-I-I'm sorry…Ahahaha! It was just…s-Hahahaha-so funny!" Akiri gasped through her laughter.

Shikari turned to Ichiro, a smile on her face. "Oi Ichiro. She's right…It IS quite amusing…really…" She defended her best friend.

"Yeah, I mean, the look on Temari-Sensei's face was quite funny." Izumi sniggered, hiding it behind her hand quickly as she noticed that footsteps were coming back down the corridor. "Shhh! They're coming!" She hissed suddenly, making silence fall over the classroom as Kakashi walked in with an angry Temari behind him.

Kakashi's single eye surveyed the classroom before walking up to Nayuri's desk and trying to lift it, just in case. However, it did remain stuck, unable to be moved. Taking a deep breath, he sighed underneath his mask and folded his arms over his well-built chest.

"Right. You have thirty seconds to own up." He stated.

There was a thirty second silence.

He threw up his hands in vexation. "Fine. If none of you will own up, then you can all meet back in here at lunchtime, in a whole class lunchtime detention." He said bluntly.

Cries of protest immediately went up, mixing into one another as they shouted, creating a mass confusion.

"But it wasn't our fault!"

"We came in, sat down, went to get our books out, only to find they were sealed!"

"That's so unfair!"

"We're not to blame."


"Shut up Minato, it's not a court case."


"Why would we seal OUR OWN DESKS shut?"

"SILENCE." Kakashi roared, making everyone wince, even Temari from where she stood just a little in front of the black board. "That is final. Detention, this lunch." He said firmly, taking that as his cue to leave.

They sat and fumed in silence, sharing angry, appalled looks at one another as they groaned mentally. Suddenly they looked up as they heard a quiet snort. It sounded again, and Masa narrowed his eyes in confusion, as did a couple of others.

Temari finally broke out into peals of laughter, catching her class off guard as she found herself having to hold on to the edge of the desk to support herself due to how hard she was laughing. "Don't bother going to the detention guys. They'll be fartoo busy to contend with a mere lunchtime detention." She advised as she regained her breath.

"T-Temari Sensei...Did you...Did you do all that? Putting all the desks on the field and sealing them shut?" Coraru asked tentatively.

"Yes. Yes I did." Temari stated proudly. Every jaw in the class dropped in astonishment and Temari grinned at them all. "Tell you what. Everyone arrange your desks into a circle. We're gonna play truth or dare. And EVERYONE has to join in."

Cheers and whoops were heard as they hastened to follow her instructions, hurriedly arranging their desks into a circle and nudging one another as Temari went and got her chair so as to join them.

"So how are we gonna do this...?" Konohamaru questioned as he lounged back in his seat.

Temari pondered it for a second. "Ok, here are the rules. We're going to go around everyone once, everyone including me has to do it and they can ask or dare anything they want. Nothing rude is allowed and no one is allowed to back out once they've picked. Sound good?"

Collective nods and murmurs of agreement met this, so immediately, Temari pointed to the east of the circle, straight at Kairi. "Uchiha. Truth or dare?"

"He'll be a pansy. He won't do any of it." Izumi snorted, leaning her chin on her hand as a couple of the others bit back laughs at the comment.

Kairi raised his eyebrow. "Dare." He stated, his voice still slightly hesitant as he sent glare at his sister.

Temari grinned, making the elder Uchiha swallow nervously, which luckily for him, went unnoticed. "I dare you to run into another class and scream a Harry Potter quote in there."

Standing up resolutely, he nodded. "Well alright then." He smirked, heading out of the door. Pulling a video camera out of his bag and hitting the record button, Ichiro hastened to follow him, nearly falling out of his chair in the process.

The Uchiha heir rolled his eyes, but swiftly jogged down the corridors until he came to a completely different part of the school. He meandered his way through the changing room, hopping over stray socks that had been left on the floor as he approached the two closed double doors of the Gym.

"Are you crazy?" Ichiro hissed with a hysterical snort.

Kairi eyed him, placing his hands on the 'push' parts of the doors. "If you're gonna make a scene, you've gotta do it right."

With that, he flung the doors open with a thunderous expression, panting as though he'd been running for hours. The netball game stopped and everyone turned to stare at him, confused looks on all of their faces, including Yamato's.

"He was their friend...and he betrayed them." Kairi started dangerously, glaring about him. "HE WAS THEIR FRIEND." He suddenly hollered murderously, a desperate look in his eyes which flickered with amusement as everyone jumped back in shock.

Not staying around for any length of time, he darted out of the doors and streaked down the corridor with Ichiro hot on his heels, both of them having to contain their laughter until they reached their English room, to where everyone was waiting for them.

"That, was bloody brilliant." Ichiro sniggered as the two of them sat back down, stroking Nasuada who yapped a few times and climbed up onto his shoulder.

"Ichiro, you got it on camera right? Oh PLEASE show us!" Nayuri pleaded.

Temari stopped him by holding a hand up. "Wait, if he films every truth or dare, we can watch them all back later. Does that sound like a good plan?" Everyone nodded in response and grinned. "Ok, Kairi. It's now your turn to pick someone."

Immediately, the Uchiha turned to his sister with an evil glint, who merely smirked in return. "Izumi. Truth or dare?" He questioned, his voice silky with underlying menace.

"Dare of course." She scoffed, flipping her long black and pink streaked hair over her shoulder.

Kairi's lips tilted at the side. "Go to Jiraiya's classroom and seduce him before violently rejecting him." He dared her, watching as her eyes went wide with horror as she stood up and turned to her Sensei.

"There's got to be a rule against that!" She exclaimed desperately, pointing at her brother accusingly.

Temari pretended to look through her non-existant rule book for all of three seconds before pretending to slam it to her desk pointedly. "Nope." She replied, popping her lips on the 'p' for effect as the others laughed at Izumi's expression.

Izumi nodded once and with Ichiro following close behind with his video camera, she headed for the Biology rooms, cursing her fate under her breath as she went.

