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A/N: Hey all this is my first time writing a fanfic so I hope this works out. My main character is an OC, so I hope none of you mind it too much . Her name is Mikama Elizabeth Stone (so Japanese :P). This setting is in high school so lets say everyone is around 16-18 years old. The setting is modernized and kind of American setting too. It has all the Naruto characters (well most of them) and of course it's a Deidara x OC romance. I like to make humor, so I hope you find some things funny. Hmmm, I think thats all for now...when you read it you'll find out more about my story and hopefully enjoy it. Also, tell me if this should be rated T. It's just the use of language I'm worried about. So, I hope you all have fun reading this as much as I enjoy writing it ^.^

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Chapter 1: Friends

"Mika, I'm worried about your first day at school. I know it's been a rough summer, but you have to promise me you'll be good."

I nodded and kept listening to my iPod. Whenever she started to lecture me I usually tune her out. Nodding my head to her questions always seems to get me through her talks. I guess not today, though.


Uh-oh, when she yells like that I'm in big trouble. Better start listening.

I pulled my ear plugs out and nodded to her. Aunt Momo looked at me for a second then she sighed. She looked so worried about me and yet I couldn't figure out why.

"Mika, I'm just worried about you. I know this summer has been bad for you, but please don't get into trouble," Aunt Momo pleaded.

"I'm fine Auntie Mo. No need to worry about me. I know this summer has been full of bad news, but I'm fine now." I tried to reassure her. Grabbing my bag and lunch I gave her a quick kiss and hurried out before she could say any more. Really, Auntie Mo worried too much sometimes. My mind still wandered to what happened this summer, but I shook the thoughts away. Stopping at my red bike I couldn't help but feel bad for myself. I wanted a car and told Auntie Mo. She got me a red bike with a matching basket to ride to school. I felt like a kid; I had seen most of the kids my age driving cars or motorcycles.

Great, starting out at a new school with a kid's bike. Hopefully no one will see me or maybe others will ride a bike too...ya right. I scoffed at my high hopes.

I hopped onto my bike and rode off. I had a half-an-hour ride to Leaf Village High. My Aunt lived in Konoha, which was located in the Land of Fire. I had lived in Iwagakure, located in the Land of Earth, and had to live with Auntie Mo after the accident. It wasn't bad here in Konoha, but I still missed my real home. Back home I went to an all girls prep school; I didn't mind it because I had made lots of friends. Now at a new place I had to start over; I could of stayed in Iwagakure to finish my last two years of school, but Auntie Mo wanted me to finish my Junior and Senior year under her guidance. Being the new kid isn't fun especially when you're new in your Junior year; everyone else would know each other while I'd probably be the odd one out.

New school means new beginnings. I can make new friends and maybe forget about that summer and him. I have to stay strong and remember boys are...a loud noise interrupted my train of thought. I saw a motorcycle coming right at me. Trying to get out of the way didn't go so well. Next thing I know I'm in a rose bush. The rider doesn't even look back to see if I'm alive.

"What the hell is wrong with the people here? JERK!" I screamed at the already gone figure.

My butt hurts and now I have a rip in my new jeans. Some people can be so rude. If I ever see that biker again I'll give him or her a piece of my mind!

"Hey are you okay?" I looked up to see a boy and a dog looking at me. The boy had spiky brown hair and brown eyes. The dog was on top of his head and was white with brown ears. I blinked a couple of times to make sure I wasn't dreaming about the dog.

"Uh, I'm fine. Thanks for asking. You have a really cute dog," I said while scratching the dogs ear. He seemed to like it because he started to lick my hand.

"Oh, well this is Akamaru and I'm Kiba. He's my best friend and companion. I take him every where I go." I blinked again and just stared. Was it really legal to bring a dog to school? I thought better than to ask him that. While we walked to school, he went to the same one as me, I learned that the school allowed him to have his dog because Akamaru was too cute to kick out. He was a very adorable dog so that sounded like a reasonable answer. I also learned he was friends with a girl name Hinata and a boy named Shino. I would be meeting them at school. I didn't say much about myself but Kiba didn't seem to mind. He had a good personality and seemed like a loyal person. I think we'll make great friends.

The school was a simple brick building, nothing too fancy. They had a giant court yard where all the kids hung out before school would start. I left Kiba and Akamaru to chain my bike up. Looking up I noticed a shiny black motorcycle. It was the exact one that had almost ran me over this morning. I couldn't believe it; looking around I saw the rider or at least the back of the head. I saw blond hair tied up in a ponytail and noticed some bangs covered one side of the rider's face.

So the rider is a girl? She is kinda flat chested for a girl. Well, I'm gonna give her a piece of my mind. She needs to learn to drive safer or else I'll kill her next time it happens.

I stormed up to her and her two friends. From what I could see she was talking to the two boys in an intense conversation.

"Excuse me." I was trying to be polite. She didn't even turn around. This sort of made me even angrier than before.

"Hey Miss. Blondie, why don't you turn around when someone is trying to talk to you!" I couldn't help it but I was really pissed off now. I saw her back stiffen when she heard me say that. Slowly she turned around and I saw anger across a not so feminine face. My mouth went dry when I realized my mistake.

Holy Pretzels! I can't believe it!

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