Arriving outside Jiriaya's classroom, she rolled her eyes skyward and gave a thumbs up to the camera before adjusting her clothes to make them a little more...suggestive.

Then she opened the door, Ichiro diving to the side behind her so that he wouldn't be seen as Jiraiya turned to the door his eyes bugging out of his head in total all out perverted delight.

Izumi's hair was slightly ruffled and messy looking. Her skirt was slightly shorter on one side and her top had been pulled down a little, but not much. Add that to the fact that she was suggestively leaning against the door frame, and you basically had a rat trap.

"Jiraiya Sensei..." Izumi whispered, shifting her weight off of the doorframe and cat-walking down the rows of desks towards the star struck Biology Sensei, who was nearly bleeding from the nose. "I heard you gave me detention." She purred.

He snapped out of his daze just enough to reply. "I hadn't Sakura...but if you want I can-"

Jiraiya was cut off as Izumi suddenly slapped him around the face with a thunderous expression. "HOW COULD YOU. SO YOU'RE SEEING ANOTHER WOMAN? WE'RE DONE!" She screamed, high-tailing it out of the classroom and leaving a stunned Jiraiya behind her.

"Done." Izumi said smugly as she sat back down, a hysterical Ichiro in the background. "So, Akiri, truth or dare?" She asked instantly, turning to the friend sat beside her.

"Dare." Akiri grinned. "I can't let the Devious Quartet down now, can I?" Temari smirked with pride at that.

Izumi leant over and whispered the dare in her friends ear, much to the disappointment of everyone else who had wanted to hear what the dare was to be.

"No fair!" Moegi cried.

"We wanna hear too!" Minato added.

"Tell me after." Shikari merely smirked, fist bumping with Nayuri as Izumi nodded to them, watching as Akiri stood up with a huge grin on her face and darted out of the door, making Ichiro run to catch up with her as he readied his camera.

Akiri scuttled down the corridor until she came to Ebisu's room, she surprised the Inuzuka, the edges of skin around her eyes forming thin veins that stood out on her skin as her eyes themselves pulsed once with chakra. "Byakūgan." She whispered. Standing up straight, her face suddenly became blank.

"Loving the pink underwear Ebisu-Sensei." She stated, her voice devoid of any emotion whatsoever.

Ebisu's cheeks flushed red with a mixture of embarrasment and anger. "THEY'RE PEACH I TELL YOU." He screamed, pushing his glasses up with one hand. Akiri closed the door and retreated with a failed attempt of hiding an explosive snort that escaped as another scream echoed the first that was heard even through the closed door. "PEACH!"

The two student collapsed in hysterics the moment they entered the English classroom, Akiri all but rolling on the floor with laughter as her Byakūgan faded. Gasping for breath as she clambered back into her seat, she gasped out Setsuna's name, whose eyes widened.

'Finally! A chance to prove myself!' The Akamichi thought excitedly. "Dare!" She managed to squeak, imitating one of her mother's moves and innocently flipping her blonde pony-tail over her shoulder.

"Heh...Eheh...Uhmm...I dare you...to..." Akiri started as her laughter finally started to die out. "I dare you to...go to Tsunade-Sensei's class and shout out an Avengers quote."

"Alright then!" Setsuna crowed happily as she all but skipped out into the corridor towards the Geography room with Ichiro hot on her heels. As she skipped, her mind ran through all the possible Avengers quotes that she would be able to just roll off of her tongue, as it were.

Then the perfect quote came to mind, making her grin wickedly as she approached the door, not even hesitating as her hand pushed down the door handle to let her in.

"THIS IS MY BARGAIN, YOU MEWLING QUIM." She thundered, scaring the living daylights out of everyone in the class, including Tsunade, before slamming the door again and sprinting back towards the English room.

The moment she got back to the English room, her eyes picked out her dark haired friend and grinned. "Hey Coraru!" She called out. "Truth or d-"

"DARE, WITH THE POWER OF YOUTH!" Coraru yelled, pumping her fist into the air and nearly knocking her chair over with the amount of force in which she stood up. Everyone stared at her, slightly surprised at her outburst. Temari clapped a hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing. Some things really did carry on through the families. "Uhh, sorry. I'm a bit excited." Coraru admitted sheepishly as she giggled.

"O...k then." Setsuna replied smiligh as she started to think of something. "How about...I dare you to...Go into Guy-Sensei's class and circle him three times as fast as you can before escaping."

"Brilliant." Coraru grinned. Suddenly she pulled a small tube of sherbet out of her bag and quickly opened it, downing the whole thing in under five seconds. She shuddered a little as she felt a sugar rush run through her, filling her with excitable energy. "A little sugar boost is all I need." She explained, winking at them before taking the camera out of Ichiro's hands.

"Hey! I'm-"

"Not going to be able to keep up?" Coraru questioned, raising an eyebrow. "I know." She laughed as she turned it on and skipped out of the classroom, happily jogging down the corridors that twisted and turned until she came to the Drama rooms.

Already she could hear her target's booming voice. Biting back a laugh, she checked to make sure the camera was on, even though she knew it would probably come out as some kind of a blur. Then again, the Inuzuka kid could probably slow it down later.

Holding the camera tight, she threw the door open with a dramatic bang and flitted inside towards the shocked drama-Sensei. To everyone else, she was but a mere blur, a fleeting shadow that they eye couldn't quite focus on as she ran.

Coraru circled Guy once, twice, and managed thrice before speeding back out as fast as she could, darting down the corridor after having slammed the door after her departure.

Guy Maito frowned in confusion. He hadn't seen who it was, due to how fast they had been moving. Had he been less shocked, he would have been able to stop her and find out, but the thought hadn't occured to him, since it had happened so fast.

Back in Temari's English room, Coraru triumphantly handed the camera over to Ichiro. "You may want to slow that bit down, when you get there." She said, gloating slightly. Turning to Temari's nephew from across the circle, she pointed at him. "You. Truth or dare?"

The red-haired boy raised an eyebrow at her. "My name is not 'You'." He stated, sounding scarily like his father, Gaara.

Coraru rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. Masa, I know. Now choose!"

"Dare. Obviously." He chose, his voice still rather emotionless.

The dark haired girl nodded to herself and fiddled with her hair as she thought for a second, thinking of his abilities so that she could branch her ideas out. Her head suddenly snapped up and she grinned, running over to the side of the class and picking up the CD player, rifling through the CD's before she found what she wanted and readied it, handing the remote to Masa who was sitting there in confusion.

"Masa. You are to change into beach shorts and are to fly down all the corridors on a carpet of sand whilst pulling a sexy pose to the music that I have just selected." She announced triumphantly.

Masa raised an eyebrow and shunshin'd away for a second, only to reappear moments later dressed in nothing but dark blue shorts with palm trees on them and wearing huge sunglasses, making him look like a complete and utter pimp. Temari took one look at him and burst out laughing, not even bothering to try and contain it as he glared at her. "Oh dear, what wouldmy brother say if I were to tell him?" She pondered aloud, a huge grin on her face.

"You're not going to." Masa muttered as he held his hand out, his palm flat and facing the floor.

"Now. Place your hand flat over your broomstick, and say 'Up.'" Minato sniggered quietly.

Masa shot a glare that was half amused and half annoyed at the same time. Suddenly grains of sand multiplied in their millions to form a carpet of multi-coloured sand that waved around as they flowed like an ongoing river underneath his hand, quite literally becoming a magic carpet of sorts. Taking the CD player from Coraru, he jumped onto the sand carpet and laid down on it, putting his head on his hand and his other hand on the leg that was bent at the knee, pointing towards the ceiling in an incrediably sexy pose.

"Is this good enough?" He questioned, ignoring the hysterical laughter that erupted from his cousin and aunt, not to mention a few of his class mates too. Ichiro carefully placed the camera in the small sandy holder that Masa had thoughtfully provided on the multi-coloured carpet.

Konohamaru was all but rolling in his seat as he laughed almost silently. "You look like-"

"Don't even say it." Masa sighed.

"I was just saying-" Konohamaru tried again.

"I said don't." Masa snapped.

Coraru nodded. "You're good to go." She confirmed as he started to float out of the door, the sand shifting beneath him so as to continue flying. Suddenly she darted forwards and opened the door for him, pressing the play button as the door started to close behind him. Masa mentally groaned as 'I Predict a Riot' by the Kaiser Chiefs started to blare out from the speakers of the CD player.

As he started to float down the corridors, he began to get quite into it and turned the speakers up as loud as they would go, trying to contain his headbanging for fear of falling from his sandy chariot.

Masa gave the 'sup' nod to Yamato as he passed the stunned Sensei in the maths corridor, and raised a hand in a half-hearted wave to Kakashi as the Maths Sensei stared at him from his open doorway as Masa lazily drifted past.

He even joined in on the chorus, belting it out as loud as he could - and thankfully in tune - for every time that he passed a classroom who had their door open. If they didn't...Well, he just sang it even louder.

"I PREDICT A RIOT! I PREDICT A RIOT! AND IF THERE'S ANYBODY LEFT IN HEEERE, THAT DOESN'T WANT TO BE OUT THEEEEEEEEEERRRRRREE!" He sang heartily, matching the volume of the CD player as he floated past Ebisu's room, whose jaw all but dropped in astonishment.

Twisting and turning the haze of comfortable sand down the lengthly corridors, he couldn't help but smile as the gaping faces of other students and Sensei's peered out through their doors to watch him pass by, ogling him as though he was the Olympic torch that was running through.

Although finally, he ended up back to where he had started, just in time for the song to end. The door swiftly opened and he was ushered inside quickly, Coraru retrieving the CD player whilst Ichiro collected his video camera, which luckily, had remained undamaged by the sand. "Your turn dude." The Inuzuka reminded him.

"I guess my victim…shall…be…" Masa started, his voice deadly as he let the sentence trail off, making everyone shudder with as they stared at him expectantly. "Konohamaru, you bitch." He said, surprising people as he cussed, the word just rolling off of his tongue easily.

Konohamaru groaned as he sat down and leant his chin on his hand from where he propped his elbow up on the desk. "Truth. I'm not so keen on dares." He muttered.

"Would you rather kiss Ebisu or Jiraiya?" Masa shot back monotonously, the corner of his lips pulled up into a one-sided smirk.

"I'M NOT GAY YOU GIT." Konohamaru exploded, causing a lot of nearby sniggers and earning them deathly glares in response.

"I'm not saying you are. Now who would you rather?" Masa responded smoothly.

"…Neither…?" Konohamaru said weakly offering a tentative shrug.

Masa shook his head." Nu-uh, you have to choose one of them." He said, smirking slightly as his friend spluttered indignantly.

Konohamaru groaned. "Oh my kami...did it have to be those two?" He asked.

"Why yes. Why yes it did."

"GAH! I DON'T KNOW! EBISU!" Konohamaru cried desperately, throwing his hands in the air and flopping back into his chair in defeat.

Everyone was laughing, and Temari realized that that had been Masa's goal all along, just to humiliate his friend for having laughed at his own dare earlier. Temari smirked and shook her head. Her nephew was just too much like her brother sometimes. So much, it was scary.

"You better pray that you don't pick dare next time we do truth or dare." Masa said lazily, placing his hair behind his ear carefully as he smirked wickedly.

"Shut up Masa."


"Whatever. My turn." Konohamaru growled. Then he looked around the circle, but his gaze rested gently on the girl next to him, and his eyes softened slightly. "Moegi. Truth or dare?" He asked.

The ginger girl bit her lip, but she wasn't keen on being as brave as the others and picking dare, so she went with the other 'safe-but-not-safe' option. "Truth I guess…" She said quietly, smiling a little at her decider of her fate.

"Damn, I'm no good at coming up with truth questions." Konohamaru muttered. "Uhh…What's the funniest thing you've ever done?"

"Laaaaaame." Ichiro drawled, gaining a few agreeing nods as Konohamaru flipped them the bird, not seeming to care.

Moegi on the other hand, seemed rather relieved. She scrunched her nose up in thought, giving her a guinea pig-like appearance. Suddenly she brightened and leant forwards, as though letting them in on a secret. "Ok…I did something quite funny once, when I was bored and decided to do something for fun. Honestly, if they'd have traced the call back, I would have been done for." She giggled.

At the word 'call', everyone leant forward. Prank calls were ALWAYS good gossip. Even if it wasn't gossip, it was always good.

"Well, what did you do?" Kairi asked as Moegi nearly lost herself in a fit of giggles as she recalled the event.

"I hooked up two calls to Pizza Hut." She said, biting her lip as she giggled.

"HAHAAA!" Ichiro laughed, clapping his hands and high-fiving her proudly as Akiri snorted into her hand.

"You what?" Temari asked with a huge disbelieving grin, staring at what used to be the quietest girl in her form.

"Well, as I said, I was bored. I called up one Pizza Hut place….and then clicked it over to another Pizza Hut line, and they both…heehee…they both tried to take each….each other's orders whilst I listened in….hehehehee…it was very funny…." Moegi admitted.

"I wish I could have been there…." Minato sighed as the others around him laughed, wishing he had had the idea to try it. "Shame that kind of trick only works once."

Moegi turned to the boy beside her and the words shot out of her mouth as quickly as bullets. "Hey Udon, truth or dare?" She asked.

Udon gulped and accepted the tissue that Temari quickly gave to him, actually using it to clear his nose, much to the shock of his classmates. "T-T-Truth." He stuttered.

"I'm not too good for coming up with truths….uhhm….Are you jealous of anyone?" Moegi asked, glancing apologetically at the class as they shook their heads sadly at the weak truth.

"….Yes." Udon said quietly, avoiding everyone's gaze as they turned to look at him enquiringly. He quickly cleared his throat and nodded at Ryu. "Ryu. T-Truth or dare?"

"Truth." Ryu said, no-one able to see whether or not his mouth was actually moving.

"Damnit! Stop picking truth people!" Nayuri said, throwing his hands in the air much to the others agreement.

"Uhh…Uhh…Do you sing in the shower?"

"As a matter of fact, yes I do. It stops the bugs complaining about the hot water." Ryu answered honestly.

There was a pause.

"…Too much information." Minato muttered.

"Agreed." Kairi and Ichiro replied just as quietly.

Ryu turned to look at Minato, and the Uzumaki kid gulped slightly, but was relieved when Ryu then turned to his sister abruptly, making him smirk in triumph. "Nayuri. Truth or dare."

"Dare of course." Nayuri snorted, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I dare you, to walk into Asuma-Sensei's class and pretend to get some books, and if someone is near to you, scream something at them and run out of the room."

Nayuri had run out of the door before he'd even finished, she was that excited. Footsteps behind her alerted her to the fact that Ichiro was following behind her, and she checked over her shoulder just to make sure, grinning when the Inuzuka gave her a thumbs up and a cheeky grin as they arrived outside Asuma's door and pressing the record button on the video camera as she knocked politely.

"Come in." Came the voice from inside, making Nayuri quickly school her face until it no longer had its excited grin present, so that it was a serious 'business' look.

"Hey, uhh, mind if I grab a couple of books from the front? I think I left them in here earlier, is it ok if I quickly check?" She asked, walking down the rows of desks to the front where she pretended to have a quick hunt through to look for the non-existent books.

Asuma frowned at her and came to stand beside her, also checking with her to help her find it, hoping that she would get out of his class as quickly as possible so that he could resume his lesson. But this was what Nayuri had been waiting for. As soon as he stood beside her, she let out a loud scream, making him nearly drop the cigarette from his mouth in surprise.

"OH MY KAMI. DO YOU MIND JUST BREATHING IN MY AIR? IT'S MY AIR TOO YOU KNOW. BUT DON'T LET ME STOP YOU, JUST CASUALLY BREATHING IN MY AIR." She screamed, turning on her heel and flouncing out, slamming the door behind her as she and Ichiro booked it back to the English classroom. Ichiro was barely able to press the record button to stop recording as he laughed whilst they ran.

As they walked into the room, Nayuri stopped dead and turned raising her arm and pointing an accusing finger at Ichiro as he followed her in, making him stop and stare at her with wide eyes as he realized what this meant with a mental groan.

"Ichiro, truth or dare?" She asked.

"Dare, I guess." He replied with a shrug.

Temari then held up her hands quickly. "Stop. Stop for a second. Whilst Nayuri thinks up a good dare, with NO HELP, I want you all to sit and relax for a minute. Eat cookies or something, I don't know. I need to go and set a few things up, so we're going to take a five minute break. Ok? Just don't get too loud, else Kakashi might hear and then try to find out what's going on." She said, standing up and brushing herself down as she made to go out of the door.

"Setting up one prank takes you five minutes?" Izumi asked incredulously. "It shouldn't take that long."

Temari winked. "Who said I was just doing one?" She asked them with a grin, darting out of the door.

Everyone stared after her with astonished looks.

"My mother is so cool…" Shikari said quietly, her eyes full of awe.

True to her word, she took no longer than five minutes to complete her preparations.

Temari bounded back into the room, flopping down into her seat amongst the rest of her form. "Ok…" She said breathlessly. "Are we ready? We've got approximately twenty minutes until the end of the lesson. So, where were we?"

Nayuri nodded to Ichiro. "I was about to give Ichiro his dare." She reminded her, making Temari give a little 'ah' as she remembered, gesturing for them to continue as Nayuri smirked wickedly at Ichiro, and making his cocky grin falter slightly. "Ok then Inuzuka. I dare you to go and hang upside down from the disco ball in the middle of the hall and scream for help until a Sensei comes to get you down."

Ichiro stared at her, and everyone gaped with huge grins. Temari, however, cracked up and was clapping her hands in appreciation. 'Definitely a daughter of Akatobi and the Artful Dodger.' She thought to herself as she grinned happily, her cackling dying down a little and watching with the rest of his class as Ichiro stood up. 'But what is the son of one of the Three Mischievous Musketeers going to do?' She pondered.

"Your bark is worse than your bite. Just you watch." He said, grinning so that the red triangles on his cheeks widened and glistened slightly in the light. He quickly fastened his videocamera underneath his shirt and concealed it carefully, but so that it would still capture everything. Making sure everything was sat, he took off at a run.

The class waited, most hanging around the door so that they would be able to hear it better when he started shouting. Their faces lined the doorway, a small river of faces that peeked around it and looked down the hallways as their bodies jammed steadfast in the doorframe.

There was a silence.

"Do you think he bailed?" Masa asked quietly.

"Shhh." Shikari hissed, flapping her hand at him from where she was positioned above him slightly.

"I was only aski-"

"SHHHH!" The whole class hissed at him, silencing him completely so that he scowled and muttered to himself in his head so as not to provoke his classmates further. Temari watched in amusement as she laid back in her chair, knowing what was about to come next.


Temari laughed as the unexpected holler of the boy knocked all his classmates back into the classroom with astonishment, falling on top of one another in their surprise as they were released from the door frame and tumbling backwards into a heap. The screaming continued.


"Think we should help him?" Kairi asked, a smile on his lips.

"No, leave him until a Sensei goes to get him. We need to hear his excuse." Coraru said, an identical smile playing across her features.

As they debated this, the screaming stopped, and it was followed by a short yell and a thud. They waited, and sure enough Temari stood up and as she put her old drama skills into practice by acting frantic and worried, she ran out into the corridor just as Tsunade sheperded a rather sheepish looking Ichiro towards her, who merely winked at her.

"Temari-Sensei." Tsunade said in a clipped tone. "This boy claims that he Shunshin'd to the wrong place when he was practicing the technique."

"He did, thank god you found him." Temari said as she nodded for Ichiro to go back inside, which he did rather quickly. "Where was he anyway?" She inquired delicately.

Tsunade lips formed a wry smile as she answered. "He was upside down and hanging onto the disco ball in the hall for dear life." Temari snorted into her hand, and Tsunade bit her lip to keep herself from laughing as she raised a hand to Temari and walked back the way she had come as the English-Sensei walked back into her classroom and closed the door.

The class then fell about with laughter, congratulating Ichiro on his great performance.

Ichiro spied one of his two best friends hanging near the back talking to Izumi with a smirk and laughing. Ichiro bulled his way through his classmates and poked Minato roughly in the chest a huge evil grin on his face. "Hey, buttwipe." He greeted him, his grin only getting wider as Minato sighed, accepting the inevitable. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare. S'no way I can back out, right dude?" Minato said with a weak smirk as Ichiro laughed knowingly.

"Good, cause I've got the perfect one for you. So you better grab some armbands from the Gym…because I dare you to pretend to drown in the pond and drag yourself in through Ebisu's classroom window when you've 'drowned'." Ichiro said, using his fingers to mark out the 'drowned'.

Minato paled, but hardened his resolve as he nodded and raced off to the Gym. As he did so, Ichiro raced over to the teacher's desk and searched the drawers frantically before finally pulling out a pair of new batteries, slotting them into his video camera and checking to make sure they worked before grinning at them all and running outside.

Just in time to see Minato jump into the pond.

He yelled aloud as he resurfaced, and splashed around, his arms flailing uselessly as he forced himself back under, although to any watching, it did actually look as though he was drowning.

When he had finished spluttering and floundering around in the school pond, of which the koi had quickly avoided him, he dragged himself out onto the dry grass, letting his soaking wet neck-length blonde hair fall forwards and drip in front of his face as he panted on all fours and ignored the bright orange armbands that encircled his arms.

Ichiro sniggered as he came close, glad that he had already started recording everything.

From there, Minato gasped and ran over to Ebisu's classroom window, fiddling with the latch so as to open it. Then, still dripping and with bits of pondweed clinging to him, he dragged himself in through the window, moaning and groaning all the way like some sickly pond beast that had decided to rise from within its horrible murky depths.

Ebisu gaped as he watched the student clamber in the window and painstakingly drag himself across the wooden floorboards, leaving a trail of water and pondweed in his wake. "Uhh..I...Don't...Shouldn't...Are you...Ehhh?" Ebisu stuttered. "Whaat are you doing?" He finally managed to ask as Minato reached the door that led out into the corridor.

"I nearly...drowned in...the pond." Minato replied, gurgling his speech a little bit as he flopped into the corridor and hurriedly closed the door behind him. He stood up, and was about to start walking back to the English classroom, when he heard Ebisu running over to the door. Panicking, Minato remembered when they had avoided Temari-Sensei, so he very quickly ran up the wall by balancing his chakra on his feet, removed the ceiling panel, climbed inside and replaced the panel, hiding in the ceiling.

Staying quiet, he waited, hearing Ebisu open the door. He could hear him spluttering in confusion down below, but there was no trace of the blonde haired ninja. Minato had to clap a hand over his mouth to stop himself from sniggering. Waiting until Ebisu had closed the door, he started to head off through the ceiling towards the English classroom, surprising them when he just dropped in through one of the panels into the middle of the circle of desks.

Grinning he bowed to them all. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to nip home and take a shower."

"But you just had such a refreshing bath." Kairi pointed out with a snort, to which Minato punched him lightly in the stomach.

"Yeah well, before I go, Shikari. Tru-"

"Dare." Shikari interupted, raising her eyebrows momentarily as a challenge as she smirked.

Minato ran his tongue over the top set of his teeth, concentrating. Temari smirked proudly at her daughter, it was time for her to see much Shikari had really inherited from her. Would she pull it off as well as Temari could? Minato grinned suddenly. "Ok then. I dare you to complete a death scene in the Gym when Yamato-Sensei comes in."

"Done." Shikari accepted with a cocky smirk. Before she ran out the door, she snatched something up off of her mum's desk. Temari's sharp eyes only just managed to make out what she had taken, so much to the puzzlement of her form class, she cracked up laughing as her daughter and Ichiro ran down the corridor.

Arriving in the Gym minutes later, Shikari went straight in and laid down on the floor in the centre of the Gym. Ichiro blinked at her. "You're supposed to do it when he comes in..." He remarked slowly.

Shikari sat up. "I know. I was just testing something." She said, taking the thing she had picked up earlier out of her pocket.

Ichiro frowned at her. "Wait, what are you doi-"

"Don't start filming until he is about to come in. And you're not allowed to look until I say." Shikari ordered. He shrugged and turned around, but in less than a minute, he was allowed to turn back around, to see her laying on the floor with one hand up near her face and her legs splayed out in what looked like a walking position. A shadow that was 'leaking' from her head had been made to look like blood.

He was slightly confused, but he didn't have time to ask.

Diving behind a stack of spring boards and gymnastic 'horses', he started recording just as Yamato-Sensei entered the Gym. The Sensei didn't notice Shikari at first, instead walking over to the games cupboard. However, he stopped and frowned, as though he wasn't sure of himself. Turning back, he realised that he had in fact seen some child dying in the middle of the Gym.

His eyes widened and he ran over to Shikari's still form, kneeling down beside her. But as he went to touch her, the shadow zipped back into her and her eyes opened suddenly which made him jump. Then, as if everything was perfectly ordinary, she completely ignored him and stood up, calmly walking out.

Ichiro had to bite down on his free hand so that he wouldn't laugh.

Because Shikari had been very clever. She had chalked out her outline on the floor of the Gym, like they do in the detective murder mysteries that Ichiro had seen once or twice. Yamato was left staring at the chalk outline, blinking rapidly as he tried to process what had just happened. Several minutes later, Yamato had cleared up the outline and had merely dismissed the whole thing, muttering that it was just his imagination, and that he had not just been pranked by a miniature version of Temari.

As quickly as he could, Ichiro stopped recording and when Yamato wasn't looking, darted out of the Gym and headed back to the English room, where he walked into a silent room, in which Shikari was grinning as she pointed to her mother.

"Kaa-san." Shikari started. "Truth or dare."

"Dare. Who do you take me for?" Temari snorted, folding her arms over her chest.

"Well then it's time to prove yourself." Shikari stated as she mirrored her mother's position. "Because I dare you, to say this." Standing on her tip-toes, she whispered into her mum's ear, who had bent down a little so that Shikari could reach her.

Temari shrugged. "Ok, who am I saying this to?" She questioned.

Shikari glanced at her innocently. "Oh, did I not say? You're saying that to Kakashi-Sensei."

Everyone's eyes nearly bugged out of their heads, and quite a few jaws dropped.

"You don't have to do it." Nayuri said instantly.

Minato nodded in agreement. "This is Kakashi."

Masa chewed his lip warily. "He is-"

Temari held up a hand, silencing them all. "My rival." She finished for her nephew. "And I think it's about time I gave him a reminder of what Hell tastes like." She smirked, walking confidently out of the door, Ichiro numbly trailing her as he hit the record button on his camera.

Less than a minute later, they were outside of the maths rooms. Temari checked a few, but Ichiro knew she had found him when she suddenly grinned. "Are you ready?" She whispered to him.

"Yeah, camera's all set." He nodded.

She snorted and shook her head at him. "No, I meant, are you ready to run?"

His eyes widened, but he nodded again, swallowing nervously as Temari opened the door so that he gripped the camera nervously.

Kakashi stopped teaching his lesson when the door opened and his one eye narrowed at Temari, who leant up against the doorframe with her arms crossed over her chest cockily. "Temari-Sensei. What do you want? Shouldn't you be teaching your lesson?" He hinted pointedly as he raised an eyebrow at her.

Temari smirked and rolled her eyes at him. "Wow Kakashi." She stated. "Well, I'm not a pancake expert, but I know a tosser when I see one." She commented, her smirk turning into a full blown grin as he glared at her murderously. She quickly slammed the door and grabbed Ichiro's arm, all but dragging him along back to the English room as Kakashi's roar of her name echoed down the corridors whilst the two of them sniggered hysterically.

"Did she do it?" Setsuna questioned as they jogged back into the room.

"Didn't you hear him?" Ichiro returned with a laugh. "She did it all right."

"WIN!" Shikari shrieked, high-fiving Akiri with a beam.

Kairi turned to the blue scarf wearing boy beside him. "You owe me." He stated. Konohamaru groaned as he fished in his pocket, handing the Uchiha his winnings from their bet.

Temari exhaled loudly just as the bell rang for lunch. "Well, that's that guys. Off you guys go to lunch. I'm going to go and see the results of my handiwork." She winked at them, Shunshin'ing away as they scrambled for the door, laughing away.

Asuma lit up his cigarette and opened one of the classroom windows as the bell went, glad that he could now dismiss his rather troublesome class.

He stood up as they started to pack away, listening to their idle chatter with a knowing, easy-going smile.

Just as Asuma was about to open the door fully to let his class out, one of the students pointed to him and let out a panicked yell of "WATCH OUT!", which was way too late, seeing as the bucket that had been strategically placed above the door with the see-through string attatched to the handle, had already been pulled so that the water inside it had been flung all over the Sensei, effectively drenching him.

He sighed, knowing only one person would have been able to set this up without him noticing.

More importantly, his cigarette had been put out.

And was now damp.

Guy sighed in relief as the bell rang to signal lunch. He had been stuck with a rather boring class, who had no sense of youth, or drama for that matter. "Alright then, that is all for today. But you have your scripts. Learn them so that you can present your pieces to me as YOUTHFULLY as you can tomorrow!"

They nodded or shrugged in response, making Guy sweatdrop comically.

Nevertheless, he strode over to the door and tried to open the door. 'Tried' being the main word. No matter how hard he pulled, tugged or shoved, the door would not open. One of his students walked forwards and put her hand on the door, closing her eyes as she concentrated. She opened her eyes with a gasp of surprise at what she had felt through her chakra responses.

"Th-The door has been...ductaped..." She revealed.

Guy's eyes nerely bugged out of his head at the answer. "Impossible...She can't be...could she?" He all but whispered.

With a mighty youthful yell, he jumped up and kicked the door, breaking it as it flew outwards and splintered in the corridor.

"There's something at work behind all of this..." Guy muttered, thinking of the earlier pranks that he'd seen earlier on that day.

The blonde saanin groaned as her class filed out, chattering away amongst themselves as they headed out to lunch. Exhaling loudly to herself, she leaned back in her chair and opened one of the desk drawers. Only to find that there was nothing there.

Narrowing her eyes, she opened another draw.

Still nothing.

Now Tsunade started to panic. Leaning forward so that her two blonde pigtails fell forward and framed her face, she rapidly went through all the drawers, only to find that they were all empty.

She stood, pushing her chair back as she hurried over to the back of the class to find the wardrobe that was labelled 'Secret stash: Do not touch on pain of death.' Said cupboard was opened.

Tsunade screamed in a desperate rage as she fled to the staffroom, unable to take the sight of her bare cupboard, devoid of any sake what so ever.

Yamato was just finishing putting away the basketballs that had been used in the lesson prior. Closing the games cupboard door, he sighed and wiped his brow as he headed off towards the changing rooms.

However, the moment he stepped inside, he slid forwards, and in the process of trying to regain his balance, he slid backwards. He yelled aloud in a panic as he slid all over the place, trying to stay balanced.

In a desperate attempt, he threw himself forwards at a run, the changing room doors in sight as he charged.

Unfortunately for Yamato, this had a negative effect as he slid forwards and landed with a thump and an 'oof' on the floor. In pure disgust, he started to spit slightly due to the fact that his tongue had also made contact with the floor. His brow furrowed as he frowned, tasting the somewhat familiar taste on his tongue.

"Butter?" He muttered in confusion. Granted, it explained why he had been sliding all over the show, yet it did not explain what it was doing there in the first place. "Why on earth would-" He stopped in the middle of that thought, his thoughts turning to one reason in particular. It was rather...improbable.

But not impossible.

Jiraiya laughed uproariously as he wandered over to the classroom door, getting ready to dismiss his current class as he made his way over to the door and placed his hand on the door handle. "Well, I guess that's it for today. Off you go then!" He chuckled, opening the door wide.

He was knocked over backwards with a yell of surprise as a hail of stacked newspapers that had been leant against the other side of the door, fell on him and dragged him down underneath their weight.

"WHAT THE HELL?" He shouted, accepting the hands of the students that had quickly rushed over to help his enormous frame back up. Dusting himself down, he pointed to the newspapers. "Who on earth thought that they could take down ME, the famous JIRAIYAAAAAAA, with newspapers?"

The answer soon dawned on him, and his face darkened as he binned the newspapers and headed for the staffroom. "Well...well...well..."

Kakashi opened the door to his maths classroom and stopped dead in the doorway. He closed his one visible eye and breathed in deeply a few times before he opened his eye once more. His expression turned dangerously neutral as he glanced about him.

The room was laid out exactly as it had been left since the previous lesson. Although...with one...slight alteration.

Everything, absolutely everything, was upside down.

The desks, papers, pencil cases, chairs, his own desk and chair. The whole bloody lot. He blinked a few times, trying to dispel the image. He even rubbed his eye a few times to see if that would do anything.

Then he noticed the slight show of excess superglue from the foot of the upside down desk. He looked over to the windows, proving it. He was fine. Everything had just been superglued to his ceiling.

"Oh for fuck's sake." He muttered, breathing deeply in an attempt to keep calm. When he had calmed down, he made his way back over to the door with purposeful strides, walking out and down the corridors until he came to the staffroom.

As he opened the door to said staffroom, a large wail went up from inside. His one eye widened in surprise as he saw water spraying up in thin shoots from the tap, as though it had been broken. However, the wailing had come from none other than Ebisu, who had been completely and utter soaked from where he had turned the tap on.

"What's going on?" Asuma demanded, taking a drag of his cigarette somewhat agitatedly as he watched Yamato help Ebisu out.

"We've been receiving pranks and lesson disturbances all day." Jiraiya added in annoyance.

"It's fucking pissed me off! They took ALL my sake!" Tsuande spat.

Guy looked rather thoughtful from where he was sat in one of the staffroom chairs. "Have you noticed..." He started slowly. "That Temari is not in here, and that we have not heard a single prank complaint all day from her...?"

Everyone stared at him.

"It...IS slightly odd." Yamato agreed as Ebisu started to dry himself off.

Tsunade glanced between all of them, her eyes wide. "Do you really think she-"

"Oh hey, sorry I'm late I-" Temari's voice cut through Tsunade's dying out when she realised that everyone was staring at her from where she was stood in the middle of the doorway, leaning casually up against the doorframe. Then she noticed Ebisu's condition, and she made a mistake. She couldn't help herself. "Ahahaha! Decide to take a dip in the sea of despair Ebisu?" She sniggered.

All the Sensei's immediately picked up on it. After having known Temari for so long back when she was a student and even now as a Sensei, they had learnt to tell the difference. As a Sensei, she had been made to use/decided to use the honorific of 'Sensei' for the other teachers, seeing as it was a sign of respect for the teachers. But as a student, Temari was possibly the only student who had never bothered to use 'Sensei', due to her daredevil ways which could never quite be cured.

So that only meant one thing.

"GRAB HER." Jiraiya roared as both he, Guy, Tsunade, Yamato and Kakashi all dived on her, pinning her arms to her sides as she shrieked, cursing herself on her mistake whilst Asuma and Ebisu swiftly tied her up with a length of rope that Asuma had produced.

"LET GO OF ME YOU JUMPED UP FUCKERS!" Temari screamed, thrashing wildly. This only caused her pain as Kakashi's hand collided with the back of her head.

"Ohhhhh no. You're gonna answer my questions first." He growled. "Do you know anything about these pranks, Temari?"

She pretended to think on it. "What if I did? Why should I tell you anything?"

Kakashi bent down slightly so that he was the same height as she was, intimidating her somewhat. "Because I'll beat the living daylights out of you if you don't." He threatened, nudging his Hitiate.

Temari pulled a fake worried face. "Ooooooh. Scary." She rolled her eyes. "Next time actually make an effort to scare me." She deadpanned.

The jounin raised his visible eyebrow. "So..." He stated slowly as he rose back up to his full height. "You've had a change of heart."

"Bitch please. My heart never changed, it was merely confused." Temari shrugged. Then she grinned. "But hell, Kura-Taka is back."

There was a silence, in which she gave them the chance to let it all sink in. Temari quickly threw something up from her hand rather awkwardly, catching it in her mouth. "BOOM BABY." She yelled with a hysterical laugh, spitting the smoke bomb down to the floor at breakneck speed. The smoke billowed out around the staffroom, but as it died away, Kakashi noticed the door slightly ajar. He narrowed his eyes and instinctively headed for the English rooms, Temari's form room, the other Sensei's following in his wake.

Temari knew she was in trouble, but she was a trouble magnet and she thrived on the thrill of it. But nevertheless, she had been quick to warn her class, who had congregated to the back of the room with wide eyes when the door creaked open. Sighing, the kunoichi closed her eyes momentarily. When she opened them, she saw the Sensei's stood in front of her, looking furious.

"Come at me bro!" Temari yelled. Kakashi raised an eyebrow and she held up a rather trapped hand suddenly. "Wait…don't come at me bro." Then she quickly dropped her head and looked at the floor to conceal her face, as though suddenly ashamed.

Yamato snorted with laughter, and Guy smirked. They both unsuccessfully tried to cover it up.

Kakashi sighed from beneath the mask that covered his face up to his cheekbones, and he shook his head disapprovingly as he cracked his knuckles and glared at her through his single eye. "You've had this coming Temari." He growled dangerously.

Temari raised her head to look at him to reveal a full blown evil grin, making the rest the Sensei's shudder involuntarily. She laughed, her shoulders shaking even though she was tied up. "Please, call me by my real name." She invited.

Suddenly, she poof'd into nothing more than an evenly cut log, the ropes falling around it and disappearing.

Ebisu shrieked whilst the other Sensei's merely uttered a slight 'oof' as the rope was to be found pulling them all together, wrapping around them multiple times and being swiftly tied into a large unbreakable knot.

However, Kakashi merely rolled his visible eye in irritation, his sigh visibly undetectable due to his mask. The kunai that appeared in his hand from where it had been concealed in his sleeve, was produced within seconds, quickly slicing through the bonds that held them together. Only to find that Temari had made off through the window with her class, who had quickly and willingly followed.

Within seconds, Kakashi had nodded to the others and the seven of them had Shunshin'd to the field, appearing in front of Temari as the kunoichi made her way across the field. She threw her arms out, effectively stopping the class that had been following behind her.

"Stay back." She warned. Following her advice, they shuffled back at least twenty paces, putting a lot of distance between them and her.

"Shame you couldn't learn the same thing, eh Temari?" Yamato snorted dryly.

Temari raised an eyebrow at them, albeit slightly warily as all but Kakashi started to take out weapons, obviously intending to be directed at her within the next few minutes, if that. In her opinion, she had already won. He goal to have pissed them off completed.

"Shame that you couldn't." She retorted. "Now why not give me a real challenge. I could take you. Every one of you."

"Oh really, Kura-Taka." Kakashi questioned scathingly. "You and what army?"

"This army." She replied with a wicked smirk, her voice firm. The Sensei's jumped back slightly. Out of thin air, thirteen people Shunshin'd onto the field so that they were stood a little ways behind her.

Not seconds later, another four Shunshin'd in between Temari and the other thirteen.

Moments after that, another three appeared, joining them and standing alongside Temari so that they were either side of her.

Temari's old classmates.

Shikamaru, who was staring lazily at the Sensei's, but his expression giving him a slight edge as he stood amongst the rest with his hands in his pockets. Shino, Hana, Ayume, Konan, Hanabi, Lee, Gaara, Choji, Ino, Karin, Sasuke and Neji.

Stood in front of them, were the Three Mischievous Musketeers. Kiba to the left with a growling Akamaru, Kankuro to the right, and Naruto – the Artful Dodger- in the middle.

At the forefront, however, were the main players. The generals, if you like.

To the left, stood Sakura. Naitokesutoreru, the Night Kestrel. Her short pink hair flowing around her shoulders in the breeze as she cracked her knuckles in readiness, dressed in her usual pink attire with black leather gloves that stopped at the wrist.

On the right, Hinata. Akatobi, the Red Kite. She stood with her arms folded over her purple jacketed chest and staring at her former Sensei's, her milky white eyes threatening to use the Byakugan at any second.

To Hinata's left, Tenten was spinning a kunai on her index finger from where her feet were set apart slightly in a battle stance, her facial expression taking away the cute look that her two panda-like hair buns gave her, showing that she meant business.

Temari herself, Kura-Taka, the Dark Hawk, took two steps back until she slotted into the space that had been left for her, completing the set as she tightened all four of her traditional ponytails and strapped her fan securely to her back. Then she raised single eyebrow at Kakashi as if to prove her point.

Because assembled before them…..was the class of their past, which included the Three Mischievous Musketeers.

And the Perilous Four.

The Sensei's - Ebisu in particular - stepped back slightly. Kakashi glared at them all before fixing it on Temari. "Kura-Taka."

"That's me." She shrugged, placing a hand on her hip defiantly.

"Who do you think you are?" He demanded authoritively.

Temari smirked and raised her eyebrow at Kakashi, refusing to back down. "We're your worst nightmare." She drawled in amusement.

The students behind them stared incredulously at their parents, unable to believe what they were seeing.

"So…" Kakashi said darkly, his single eye roaming their ranks. "Who's first?"



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